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  1. I was wondering if anyone is aware of when Fujifilm is due for there next Cash Back offer in Australia. Is there a consistent time line when they do these offers? Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm very excited for the X-H1. It fills the gap I have been waiting for. Ordered mine, ready for March 1 pick-up and ready to use for Sydney Mardi Gras parade two days later – amazing timing!
  3. What lens would you mostly use for the film making? I'm yet to decide on a lens…
  4. As the title mentioned, I am very excited for the X-H1. I thought I might rant as to why I am excited due to the amount of negative comments (I shouldn't be surprised in today's cyber outraged environment). First and foremost I am a still photographer with my current setup being a X-Pro2 and (dust collecting) Canon 5D MKIII. Both using 35mm lens. I have being looking for a very good, high quality video camera that can also be my very capable, excellent still backup camera for using a different lens. And here it is, the X-H1. The X-T2 just didn't cut it, I'm glad I waited. I also think the youtube reviewers asking, is it worth the upgrade have it wrong. Similar to DJI, the drone makers, Fujifilm seem to be filling another market gap. It's not an upgrade of the T2, it's another model / line. And, when I sell my 5D to fund the purchase, my SLR days are over!
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to hear the thoughts of users who have used the Pro-1 and Pro-2 in relation to the viewfinder. Have you noticed a considerable improvement? An improvement so much, you would recommend the Pro-2 to a user who was frustrated with the previous model due to the EVF? Thank you,
  6. I hear you. Very impressed with the X Pro-2 while shooting with the new XF23mmF2 R WR – the former 23mm, not so impressed. My original plan was to buy the Leica Q but held off until I could hold the X Pro-2, XT2 and Leica Q in my hands. What the extra $3K in the Q has, is beyond me. All felt sturdy and sold in my hand. I found the manual focus to be more responsive on the Fuji's. That surprised me. So, the decision is now down the X Pro-2 or XT2……………… I'm going back next week, to my inept salesperson, to test the OVF on the Pro-2, then make a decision.
  7. That's exactly what occurred. I believed she was incorrect, due to the lines appearing only during a certain time of focusing. Hence! Why I came here. This forum has been great.
  8. I was testing a Xpro-2 today in store when i noticed, what looked like subtle red outlines of objects during focus in the Viewfinder. The salesperson mentioned it was telling me it was showing what i was photographing was over exposed, however everything was set to Auto. I had the feeling it had something to do with the focusing?? Can someone please advise what was causing the outlines to appear??? It was very annoying. Can it be turned off? Thank you,
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