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Found 17 results

  1. Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art by Adam Bonn, on Flickr Not a scene I could walk past without capturing
  2. Incognito? by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
  3. After 8 years of being on Flickr... I finally got an image 'explored'! I mean don't get me wrong... yay a computer algorithm likes my work! I've been published, I've placed well in competitions and I've been paid for photography... but despite lots of Flickr images, over lots of years (and about 0.5million views!) I'd never hit explore!! The Calm Sea by Adam Bonn, on Flickr Enjoy! (although possibly not as much as I did!!)
  4. My adopted home city of Porto (in Portugal) is so beautiful and photogenic, that even Leica send photographers here to shoot. I may live here, but I don’t have a Leica… But it’s not problem, because I have a Fuji! (3 in fact!!) If the people make a place, and in turn the place makes the people, then what sort of pictures can you capture? Well Leica have just released a new model M. No don't worry, here's not the place to find out about it, you can do that at their website. But I cannot tell a lie, I did watch their promotional video... ...for one simple reason, they sent a trio of 'Togs to Porto. So the mighty Leica deem Porto worthy of flying in photographers to capture street scenes here... Cool! But for me, when I want to do that, I just leave the house! So armed with a "mere" (sic) Fujifilm, let's take a bus ride (sorry I can't spring for a plane) into town and see what we can see! The Purposeful Explorer by Adam Bonn, on Flickr “The Purposeful Explorer" Porto rolls down the valley into the Douro river, criss-crossed by ancient side streets. Like any popular tourist destination, it pays to explore away from the main areas, to see and feel as much as possible. Who knows... maybe you'll be so enamoured with a place that you'll end up living somewhere new! Street Cards: A Serious Matter by Adam Bonn, on Flickr “Street Cards: A Serious Matter" Wander away from the main streets and you'll see local life flourish. Groups playing card games, this is clearly a serious business! The Attraction & Fear of Nice Things by Adam Bonn, on Flickr “The Attraction & Fear of Nice Things" Porto has many shops, a lot of them are not 'chain' stores, but independent places selling treats and delicacies. Meats, cakes, Port, wine, coffee... Nice things! You should definitely treat yourself, well if you're allowed in that is! The Attraction & Fear of Nice Things by Adam Bonn, on Flickr A Forgotten World by Adam Bonn, on Flickr "A Forgotten World" To my eye at least, Porto offers the chance to see people go about their lives, in surroundings that have not really changed for a great number of years. This, too me, has a special charm that drives home the notion that things do change, but they really don't. It's wonderful that a company such as Leica acknowledges Porto* as a destination that demands photography, if you visit the city, I guarantee you'll see the sights that those Leica photographers did, you'll love them and photograph them, and you should start there. But if you then venture just a few hundred meters away from those famous places, you'll see the views from a slightly less well trodden (but no less authentic) path. The Timeless Line by Adam Bonn, on Flickr "The Timeless Line" Whatever camera you shoot (and no matter who's picking up your travel costs) you'll find a little spark of visual magic on these streets. Happy travels, where ever you go (*Yes, I'm aware of Leica's manufacturing connection to Portugal!)
  5. I've been personally testing SilkyPix V7 Pro lately, and once I got my head round the quirks, I've really been enjoying the photos it makes! When used in conjunction with my X-Pro1, I find that I can get quite a pleasant (to my eye YMMV) 'filmic' look to the images. Here's a couple I liked enough to put on Flickr The Follower by Adam Bonn, on Flickr Low Lights by Adam Bonn, on Flickr The second one got explored, so I guess the flickr bots liked it too!! To begin with I found the images SLIGHTLY flat compared to C1 (I don't really use LR) But it wasn't a big problem Hmmm I don't seem to be able to upload any other files... I'll try in a reply!
