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  1. 1/1000th isn't a high shutter speed on the X-100T... 1/32000th is a high shutter speed :-) That is done via the EVF and does require a new way of thinking. The Fuji X A/F is one of those features that differs from just about all other makes of camera. Especially one with a working OVF as well as an EVF. Sadly, this is one of those things you will need to read up on or ask questions about. For me, it works pretty similar to the Freznel Focusing Rings on my old Canon lenses used back in the 80's so came as fairly straight forward to adapt to. Please, do not look up Freznel focusing systems - it will confuse the issue more than needed. Trying to think of who to recommend to get a full and concise explaination of how the Fuji X AF worksand how best to master it. I've rather 'cobbled together' a working method that suits me - more by chance than through know how.
  2. I have an idea... why don't we have a section where we can have a complete of acronyms used on the thread... then we, the forum users can operate with acronyms or without :-) TBH, most acronyms annoy the hell out of me, and if I'm going to be using them I use the legal method whereby they are defined at first time of use , so too be honest (TBH) is how I would introduce the acronym. Something that would work would be the adoption of a single version of English - such as the UK version, as invented by the English - hence the name English! That would also reduce the need for trying to understood what is being said by some one using one of the many variants of English aroound the world!
  3. Your accessoes are just you personalising the camera to suit you. We all do similar - just differently according to our preferences. That said, glad to hear you are enjoying your photography - and yes, the X-Trans and Aperture ring do force you to re-think how you do things a bit, unles you're an old git like me who enjoyed working with these things back in the day (1980's)
  4. My suggestion is rather simple - because I have made my kit selection simple. My kit now consists of an X-100T with cable release and rather convenient Manfrotto Tripod and the option of a Lee Seven 5 Big Stopper filter. That's it. No more pockets of lenses, need to carry a camera bag or lug a rucksack round with me, minding the products in shops, cafe's or exhibits in museums. TheX-100T sits in my pocket rather easily and with the RAW ISO option of 6400 pretty much eliminates the need to even take the tripod. But then I have a long history of hand holding low light shots without a tripod via 3200ASA film pushed to 12800 or with ISO of 25600 on the Canon 5D2. As for the 23mm lens? Covers nearly all bases and forces me to work with what I have, instead of missing the view because I'm constantly veiwing everything as a possible shot and trying to work out the body and lens combination before I move on to the next paving slab or cobble stone. It's a trip for you and the wife - are you under contract to produce a travel guide or something similar? No? Then enjoy the trip and keep it simple... My wife is loving the new 'photographic one camera in pocket me'. And happy to go travelling with me again...
  5. Ultimately, we use image processing software to create images in a style we like and have done since the move to digital as the main medium for photography. The X-Trans changed this argument in the way it creates a RAW file and in doing so created the usual he said she said type of arguments. Many people love the size and price of the Fuji's compared with the behemoths produced by Canon and Nikon, but are not happy about working with X-Trans. As always, the answer is as simple as it gets... Try it, if you like it, buy into it. If not, move on to something different or go back to what you last used and were fairly happy with. For me, the Fuji system and LR 5 or 6 cover my needs and help me to create images in a way that pleases me. Hence, I'm happy to stay with Fuji and LR. If they did not, I would probably return to Canon with its inherent sensor flaws that wouls bw easily correctable in any version of LR.
  6. Not sure a jetpack is poaaible yet - but we could ask for a "drone" accessary kit with improved wifi to allow you to control the camera from your iPhone or iPad with reliability.
  7. I'm guessing we can say the site has been well and trully hacked judging by all these ridiculous posts :-(
  8. I suppose my first question would be "will it be replacing something in the current range (X-Pro1) or a totally new range of kit?" Personally I have no need for such kit, and not sure I ever will, given I prefer a walk around kit that I can fit in my pocket and a higher ISO. MF tend to come with lower ISO capabilities.
  9. When I looked at buying a camera to get back into photography I looked at the X-Pro 1 because I loved soo much about it. Then I looked at the X-T10 Then I bought the X-100T. I'm very much street/ documentary photographer and the 100T just fits that line of photography soo well. Inconspicuouse, fits in my pocket, and every bit as able to perosnalise as the X-Pro 1 (in fact she sits with same set up) - and the fixed lens means I don't have to worry about dust so much. I'm chargin the batteryvup about once every 6 or 7 weeks due to work commitments reducing the chances to take a pic :-( Still ponder the X-Pro 2, but only a really big jump in ISO could drsg me from this camera - and maybe A/F that can be geneuibely used for action/ wildlife - because those areas can come up when out in the street etc.
