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  1. Hi all, yes, I posted a brief article with a link to a handy YouTube video of removing the inner rings... ive been using the strap in this way for a month and it works well mostly.photos chris
  2. I got bored waiting for RAW support and have switched to C1... I was going to opt for Fuji Express, then thought Fuji Pro before opting for full Pro (I have a canon and Nikon RAW back catalog of around 50,000 files and C1 is so much better than LR that I plan to re-visit these images,
  3. While I was waiting on LR to support the X-T3 RAW files I did a trial of Capture One Pro Fujifilm... some comparison renders and thoughts on my site.. http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2018/10/18/capture-one-pro-11-fujifilm-vs-adobe-photoshop-lightroom-classic-cc-ver-8 It was worth the time to learn the basics and render a few Fuji RAWs... Capture One Pro is a seriously good application for Fuji IMO
  4. While I was waiting I decided to trial Capture One Pro... I wrote a brief article with some example images (processed in Lightroom and Capture One Pro) Adobe might be supporting the X-T3 but I don't think that they will ever address the sharpening issues they have with X Trans sensors... http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2018/10/18/capture-one-pro-11-fujifilm-vs-adobe-photoshop-lightroom-classic-cc-ver-8
  5. I afraid to say that I'm a bit of a die hard LR fan.. but never been 100% happy with the sharpening on X-Trans Files... aka WORMS! I'm not keen on shifting to a new solution but while waiting for LR to support X-T3 RAW files I have been using a trial of Capture One FujiFilm.. I must say that I've been impressed. I can see why people like this application... the highlight and shadow sliders alone demonstrate the power and advantage of Fuji RAW... I'm certainly considering at least continuing with the Fuji Express version. I'll likely retain LR for a while and maybe shift wholesale over at some point in the future.. especially as the Phase One and Fuji relationship grows... Fuji Film Simulation Profiles will be another strong selling point when they arrive..
  6. I've written a brief article/review on the recently released Fuji X-T3... welcome to take a look http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2018/9/12/fuji-x-t3-hands-on-review
  7. I agree.. the manual updates are a little obtuse.. I experimented with the feature and good some acceptable results (Landscape Photograph) see my brief post for detail http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2018/5/13/fuji-x-t2-firmware-40-focus-stacking-example-landscape This said, Fuji recently pulled the release and have recommended installing the 4.1 (rollback) release for the time being. They are addressing bugs so I don't expect a revision to the focus stacking feature but it would be nice to see it improved
  8. Nice one Fuji... always appreciate. I had a play with the focus stacking functionality this afternoon. You could say that the Fuji Manual updates are a little obtuse but with some quick experimentation I was able to get some good results... Detail More Details can be found on my blog post http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2018/5/13/fuji-x-t2-firmware-40-focus-stacking-example-landscape
  9. I took my X-T2 out during my lunch break for some canids in Spitalfields Market, London. I shot in ACROS film simulation mode. http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/12/2/fuji-x-t2-acros-spitalfields-market
  10. I recently visited Northumberland in the North East of the UK. I took the Fuji X-T2 with 18-135mm and 10-24mm to the beach at dawn. http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/10/7/fuji-x-t2-dunstanburgh-castle http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/10/7/fuji-x-t2-dunstanburgh-castle-5af5a
  11. I recently visited Nothumberland in the North East of the United Kingdom. The Northumberland Coast is beautiful and I have started to pull together some brief blog posts with some of the images from the trip as well as brief guides to locations. http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/9/30/fuji-x-t2-northumberland-coast
  12. The Trio 28 is an interesting product.. it gives the option to use any of three classic Lensbaby effects in one lens. I have been using one recently and am planning on posting some real world shots http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/8/12/lensbaby-trio-28-sweet
  13. My friends at Lensbaby have sent me a Lensbaby Trio 28 to try out on the X-T2. I decided to try out the 'Sweet' mode first. I set the X-T2 to ACROS Film Simulation and took some test shots on my daily commute in to London http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/8/12/lensbaby-trio-28-sweet
  14. I recently tried out the X-T2 paired with the 18-135mm for Autofocus speed test... http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/7/1/fuji-x-t2-autofocus-examples The pair did a great job of capturing the subject. I was surprised.
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