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  1. Thank you so much I tried this option, but I shot RAW and JPEG and the communication was so slow it kept dropping. I think it would be fine if I was only transferring a few images, but I had 274 images.
  2. Thank you for your reply, I tried the playing card suggestion, but did not have any luck. I actually figured out you can use some tweezers made by Revlon sold at Target for $5 to grab the card out. Worked perfect and it did not damage my camera or SD Card. Phew.....
  3. Hi all, I hope someone out there can help me figure out how to get my SD card out of my XT1??? First, I'm not new, I've been using 2 XT1's for over a year. Yesterday I shot a big job for an Interior Designer and this morning when I went to copy the images the SD card will not come out. When I push on the card to eject it, there is NO movement, normally it pushes down a little then pops up. This card is stuck, no movement. I'm very nervous as I have a very important job on that card and can't risk looking any images. Please can anyone advise me how to get the card out without damaging the card? Thank you!
  4. Weird, I tried the XT1 this morning just to see if it would work and sure enough it works like a champ again.
  5. Hi all! Today on one of my family shoots one of my XT-1's started locking up when I would turn it, it would make a weird noise then it would lock up and nothing would work, luckily I had a back up XT-1. So I understand I have to get it serviced, luckily it's still under warranty, but my question, what is the best way to expedite this process? I know the service center is in NJ but I'm based in California and I need a camera/backup ASAP. I have a ton of shoots coming up and I need a back up. I know I can probably rent an XT1, but i was curious if FujiFilm US has Pro exchange program in place yet? Also how long can I expect Fuji to have my camera? Thank you in advance to anyone that help figure this out. Tom
  6. Honestly I use grip tape (like what's used on a skateboard) on that button and the 4 directional buttons and it works like a champ. Feels good on the thumb too cause there is traction. Might not feel good for everyone but it works for me and it was easy and free. I just went to a local skate shop and asked if they had scraps from a board they just built, you seriously only need a little bit.
  7. I was having the same issue and was kind of bummed by the selection out there for mirrorless backpack/sling bags. I've been using think tank bags for years for my DSLR's and was excited to potentially get the Perception Pro when I got my XT1 but then ran into the same issue with the battery grip and it not fitting in the main camera body "pouch" deal. So I continued to search and search. On black Friday, I came across InCase, the makers of bags mainly for Apple products. I checked out their bags for cameras and came across their DSLR backpack. Check out reviews on YouTube etc. Decided to just buy it because along with the XT1 and grip, I have 3 lenses and x100s and other extra stuff and it was 50% off on BF. A couple of things I like about it, it has top access for ease of pulling out the camera when you need it quick (yes battery grip and all). I love how it can fit up a 15 MBP, plus an iPad. For me I use a 13 MBP plus a small Wacom pro tablet (fits in the iPad slot) so it's perfect for when on the go. I like it's sleek design and the ability to store my lenses and bodies with no problem. I've had it for about a week now and I love it so far. https://www.incase.com/shop/bags/incase-dslr-pro-pack/black/ I know your last line said cross body/sling, but I just thought I would share.
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