  10. High ISO is one of my favourite shooting modes - my favourite thus far is the 1Dx from Canon at 204k ISO - amazing IQ with some acceptable grain as well. The XT-10 apparently goes to 51200 ISO but I'm not sure if that is a native ISO 12800in RAW or 3 stops pushed via jpeg processing. All the same, I'm not liking the waxy look. I'm not a jpg user, have loved RAW in LR since first I tried it, but occasionally think about shooting RAW + JPG, but with that outcome - no point, I'd just bin the JPG. As for shooting in film days - I ;pve nothing more than laoding up a roll of ASA3200 and pushing it 12800 for hand held shooting at 3am when at work. Yes, the iamges were grainy - but they showed atmosphere. I often wonder if we are spoiled by the high ISO's or being robbed?
  11. Stop moaning people - customer based FW updates are one of the reasons people buy Fuji (aprt fromt hem being great cameras in the first place and having an aperture ring). How many other manufacturers actually listen to customer feed back and set about trying to give them what they want? Canon? Nikon? Sony? Olympus? From what I read, any of their FW updates are to correct failings in the camera from release or failings introduced by previous updates. I have an X-100T, and people are already screaming for FW updates for the focusing. I'm fairly sure on Canon Rumors and Nikon Rumors such requests are met with people saying 'don't waste your breath!'
  12. Yep - a definite must do. As small as this camera may appear (in fact this applies to ALL Fuji X cameras) - it is really like the Tardis in Dr Who... It holds a lot more on the inside than it does on the outside, and it's never ending supply of gadgetry and software tricks will much the best of any of the DSLR bodies - except the sections on A/F (thought I'd add that caveat for the politicaly correct).
  13. Congrats on your purchase - i look forward to reading about your experiences, and hopefully the enjoyment that I get from mine. My only advise is to read the full electronic manual to learn all about the various features of the camera as opposed to the paper beginners manual that only shows you how to insert the battery and memory card.
  14. Ah - Flickr, the land of the puzzling statisitics. Does any one know what the algoritthm is for calculating statistics of Flickr views? Because when last I used it, it struck me the stats are produced by a random number generator. Newer cameras always get better viewing figures because those are the cameras people are thinking of buying - hence they are looking for examples to see if the camera will match their expectations and suit the photography style they intend to use it for. It's a simple fact of modern life. No one looks at images for image sake - only for kit lust :-(
  15. A touch of late 60's/ early 70's about this image - says he currently looking back on picks of hm as a kid in those era's. And I don't just mean the pose and dress sense (fashion is sich a circular affair). The overall appearance is most definitely of that era. Very nice.
  16. There is one thing I do NOT want Fuji to stop doing. NEVER take away the aperture ring... Waited so long for it to return, it's worth buying Fuji for that feature alone!!!
  17. This actually makes a fair bit of sense - business wise and user wise. Other manufactureres have been doing this for a while - why not Fuji?
  18. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x100t/menu_setup/screen_set-up/ read this section of the electronic manual and read the section entitled Framing Guidelines. Nothing to do with firmware - just a sub menu within a sub menu :-) I too had a similar post about this issue a few months back
  19. Is the X-100T right for you? Mmmm - don;t know - but it IS right for me, and for the following reasons: Despite my big hands (I've had a post about camera bodies for big hands), it fights my hands like a glove. Despie this, I can actually put it in the pocket of my jeans - seriously, just so compactly designed! It goes every where with me. I love the 1/32000th top shutter speed on a really bright - saves you carrying a bunchof ND filters! Love the aperture ring - it makes this (along with nearly all other X cameras) a true manual users camera (no program modes for this user - just ISO, aperture and shutter in varying combinations) So customisable - once configured for how you like to work - almost becomes a case of taking camera out of your pocket, pointing and shooting! W/A lens and the panoramic feature make it great for recording a variety of landscapes and cityscapes. Lens still great for portraits and street photography - see Damien Lovegrove for excellent examples Nothing else to take with you except for battery charger and spare memory cards - and some wheere to store all the images until return Like all other Fuji X cameras, it challenges you to think through your images before you press the shutter - no spray and pray with these cameras. Oh - and AMAZING IQ! Thought that might be important... And finally - it makes photography fun again :-)
  20. OK, let's be a little bit correct here - Black and White are just the extreme ends of Grey, the extreme ends of the 256 shades of grey (not to be confused with some book about sex or lust). Dodging and burning were lovely dark room habits to increase the degree of greyness towards the 0 and 255 parameters to add some punch gto the image. Nowadays, in digital, you can just use a couple of sliders in Lightroom to achieve the same effect. One persons grey is another persons black and white. As for being raised on B&W in the 70's - I still love to add some serious grain to my low light images to remind me of how I used to load up a roll of ASA 3200 film then 'push' it to 12800. We are masters of our past, and so are masters which part of the past we incoporate into our present - including our photography. Utlmimately, unless being produced under contract, any image is of a style and liking of the person producing the image - the photographer. All other people are only viewers being allowed a chance to look I always enjoyed the colour of my old Cavalier which was painted in Sunburned Red - that's a metallic brown to you andme!