  6. For no other reason than “I want too & I LOVE it” I thought I’d review my (the) X-PRO1. This review is merely the ramblings of an enthusiastic enthusiast, a mediocre amateur who’s entire skill (and I use the word in its loosest possible sense) set pretty much comprises thinking, ‘that looks nice, I think I’ll snap it’ a man who’s post posting technique pretty much stops at, “lets saturate the colours and make it darker” Anyone subjected to hours of the kids show, Peppa Pig, should recognise the Mr Bull character and his catch phrase of “let’s dig up the road” well, that phrase could easily be applied to my desire to take pictures. Now some of you may read this, and somehow get offended, how dare I say some of these things? Well try 1)reading to the end and 2)not skim reading. Anyway… Part One So the X-PRO1, what’s all the fuss - mythology and downright untruths… The X-PRO1 is so well built, easily the best in the Fuji range? As the kidz say “lolwhut?” The X-PRO1 is far bigger than it needs to be technically (don’t fret we’ll come to ergonomics later), it hasn’t got any extra stuff inside that the smaller X bodies don’t, and the net result is of a rather hollow feeling camera that belies its physical bulk. The dials have a pleasant tactile feeling, but wobble about a bit if pushed and the EV is so easy to rotate that checking it’s where you left it (it won’t be) quickly becomes second nature. The Frame Lever sorry EVF/OVF switch is upside down IMO (well mine isn’t because I took it off and mounted it the correct way up!), it’s attachment feels flimsy and the whole mechanism for swapping between OVF & EVF feels like the camera is performing a great labour The scroll wheel on the back feels especially flimsy, wobbling about with too much vertical play, but it does at least have the decency to double as a physical button (X-T1 why don’t you have this?) The shutter button rattles about like a ball joint that passed its useful life several thousand miles ago. The slow operational speed of the X-PRO1 makes me a better photographer. It gives me time to think No. You give you time to think. BUT personally speaking the fact that the X-PRO1 is slow, means I have to work to its pace. This helps me; I suspect that you’re already capable of thinking photographically. Perhaps you’ve even learnt to plan your shots before bringing the camera to your eye or even before you’ve left the house that day! The honest truth IMHO is that learning a slow and quirky camera makes you better at using a slow and quirky camera. If in the course of that learning curve you learn more about photography in general, then rejoice – but take the damn credit - YOU did that, not the camera. The X-PRO1 files are almost film like in appearance Are they F***. Film is film like. The X-PRO1 is just less digital looking than other more modern cameras (like any X-Trans II camera for example) IMO, the X-PRO1 output is bit like CD vs MP3, sure CD sounds more analogue LIKE than MP3, but don’t be trying to tell me that CD is wild, raw and scratchy like a record (or indeed film) because it’s not. OK so that’s my personal take on the myths and untruths, let’s move beyond this apparent unpleasantness and get straight too Part Two Emotive engagement - the importance of being Earnest A crap job with a great wage is hard toil, a great job with a liveable wage is a joy to undertake So, imHo the X-PRO1 is not the über build quality, files like film, free photography lesson with every click, that some would have you believe. So what. It’s without any shadow of doubt in my mind an absolute joy to shoot with. It’s truly greater than the sum of its component parts. Like a Morgan or Westfield sports cars or SS model Rolexes, less is definitely more. In a disposable prosumer world where pretty much every camera is differentiated only by its manufacturer and lens mount, not its spec sheet, where every little black mag alloy box shares must have features that are ground into obsolescence by the next release, it is (in my opinion) an absolute bloody sheer magical delight to use a camera that’s kinda like a camera. No, I don’t mean shutter dials that miss off half speeds or fly-by-wire aperture rings or snail-by-wire focus rings – I mean a camera that doesn’t have Wi-Fi or GPS or have the need for the user to remember when to use or not to use an electronic shutter, the X-PRO1 is a camera that demands you to either 1)know 2)figure out 3)feel out with trial & error, the best settings. Sure this process means more balls up shots, more missed shots, harder (MUCH harder) work with moving objects, but it also means a damn sight more reward when what comes out of the camera is pleasing, you can, with complete honesty say “I made that” and you can feel proud too, because with the X-PRO1 it might not of been easy This brings me to engagement, for me I like LOVE that the X-PRO1 challenges me, it inspires me to try harder, then try harder still. OK, full disclosure… I also have a X-T1, because y’know, my 3 year moves around a lot, and it’s nice to be