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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, Back in January I went to my favourite camera shop (London Camera Exchange in Plymouth) with the idea of trading in my Sony NEX-5 for an a6000. I also took my old Canon EOS 350 & associated lenses along with a Leica D-Lux3 compact, just to see if I would get a decent part exchange valuation against the proposed new Sony. They gave me a good quote for the old gear, so I was *just* about to seal the deal on the a6000 when I said to the assistant "Is there anything else I should consider as a Sony alternative?" They showed me an Olympus OM D (which was very nice) & then showed me the Fuji X-T10 - Wow! What a brilliant camera. I was immediately knocked out by the build quality & the whole feel & appearance. Needless to say I walked out with the kit with the 18-55 & 55-200 lenses; what a revelation the Fuji system has been - no regrets at all. I have one main question re' processing the Fuji RAW files. At present I have a 9 year old iMac which means I'm restricted to using Lightroom 5.7.1, which can't handle the RAW files natively (I have to convert them to DNG before Lightroom will touch them). I've had a look around online & Iridient Developer seems to be well regarded for handling the X-Trans RAW files; does anyone have experience of Iridient or, come to that, any other RAW processors? Apologies for rambling & if this needs to be posted to a more relevant thread please let me know. Thanks.
  2. I use two Fuji bodies now -- x100T, X-E2 -- and ordered an X-Pro2. I want to explore alternate RAW processors but inertia keeps me in Lightroom because post-processing so often needs to move quickly for clients. Nothing new in what I just wrote for almost all of us. But: Has anyone here received/read any prediction from CaptureOne (PhaseOne) about their plans for X-Pro2 RAW conversions? I have been holding off on a trial to see what this timing will be and include the new routines in my testing. The trial used to be 60 days, which is helpful. I did order a CaptureOne v9 book from RockyNook (interesting photo book title list, by the way) that will be finished soon, so I trust the content will be up to date. Book $$ worth the investment as I would be shelling out $300 for even the non-subscription code. Fuji's ship delay might be RAW related and if the news of conversion release slipped at the two or three companies in "alt-Fuji" orbit we have at least an indication of this connection. But I expect the companies are being tight-lipped about their plans as that's the best policy for them, anyway. Just curious. And really really really anxious to try my new X-Pro2. jonathan7007
  3. On some cameras, there is an option to take your shot in RAW as well as JPEG. One tutorial I watched for the T-T20, implied that you can only shoot in RAW or JPEG and not both at the same time. Is this correct?
  4. Hi! I just purchased an X-E2, and I have a little bit of previous experience with Fujifilm. I am trying to set up the camera and in the Image Quality menu setting only Fine and Normal are able to be selected. All of the RAW options are in gray. I don't have the ISO in 100 or extended mode, which I have read could cause a problem with RAW shooting. I'm using a class 10 Kingston 16gb SD with a 30mb/s rate Body firmware v.4 Lens (27mm pancake) v.1 battery is pretty much Any advice on how to enable RAW would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Loads Raf files and has a terrific Zone edit set. http://lightzoneproject.org/ I've been shooting for more than 30 years. I'm a recent X-T2 fan boy, coming from Nikon full frame cameras. The Fuji is interesting, and has sparked me again. The video coming off it is incredible straight off camera. Lovely skin tones from ProNg and Astia. Thanks Fuji.
  6. Hello Forum! I did a shoot yesterday and a first happened to me in regards to missing files on the SD card. I shoot JPG+RAW and import all RAW files into Lightroom as I like working with the RAW files and pushing them sometimes. Anyhow ... 3 of my images were missing. I went back to my SD card and 3 of the images I shot did not have the RAW file!! The JPG was there but the RAW was missing. Now ... what differed in these 3 images is the camera aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Because it was bright outside and I wanted longer exposure (and didn't have ND filter with me) I set camera to 1/20 F22 and ISO to "L". This was the first time I pushed ISO below 200. I'm guessing that by pushing the ISO to 100 (at least I think that is what L gives) the camera does not record RAW file!? Thanks for any wisdom.
  7. Hello Fuji lovers, I would like Fujifilm to create a piece of hardware, an external device, a Raw Converter, based on the algorithms and electronics found inside the X cameras, with maybe some more features, if possible, which can be also an external back-up storage drive, with an LCD, bigger than what we have on an X camera (let's say 4"). SD reader, USB, Wi-Fi to communicate with the camera, or a smartphone, built-in Flash/SSD storage (min 128-256 Gb), maybe tethering On The Go, using an existing battery (from X100 series for example), if possible. Why? 1. Because it could be the coolest device for photographers and it will be so unique and it is doable. Everything is based on existing technology. There is nothing new here, except the new concept of putting all of these together in one piece of hardware. 2. This would end the problems when converting Fuji Raw file using different softwares for post-processing, like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc., especially On The Go. 3. Would be great to leave the laptop at home and travel really light, according to "Mirrorless Philosophy" as we use to do since adopting a Fujifilm mirrorless system, while making no compromise in IQ, using Raw files wherever you are with the flexibility of storing them safely on this device, or sending them to your / client smartphone / tablet / laptop. Some of you would say "I have the PC Tethering option" but I'd say "Not in this mobile/compact form, especially when you are on the shooting site." Others would say "My camera already has a built-in Raw Converter" but I'd say "Why not having a more powerful module with a bigger screen, maybe with Touchscreen and sliders, to really control your conversion settings and why keep the camera busy and spend battery resources, when some other device could do it faster and better and keep the camera just for shooting". POLL : 1. I WOULD LIKE TO BUY SUCH AN EXTERNAL DEVICE. (Please specify the price you would pay and some other essential features you would like this piece of hardware to have) 2. NOT INTERESTED (Please specify why.)
  8. Am I the only one who is thinking that there are too many choices for RAW conversions and image editing. Recently ON1 RAW, Luminar, Affinity Photo, Iridient Developer, and Updated Capture One 10 are just a few of the applications to announce new products. Each application can be used to arrive at similar final images... sort of. Each application has advocates who proclaim that converted x-trans files look great and vice versa. Each application requires a different workflow, with many passing through LR. Each application has a series of sliders that may have different names, but can be used similarly from application to application eg Curves. Since there are different "styles" of photographers, I am sure that there are many opinions on the best applications or combination of applications for every photographer. I have currently been testing the ON1 RAW pre-release and Luminar as an amateur photographer. Before I have more invested in software than hardware, what are the Fuji shooters using or changing toward and why?
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