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  1. Just put them back back inside the app folder Capture One Pro/Contents/Frameworks/AppCore.Framework/Resource/Profiles. Thats the way to avoid the annoying lag every time you start C1. If you change the location of the profiles with existing, edited images, you should apply ONLY the profile from the new location. C1 doesn't know that it is the same profile. If you change the location of the profile, C1 does not find it anymore. The link to the profile is then a dead end. So you end up with a "blank" profile.
  2. +1! Same here! 5K with maximum configuration. The bigger the catalog, the longer the beachball appears. 2-3 times, then your are good to go. I guess C1 applies the profiles to all of the images. Remember, "factory default" C1 comes with only 1 profile!
  3. Just be patient. The Profiles are not made with C1. So it takes some time to adopt it, every time you start C1. The Beachball comes 2 or 3 times, then you are good to go. DON'T QUIT THE APP DURING BEACHBALL!!! You'll risk a damage of your catalog!
  4. Lightroom has very exactly Simulations, that is right. But Lightroom also has a very big downside in Details and Microcontrast, as we all know. I was never satisfied with the output of lightroom, thats why i switched to Capture One Pro! I wonder, how exactly the profiles have to be. You never klick just on the profile and export your image. A lot of settings are also adjusted, so you move away from the "original" OOC look, right? I use the profiles just as a starting point and adjust some parameters afterwards to my taste. So I NEVER end up with the exactly OOC look. This profiles are made in reverse engineering and are not official supported by Fujifilm. As you maybe know, Fujifilm is all about wonderful colours and they will never give an exactly color profile to anyone. That is a big secret
  5. Due to ARGB is the better color space, sRGB is not recommended. But you can export them with C1 settings to sRGB. This should work.
  6. +1 You just have to wait in the beginning. After 2 o 3 attempts it will work fluent.
  7. 1. These X-T1 Profiles were made by Scottie Wang, too! I spend some time with him, to improve the X-T1 profiles. It is some kind of "bug fixes" for the original ICC. We tried to improve the things that vary from the In-Camera Profiles, to make them closer too. 2. The changes in shadows were meant by X-Pro2 Profiles. These are made for X-Pro2. if you apply them to X-T1 .raf files as I did, they are different. Because X-Pro2 is a next Generation Camera with improved EVERYTHING. 3. I don't have any idea! XD
  8. ... and the X-Pro 2 Files have the Name in the End. if you want to use them for X-Pro2, rename them, so that they are recognized for X-Pro2. I renamed them to X-T1 so that i can use them directly with my camera. ...
  9. For all of you, struggling how to import them into Capture One: Copy them to Macintosh HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles Restart Capture One. You will find them in Base Characteristics. The Import Process in Capture One will not work, because they are not made with Capture One itself. This mighty be the reason why Capture One will freeze for some time at the beginning. Don't close the App. Just wait. It seems to take some time.
  10. Hello! Here is a completely reworked, refined Set of ICC Profiles for Capture One, made for X-T1. It matches the In-Camera Filmsimulations much better than the original Set, which I posted last October here. Another Set, made for X-Pro2, Incl. ACROS ICC Profiles, is also included in this post. I renamed them to have an alternative Option for my X-T1. These ICC are slightly different, Blacks & Shadows & Colors are more decent. Enjoy! Dropbox-Download
  11. these are styles. no color profiles. this is something different!
  12. Hey to all! It seems like the profiles are not for public so far. Scottie asked me to keep them under the hood. I will do so. I have no idea what plans he has with it. Sorry...
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