able to shoot wide open without needing an ND filter and its nice having so many controls at my fingertips. But the X-T1 just makes me fire off more blanks than the Territorial Army, it’s a fast camera and it makes me feel the need for speed, it’s a hyper sports motorcycle, tearing up the highway, the X-PRO1 isn’t a bike… it’s a chopper baby, cruising the highway and taking in the sights and views [i want to work the phrase ‘Zed’s Dead’ into that last paragraph but so far it’s alluding me] Sure the X-PRO1 has a clearly digital output, but its files are its signature dish, run most cameras files through lightroom and they seem to turn out the same… again full disclosure, I don’t use LR, can’t get my head round it, but flick through Flickr’s explore and you’ll see many very samey shots, from many different cameras, nearly always processed with Adobe’s algorithm… Well the X-PRO1 DOES have something with its files… I’m not exactly sure what…. (Reading DPR I think it may be the point at which the tone curve cuts to black, but I don’t understand all those graphs and shit like that. Sorry.) …but there’s a grittiness to the X-PRO1, be it SOOC Jpeg or RAW that’s immeasurably pleasing. Words like ‘organic’ get used a lot… it’s as good as description as any… but for me, just unrelentingly pleasing, worthwhile, special When I feel I’ve got a shot right with the X-PRO1, I’m pleased, I feel I’ve worked for it. The X-PRO1 as a body makes success harder to come by (than many more modern cameras), but because of this the delight when one manages to do so is tangible. The ergonomics of the X-PRO1 are a little bit special too. I know some people love to hate the pseudo SLR styling of many mirrorless models, but let’s be honest here, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony et el all offer “range finder” shaped bodies… well they do if you define range finder as a rectangular camera without a central VF. No the X-PRO1 is special as it’s just that bit bigger, that’s the plus point for that big hollow feeling that I pointed out earlier, you can actually hold the damn thing comfortably. The other obvious thing that the X-PRO1 has is of course that OVF. The inclusion of an OVF is simply to be applauded, no redaction, make that a standing ovation, a design triumph worthy of a ticker tape parade. There are those that say, The X-PRO1 is a pseudo range finder, it’s not a true one. If you want a true digital RF, then the big L is the only game in town and let’s be honest, that’s a very true statement. But it’s also a statement that is, in my view, an oxymoron. The X-PRO1 isn’t trying to be a Leica. Up until the release of the M240 the X-PRO1 was the only game in town that gave you the rangefinder shape, an optical VF AND the ability to use an EVF to check critical focus and framing. And at time of writing (Aug 2015) the X-PRO1 is still the only camera that can offer this without taking your eye away from the view finder. And let’s not forget the magic of having different strength magnifications of OVF to choose from! The Leica cameras may indeed be the only digital range finder game in town, but the X-PRO1 is a whole new 21st century game. The X100T shows how this game can go, and it can go in a very good direction. [Full disclosure: I’ve nothing against Leica, or Leica shooters and I’d like to try one, one day…] Part Three Accessories – pimp my ride or must haves? The X-PRO1 was as you’ll know, released with three prime lenses. Yup primes, the de rigueur 18-55 didn’t arrive until later. I love the 3 original primes (& to a slightly lesser extent the XF27) they –too me- capture the essence of what the X-PRO1 is all about, a decent sized camera body, with small primes that are fast and sharp. I’m not completely daft, I realise the 16/23/56/90 are almost certainly better lenses, but they’re comparatively big, they’re comparatively expensive and –too me- they don’t fit with the original X-PRO1 design ethos. [i might very well get the XF23 for my X-T1 though, and the 120 macro] The X-PRO1 also has a leather case and the original hand grip. IMO these products are both superb and perfectly fit with the X-PRO1. Namely each is pretty useless if you’re in a hurry, but if you’re prepared to take your time, and accept that they need removing to access anything and that removing them is s-l-o-w then the quality is excellent. The grip may not have Arca Swiss dovetails and a hole for the batter/card door, the case doesn’t have that handy flap of the later X100 case, but… so what?! The case is imo very well executed, the folding down front flap has so far managed to stay attached, even when left dangling for long periods of time (unlike my