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  1. Oh boy. I hope this delay doesn't go past 6/29. I wanted to use the X-T1 to photograph my grandsons' birthday party instead of my D800
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    Love IT!!! Thanks
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    Pulling at my heart strings with that Triumph Image!! I at one time owned one -- an Inca Yellow, 1978, Commission number 76157. All original, and oh what fun except when the Lucas Electrics (The Prince of Darkness) as they were known, kicked in.
  4. I had similar experience. I tried to shoot two christenings back to back in a beautifully lit church - big open air windows along both sides, skylights, etc. The 56 kept hunting, and at times refused to focus on the X-T1 (with latest updates at the time). I wound up swapping to the 18-55 or the 35 and had no further issues. On Monday I returned the lens.
  5. I shot film. From 1973 through until I got my first digital camera in 2002. I don't miss it. Period. In the 80's I shot medium format weddings. I would rush home after the final moments of a reception, build my makeshift darkroom in my bathroom, ad process the wedding film -- all before daylight, or before one of my kids had to use the potty. I do not miss it. I believe digital is so much better. My last digital camera, a Mamiya 645AFD with a buch of film backs, and lenses, all in a huge metal Pelican case went on Fleabay a couple of years ago. Done.
  6. @ Trenton. I have not noticed any artifacts with my Singh-Ray filters, but I have not used the duo, nor use SR ND filters. My SR filters are the Warming, Blue/yellow, and a regular polarizer. I'm very careless with ND filter for some reason so I tend to stick to Tiffen, or BW which, if damaged, aren't as expensive in the larger size.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. LR 5.7 which is my current version does a fantastic job on my X Files. I've printed them up so far as large as 24 x 18 and I sell images as stock and no one has complained about my LR processed Raw files. I will say the stock agencies I deal with have returned images that I had processed in Iridient and Silkypix for "too much sharpening and/or too much noise reduction applied" This happened on numerous occasions using several of the sharpening methods provided in Iridient. I'm not saying Iridient is not an amazing software tool. It quite frankly is, just for my purpose I've yet to have a LR processed raw returned unaccepted with those specific reasons. Now, I have had them returned because my images sucked but that's a story for another day
  8. I do not consider lenses an investment, but an expense which is why I take the IRS 179 deduction and COMPLETELY write-off camera bodies and lenses in the year I purchase them. I don't expect them to last a lifetime - I do not believe the current crop of any manufacturers lenses are like the Nikon and Canon of old. These lenses, at some point down the road may become obsolete. Therefore, I use them. Please don't misunderstand I do "take some care of them" but I certainly don't baby them. Normally after shooting,I check the front and rear elements for dust, salt spray, lunch leftovers, whatever; if needed I'll use my Giotto blower, and or a soft microfiber cloths to clean. Since I am OCD, there is NO WAY I would even risk flashing a light inside. What is in there may just freak me out Enjoy.
  9. @Aswald: Please. Go take some photos. LOL. Really. Stop playing with the lenses, and flashlights and for Gods sakes stop cleaning them. I am using a camera bag that has crap-loads of sand from the beach- going on three months now; plus lots of dog hair from my dog that passed away in November last year. Oh, and I think my lunch one day may have partially spilled in the bag. Oh well... I've yet to clean it. And quite frankly, I don't care. I just go out and shoot.
  10. Man ain't that the truth! Thank you -- you beat me to the post. I don't care how water resistant a camera and lens is you don't walk around in downpours, and you certainly don't change lenses under cover or not.
  11. I've used Zeikos third-party grips on my D300, D700, ,and D800. THEY ARE THE BEST! For the price, I can replace them 6 or 7 times over for the price of the "official" Nikon one in case I drop it. And drop it I have!!! I was photographing a destination wedding at El Morro in Old San Juan and I dropped my D700 with the Grip. The noise inside one of the rooms we were in was deafening; the grip plastic as it is, splattered everywhere. But guess what: It continued to work, and still works to this day almost three years later -- only bad part is I can't get it wet because the innards are exposed and will short if water gets in there. I'm just keeping it around to see how far this dinged, broken, cracked thing will go! I've been considering buying the $60 grip on Amazon for my X-T1 but I'm not sure I want the extra bulk, plus I have a base plate with a very nice grip, and arca plate and don't want to be putting that on and taking it off. What to do.... What to do.... J
  12. Comin' down the Mountain... by Jorge Moro, on Flickr X-T1, 18-55, 28 seconds, F14, JPEG SOOC, Astia
  13. Correct, the "PULLED" ISO to 100 does not record a RAW. I do wish Fuji would fix that once and for all with a firmware update.
  14. The 55-200 is a tad loose on my X-T1. I can just barely feel the lens move on the mount. This is the second 55-200 this has happened to but I've learned to live with it. However, it seems your issue requires a call to Fuji USA>
  15. I've never tried that. I'll have to do so and see what my results are. Thanks
  16. Well, Other than a new X-T2 with 24mp or higher I'm very happy with my lenses. I own the Zeiss 12, the 18-55 (outstanding), the 35 1.4, and the 55-200. I got into the mirror less Fuji in order to cut back on the weight that I was carrying around so these lenses pretty much wraps it up for me unless something amazing crops up. The 90, 120, none of those light my fire. Before I purchased the 55-200 I seriously considered the 50-140 but due to the size and weight, I decided to opt for the 55-200 and "put up" with minor annoyances of it missing focus on occasion, and that "are you happy to see me" lens protrusion when racked out to 200mm.
  17. New Years Day Leftover Reveller by Jorge Moro, on Flickr Fuji X-T1, 35mm 1.4 @ 2.5, 1/600th
  18. I use 77mm Singh-Ray and Hoya filters on ALL my Fuji lenses with the help of step up rings in various sizes. I only purchase ONE filter size - for my largest lens. I also have 8 or 9 each, 77mm generic no-name lens caps that I can use when I slap the 77mm filters on the Fuji lenses. This keeps it simple and manageable for me.
  19. Man for that price???!!!! No brainer. X-T1!
  20. @milandro: I'm going to try that tonight! Thank you and Thank you all. j
  21. First of all: MANY THANKS for your comments. Secondly, I'm not sure what is the correct size. If any of you guys can enlighten me I'ld love to know. Thanks again, J
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