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  1. dfallsfilm, thank you for sharing. But I can not clearly understand: did you use Cactus in Nikon mode or you switched it to Fujifilm mode?
  2. Hi all. I faced a problem and tried to find the solution in internet but failed to find the answer. So may be users of this forum can help me and other Fuji X camera users to find the solution. The problem is: I have Fujifilm X-T1 and Godox Witstro AD 360 Ws. With standard Godox FT-16 transmitter and receiver everything works well. But HSS is not working. Godox recommends to buy special trigger Cells II. So I ordered that transmitter - Godox Cells-IIN, but it is also do not work in HSS mode (I switched Witstro to HHS mode of course). So I would like to ask, if someone uses HSS wireless transmitter|receiver with off-camera flashes or studio strobes supporting HSS? Could you share your experience? update: today an idea came to my head, may be instead of one transmitter Cells II-N i should buy two and use one as transmitter attached to camera hot shoe and another one as receiver attached to flash hot shoe.
  3. Hi, everybody! Got some free time and went to studio for a series of shots. XF 50-140/2.8 @ 1/125, f-8, ISO 200 + 2 studio strobe lights
  4. XF 50-140/2.8 @ 1/180, f-2.8, ISO 200 + Dedolight
  5. BoomeArt


    People shots
  6. As far as FW4 is aimed to overall improvement of autofocus work, all lenses will focus faster and precise. But some people can see or feel the difference, some not. Also EV of focusing became 0.5 instead of 2.5 in previous FWs and that means that now it is easier to aim in low light conditions. Let's wait and see if Fuji also release a FW update to lenses.
  7. Right you are! X-T1 is by itself already self-sufficient and it is hard to imagine what else can be improved.
  8. Do you think, that this FW v.4 is final release which will be available at Fuji site 25 june or later. Or you think it is final version but Fuji keeps it till 25-th in order to increase X-T10 selling? So is it marketing issue or technical?
  9. Did I understand right that Adobe will improve in the future, but it is not still improved in todays update ver. 6.1?
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