X100S case that I managed to lose the top part from) The grip truly looks like it’s part of the camera, it simply improves the grip. Immensely. The X-PRO1, the original primes, the original accessories even have a level of luxury packaging not found on the later bodies and lenses. So, in summary, the accessories are must haves [especially the lenses ] they add to the camera, and they enrich the overall ownership experience. I also tried an eye cup from another camera (didn’t like it) and I’ve fitted a soft release (love it) I also use 2 spare aftermarket batteries (no issues with them so far, after 15 months) Conclusion OMG dear reader, are you really still here? Oh no wait, now I get it, you skipped straight to this bit didn’t you?!!! OK, so as I set out very clearly, just over 1900 words ago, I love this camera. I’ve even owned the damn thing twice. Now for me, the X-PRO1 is famous for myths and untruths. It’s not the last word in build quality. It’s the first of a line of steadily improving X bodies Yes, yes, YES – I get it. The D Pad buttons are nicer to push than the blind key hole surgery that is the X-T1 D Pad. S-LO-W C-L-A-P. That doesn’t make for a superior build. You might prefer it (on th X-PRO1), sure why not, but IMO the X-T1 is a superiorly manufactured product in so many ways The X-PRO1 is neither a Leica M clone nor a Leica wannabe. It’s a rangefinder concept camera born and dragged kicking and screaming with life into the twenty first century. People need to cut the umbilical cord on this Leica/Fuji shit. I suspect future iterations of the M will be more comparable to the X-PRO1 than vice versa…. Just a hunch. The slowness of the X-PRO1 doesn’t make you a better photographer. You make you a better photographer, BUT the X-PRO1 is a fine tool to take with you on that journey. The X-PRO1 files don’t look like film. The look like X-PRO1 files, not like Sony/Panasonic/Olympus files, not even like X-T1 files, they look like X-PRO1 files. Rejoice in them - for identity is important. The Hybrid OVF is ingenious and very special. OK… I think I’m done….. If you care - all my X-PRO1 Flickr pics can be found here https://flic.kr/s/aHsjUEpU8D Regards Adam
  7. Appenzell Alps, Switzerland Flickr / 500px / fotocommunity
  8. So I own both an XT1 and XP1. My photographic ability (or lack of, whatever) is the same with each camera The way I PP is the same with each camera The things I take snaps of is the same with each camera. I'm the constant. Yet, on Flickr my XT1 shots are tangibly more popular than my XP1 ones (neither are that popular, anything over 100 views and 4 favs is a good run for me, to quantify that, I haven't cultivated a colossal number of followers, nor do I put a lot of pics in a lot of groups, THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING MORE POPULAR ON FLICKR, I just wonder why my 140ish followers find my XT1 ones more palatable than my XP1 ones) And I can't begin to guess why this might be? Anyone any theories? (It has been suggested to me that 'X-T1' might be the more popular tag)
  9. Yeah I know, it's too dark, any camera could of made it, it's basically a silhouette - I "need" to get it into a workflow, lift the shadows, dampen the highlights, clone out the toy, crop away the curtain - yada yada etcetera etcetera But the thing with the X-Pro1, is it can make a SOOC jpeg that so captures what you saw, there suddenly isn't any reason to try and change life!!! Agree/disagree hate it/love it Eff it. It's life, it's the intimate mood of family life and more and more I find the X-Pro1 is my go to camera for attempting to capture it That OVF connects me to what I'm seeing. Professionals and amateurs alike produce beautiful and wonderful portraits with X series cameras, and it's always worth pushing the envelope, but I personally love the fact that our cameras are just as happy to be picked up, set, and fired. Trying Mummy's Breakfast by Adam, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  10. Walking around in Utrecht city centre with the 35/1.4 on the X-Pro1. Unfortunately not really sharp, but I love the colours - don't think this will be a long term keeper though. In front of the bakery near the Maartensbrug bridge. Where Love is Illegal - photo exhibition at the Domplein square, to raise attention for the suppression of LGBT people. Laced-Up Boutique - obviously a lingerie boutique, close to the Janskerkhof square. Domplein square, one of the busiest spots in the city (together with the canals).
  11. Did post this in another Fuji forum, so why not here? and there are many more . . . . maybe you like it. (I did).
  12. From the album: Andrew Newson Photography Courses

