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  1. I´ll pick up this old thread again as I have made a part 2 video of the versatile X100 series cameras. In this case though I only used the newest model the X100F. I hope you enjoy it.
  2. Part II is online http://stockografie.de/cuba-with-nothing-but-the-fujifilm-x100f-part-ii/
  3. This is the real Cuba. The real Cuba by Stockografie, on Flickr
  4. Off to Viñales Dog in Viñales by Stockografie, on Flickr
  5. It has been a while since I posted something here the last time. My wife and I took a trip to Cuba and I only had the X100F with me. These are the first shots and a link to the first part of my blog post on it. http://stockografie.de/cuba-with-nothing-but-the-fujifilm-x100f/ The driver by Stockografie, on Flickr Reflecting Cuba by Stockografie, on Flickr The car and the guy and a cart by Stockografie, on Flickr The colors of Havanna by Stockografie, on Flickr
  6. On from Beijing. Be sure to follow me on flickr Sitting and waiting by Daniel Stocker, auf Flickr
  7. Hey all, yesterday I set up a new flickr account where I am going to share my street experiences. I welcome you to follow me if you wish. This shot was taken in 2012 with the X-Pro1 and the XF35 1.4 Unfortunately the firmware was nowhere near as capable as it is today. The focus point should have been on the guy in the front but AF was just to slow back in the day. Nonetheless I love this shot as it does represent what New York is about. New York life by Daniel Stocker, auf Flickr
  8. Hi girls and guys, After shooting with an X100 series camera for 6 years now I thought it was time. As of today I only own an X100F and solely shoot with the 23mm lens mounted on it. No WCL or TCL, just the lens on the X100F. And to share and show how versatile this little camera can be, and that can be the original X100, the X100S, X100T and of course the X100F, I produced a short clip which you can watch on youtube.
  9. I took this shot on a round trip through Ireland with the X-Pro2 and the XF 16-55. You can also find this image on my 500px account.
  10. Stockografie


    Some shots taken in Ireland
  11. Horse carriage with the X-T1 and the XF 16-55 in Bagan Myanmar Horse and carriage by Stockografie, on Flickr
  12. A small sailing ship leaving the harbor of Stockholm. Leaving the harbor by Stockografie, on Flickr
  13. I am I am with you. My finding is that most of the time the people that troll the most and talk, talk, talk quite often have shots that are just rubbish. The number of times that I get some strange critique on my photographs is amazing and when I head over to there account or flickr stream it´s often the same. Oh and I don´t quite understand what Ridgback in post #2 is trying to tell us. What has a missing avatar or signature got to do with it?
  14. Tuebingen in Germany Tuebingen @ night by Stockografie, on Flickr
  15. My X-T1 can do the Acros film simulation as well. Well ok, I helped a little as I edited the raw file with Nik Silver Efex Pro2 starting off with the Acros film simulation Architecture by Stockografie, on Flickr
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