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  1. Hi I have found the LCD on my X-T2 to be much warmer than on the EVF or the LCD on my X-T1. Is this a malfunction? Should I inform Fuji? My black and white images look sepia! Comparison photo X-T2 left, X-T1 right:
  2. Hi, Would like some advice on the best wireless triggers that I can use on the X-T2 for use with the Nikon SB-700 for off-camera flash. I don't really want to buy a new flash at the moment and if this can work it would be great! Thanks in advance for any thoughts! Daniel
  3. I haven't used it in an official capacity yet Thats mainly a hypothetical thing as mostly I turn the camera off as much as possible with the cap off.
  4. Had my X-T2 for a over a week now, and really enjoying it. One thing that is a concern at the moment is that whenever the camera is turned on or the lens cover is removed, both the screen and the EVF "white outs" for a second before normalising. Has anyone else noticed this and is normal behaviour? (My X-T1 doesn't do it) It could be a setting but the concern is that could have long term effects and during events / weddings the it adds to a slow start up.
  5. Thank you, Rico! This also explains why the Auto ISO number stayed the same on half pressing the shutter
  6. Sooc jpeg. No adjustments at all! X-T1 56mm f1.2
  7. Thanks for that guys, I thought it was to do with 12 or 14 bit recording but wasn't sure. I wonder how much it affects the files in the long run and how much more leeway it gives post processing.
  8. Hi all, Just noticed that my X-E1 takes more shots with the same size memory card than the X-T1. Now I'm almost sure that the only 2 settings that dictate file size are Image Size and Image Quality. Is there another setting that I'm missing? Or does the X-T1 record more information than the X-E1? Thanks Daniel
  9. How about the best of both worlds? An X-T1 form factor with a nose cut-out on the side for the Trentons among us?
  10. Dan M

    Wild Pony

    Thanks for that - it does have more vignetting that I would usually use. Maybe reflective of my mood at the time!
  11. I vote all X-cameras get an AF update, apart from Trenton's - clearly he doesn't need it!
  12. The awesome XF23mm 1.4 and the X-T1
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