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  1. Thanks for taking the trouble Milandro. I do realise that I wouldn't get the full facility of the lens but,I often use the lens in more constricted areas, so 35mm wouldn't be too bad. I had thought about the "Speed Booster". The price is significant, and I would have to feel reasonably confident that it works. Once again, my thanks!
  2. I, practically, use my XT-1 all the time but have retained my wonderful Nikon D3. This is, mainly, due to my also having the marvellous Nikon 24mm PC-E Tilt and Shift Lens. There are, I think, some Landscape scenes which can only be fully realised by using the T&S Lens as well as some architecture shots. I, speculatively, bought a Novoflex Adapter. However, although it fitted reasonably well into the Fuji I had to use far too much torque when trying to fit the Nikon lens into it. The tooling was, at least on this particular adapter, very poor. I had to send it back. So :- a) Am I chasing a flight of fancy in trying to adapt the lens to my Fuji? Would a far better option be to just lug my DSLR across moorland/stiles and rivers on an aging back and legs? c) Has anyone achieved the adaption of T&S or other Nikon lenses successfully?
  3. Much appreciated milandro. I feel less discomforted. I'm, probably a bit obsessive about maximum IQ when, in all practicality, there is no need to be.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply and sharing your thoughts. As to the "so what" I suppose that there are two obvious reasons:- a) I wanted to know why there is an apparent discrepency Increasing the ISO is not something I want to do, if I can help it, even though the diiference in image quality is comparatively small. Once again - my thanks.
  5. Hello, Just, very recently started, to move over to the XT1. No serious disappointments except:- I, almost, always shoot in RAW and in Aperture Priority. However, I have been surprised to find that, quite frequently, the shutter speed seems much slower than I expect it to be and have to increase the ISO. I have checked it against my Nikon D3 using approximately same reach of lens and the same aperture and it varies between one and two shutter speeds faster. Am I comparing chalk with cheese, or, perhaps, mild Cheddar with strong Cheddar?
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