  21. What is being discussed is in essence a different type of camera - and it could not have an X-100 title because it would confuse the line. I love the 100T because it is a FIXED focal length lens, because of its size. As for there being a market for a 'bridge' tyoe camera - well Fuji already build for that market - mybe they will move those bodies over to incorporating the X style of bodies and internals... Probably once they have the 24mp sensor up and running and improved A/F
  22. It is most definitely an impressive piece of kit. Goes every where with me - because it can. It's convenient enugh to carry everywhere - and with enough gadgetry and optical quality to get great shots. Just requires a decent amount of experimentation to master all of its abilities...
  23. Your points (prints?) are well made. I think my early days with my film kit of 3 Canon A1's were my best. Then I swapped to digital and had failed to learnt he lessons from the home computer craze. I too joined the technology salivating right up to 2 x Canon 5D2 bodies with a nice collection of those lenses that ended with an L and a nice supply of Canon Speedlites and other add ons. For the most part, it did not make me a better photographer. It just gave me some extra options in what types of picture I could take. It was practice that made my photography better - and making things simple again. To that end, I traded all my Canon kit in for an X-Pro 1 with a 35mm f1.4 lens - and all was good again for a bit. Then I bought the 60mm macro and 27mm pancake and things stsrted to get out of hand again. So I sold it all and got out of photography for a while. Now I have a camera again - this time it is the X-100T. Now let's see me buy some more lenses for that pocket wonder! I did hanker for another X-Pro 1, but I think I was afraid of kit creep so opted for a camera that will definitely prevent that from happening. I have pondered on another X-Pro 1 because I enjoyed using it almost as much as I did the old A1's - but I know that it will lead to kit creep. So I stick to a 'high end' compact that I can carry every where and take pictures as and when. I no longer have those "if only I had this bit of kit I would get better pictures thoughts". I still have lots to learn to master this new camera of mine, that and a whole load of practice to get my photography to where I want it, but at least I'm having fun doing it. As for FW4 - I thought you were referring to the model of the next camera for a bit - until I spotted a topic with it in the title!
  24. I came to Fuji by way of Canon - mainly the 5D2, the DSLR with which the X-Pro 1 is mostly compared to. It left me thinking that DSLR is a dead form for all but the sports/ action/ wildlife photographers and those who need those 40+ MP sensors fo those enormous vista creations. Nothing in the previous sentence applies to you - so why not ditch the Nikon whilst you can still get some money for it? Then, when the next RF format body comes out you can pounce. Through reasons that are not relevant to this discussion, I got rid of my X-Pro 1 (but then I got rid of ALL my camera kit). I did ponder waiting for the X-Pro 2, but wanted a camera now. I was about to purchase another X-Pro 1 when I was introduced to the X-100T which pretty much suits all my needs (which are different form yours). I still have the urge to get an X-Pro 1 because it feels about the most amazing camera I've ever worked with apart from my old Canon film camera - the A1. It is a quirky camera that is a joy to use and hold and takes great pictures. I'm still not sure I will go for the X-Pro 2 because the X-100T really does fill my needs (single lens and body option) - but I may well get an X-Pro 1 again. Given your situation, the lenses you want are out there. If you have any doubts - give Damien Lovegrove work a look. And for the rumour hopeful within you - there is some big announcement going on in Thailand in October (or is it September?), because Damien is going out to help with it. He hasn't said what it is actually for as yet - but worth going to if you happen to be of a mind or passing that way. Me thinks it will be an X-Pro 2 announcement with a lens or 2 dedicated to making the most of the new camera which I think will come with a 51200 ISO (now available in the X-T10) and a 24mp sensor. Not too long to wait - surely?
  25. OK, I've looked at these pictures a few times - and I'm not sure if these images have been taken without a suitable point of focus, or if they are subject to heavy processing in Lightroom. My personal preference is on Lightroom processing. With regards the subject of the images, they are not describing an emotion, more over they are showing a moment in your life, documented in away that will help you remember that moment and the associated emotion. Are they good images, technically speaking? As art/ photography is so subjective, and rules are made for breaking, how can we give a definitive answer? The same answer applies to the artistic or documentive nature of the images. The mmost important thing is to remember to take pictures that PLEASE YOU. That MEAN SOMETHING to YOU. That seems to ahve been the eths of MArtin Parr, and love or hate his work, it has certainly paid dividends for him.
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