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Found 6 results

  1. I use Photoshop CS6 (on OS 10.11.5) as my only photo editor. It no longer supports RAW files from new cameras, including my X-E2S, so I convert images to DNG for editing. This works fine but I'm curious if I'm missing anything by not editing from native files. So I did a test of printing an RAF file converted to DNG, another opened in Silkypix, and a third opened in the trial version of Iridient. All three prints look good. I can't see any flaws or advantages in any of the three editing methods. Has anyone else done comparisons between DNG and RAF files? I'd be interested in hearing other peoples' experiences with this.
  2. Loads Raf files and has a terrific Zone edit set. http://lightzoneproject.org/ I've been shooting for more than 30 years. I'm a recent X-T2 fan boy, coming from Nikon full frame cameras. The Fuji is interesting, and has sparked me again. The video coming off it is incredible straight off camera. Lovely skin tones from ProNg and Astia. Thanks Fuji.
  3. Hi all, I am new here , this is my first post I am a new Fuji user got xt2 and xt 1 I edit in Lightroom cc, been using Lightroom since it first came out and don't want to change. I find Lightroom does not do the best edits with Fuji RAF files I have found Iridient X and purchased a license. It had been going great till now when I am getting an error message. In Lightroom I go to edit in , go to Iridient. Then it says preparing file for editing Then a message saying unable to find associated RAF file for edit , tiff image Any idea what is going wrong I have iridient set up as instructed.
  4. First, a comparison between X-Transformer's rendering, and straight Lightroom. Settings are exactly the same between the two images. I've always struggled with the weird rendering of detail that I get with my RAF files in Lightroom. I've tried a few different processors to get my fine detail, but they either don't do much to solve the problem (Capture1) or are incredibly cumbersome to use (Photo Ninja) or are not available to me on Windows (Iridient) I recently found X-Transformer (By Iridient) and found that it works more or less perfectly, and lets me keep my Lightroom workflow, so I thought I would share my process for anyone else interested or struggling with the same issues I was. THE METHOD I'm on Windows 10, using Lightroom CC I went and got X-Transformer by Iridient I then set it up to work as a plugin for Lightroom CC Then, in Lightroom, once you find the files you want to work with and get your detail out of, you just choose to edit them in X-Transformer And then put in these settings which strip out the horrible noise reduction and sharpening, and demosaic the data much better than Lightroom. Then, once it's done running through X-Transformer, your image is back in Lightroom as a TIFF that you can treat exactly like your RAF files, except it's got fine detail in it. It's the least cumbersome method I've found so far that gets really really good detail out of your shots, without forcing you to learn a crazy new half-broken editing software. The other program I found that gets this level of detail is Photo Ninja, but it is really difficult to work with, and feels almost like an Alpha for the first version of Lightroom. I don't advise it. Many photographers won't care about the improvement, and that's fine. Fine detail doesn't make or break a photo if the rest of the content/light/processing is good. But for those that want their full 24 megapixels worth of data, this is a great solution without having to give up Lightroom. Disclaimer: I haven't used the brand new CaptureOne which supposedly does very well with RAF files. Links to two full res comparison photos
  5. Hi, Support of Fuji's compressed raw files has just been added to Rawtherapee 5.0, you can download a build for Windows 64 bits here: https://filebin.net/exoqih33dsopv02q It's preliminary support, in case you encounter problems, feel free to file a bug report on github (read how to write a useful bug report). Support of the coming GFX 50S is almost there too. -Sébastien
  6. Hello Forum! I did a shoot yesterday and a first happened to me in regards to missing files on the SD card. I shoot JPG+RAW and import all RAW files into Lightroom as I like working with the RAW files and pushing them sometimes. Anyhow ... 3 of my images were missing. I went back to my SD card and 3 of the images I shot did not have the RAW file!! The JPG was there but the RAW was missing. Now ... what differed in these 3 images is the camera aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Because it was bright outside and I wanted longer exposure (and didn't have ND filter with me) I set camera to 1/20 F22 and ISO to "L". This was the first time I pushed ISO below 200. I'm guessing that by pushing the ISO to 100 (at least I think that is what L gives) the camera does not record RAW file!? Thanks for any wisdom.
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