    Taken on the Lake District Photography Holiday.

    © © Andrew Newson

  13. From the album: Andrew Newson Photography Courses

    It's always a fascinating sight to see. Take on 21st November 2015, one of the coldest days ever!!

    © © Andrew Newson

  14. From the album: Almost Photography


    © © Simo Väisänen

  15. If anyone is interested... I'm writing about my lust/hate/love affair with the X-Pro1 on my blog! http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/ As well as this story, there's many shots taken with the X-Pro1 and some with the XT1. Please note that my blog features NO donate links, or buy prints links or buy from advertising partners links! It's simply a labour of love - a bit like using the X-Pro1 can be!! ........... Edited post for anyone not scrolling to the bottom!! The full story so far! Unless someone can tell me otherwise (and please do), I think that I've now created one of the (if not simply 'the') largest opinion* based X-Pro1 articles on the internet. (*there's facts and stuff in there too and of course many things are also true of the later X cameras!!) I remain as passionate and enthusiastic about the X-Pro1 as I always, I know it's neither the newest or best camera out there, but I sincerely believe it's a perfectly valid photography solution, offering a signature look to it files, and in usage, the body responds well to be treated like a film camera. So here's a overview: Part 1: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/ When you fall for a camera, does it always work out how you think? "Boy meets camera, lives happily ever, right? WRONG! But how wrong? And can two wrongs make a right?" Part2: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/finally/ When you dream that a camera will be everything you hoped, how will you react when it isn't? "This is the part where I moan, complain and moan some more about the laggy EVF, the woefully inaccurate OVF experience, the glacier slow AF" Part3: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-three/ When you start to miss imperfection. "The second time around the X-Pro1 became so very, very much more than eye candy to me. I finally figured out how to use it, I fell in love with it holistically" Part4: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-four/ When you (well I !!) start to realise it's the way that files look that's important " it was enough to draw me in - to forgive the camera its quirks and foibles and want to get the best from it." Part5: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-five/ When you try to define just exactly what it is that you love about the look of an image " IN MY OPINION and TOO MY EYE the X-Pro1 has a signature to its images, a look that I love very much." Part6: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-six/ When you understand how over come physical limitations, via self improvement "as you can see (and perhaps agree) by taking back control of focus from the shutter button, we still can utilize the benefits of AF" Part7: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-seven/ When you understand that blind love of a camera is only a personal view point and that's important "when things get personal, then people tend to bring their A game, and a strong A game can accomplish anything" Part8: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-eight/ When you start to look at what bits and bobs you can add on to your camera "they add to the camera, and they enrich the overall ownership experience" Part9: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-nine/ When you realise that companies other than the OEM can offer valid items for your camera "I’m going to say that if you’re getting a genuine benefit" Part10: http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-ten/ When you have a good look at your camera's files and find your own path "Why would I want to truncate my potential output by dismissing any of the available options" The latest part. Well it's Sunday morning, so that must been it's time for another installment of my X-Pro1 article! http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp1-eleven/ This week I take a look at the DR modes and their relationship to ISO. But how do they work, and do I PERSONALLY feel they're worth using? Enjoy...
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