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  1. The XP1 is still good, it's just slow to use compared to the XP2. I don't just mean AF/menu usage/Fn buttons/Card write times.... But the lower res EVF non-coloured focus peaking is slower to confirm critical focus with... the XP1 is perfectly capable of getting things in focus, you just might need to take a little longer to ensure it has. The XP1 is also a classic, the first of something new! The XP2 is better in all tangible metrics, but once the XP3 lands no one's gonna get dewy eyed over the XP2 (OT, but it's the same with the Leica Ms. The M8 was the first of the digital Leica rangefinders, the M9 was the first FF one. They're classics with a cult following. Then the 240 came out, which was technically better. Then the M10 came out and no one cares about the 240 any more... I'm guessing the same fate awaits the M10 when ever the M11 lands!)
  2. A lot of it is subjective, and like asking people ‘what’s the best colour’ the answer will be skewed by personal tastes The complication of sooc raw is what the camera is set too... iirc (it’s a while since I’ve played this game with both cameras) - if say aperture mode is used, then (iirc remember) the XP2 likes to produce a darker image via employing higher SS than the XP1 So would that be a fair test? Say iso200 and f4 and ss1300 on one camera VS iso200 and f4 and ss1000 on the other... and if we equalise the exposure triangle between each body, which do we go with... let the XP1 chose its own parameters and set the XP2 to match or vice versa? As a general rule of thumb, the XP1 produces slightly lower contrast images, the roll off into light and shadow is smoother (to be fair the pixels are bigger on the XP1) and my HUNCH is that this is where the ‘more organic looking’ rhetoric comes from Factually, the XP1 shoots lossy compressed raw. The XP2 doesn’t - which will give you more data to play with it (not that anyone will necessarily notice) At the end of the day... take any two things that do the same job and are built and priced in the same bracket and category (cars, watches, cameras, food blenders, whatever) and do enough comparisons and it will always be win some/lose some between each. One just has to decide which wins one personally needs... ...which brings me to my final point... vintage glass will give you a pretty look anyway, and the manual focus aids on the XP2 are light years (well about 4 earth years) ahead of the one (yes one, not even plural) on the XP1. That might make all the difference to you in your suggested usage case.
  3. This Sunday's article is: Re-Cross My Path! A revisit of some old images with Capture One Express http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-fifty-two/
  4. It's Sunday morning and that can only mean one thing... That you're rocking a tangible hangover Adam? Hum ok two things It's also time for this week's article and this week it's The X-Pro2 and Capture One Meets 2016! http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-fifty-one/
  5. The second part of my year in photos! With the end of the Gregorian year rapidly approaching here's a look at 2018: Twelve of my Favourites - Monochrome http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-fifty/
  6. The first part of my year in photos! As we get to the end of the gregorian calendar the temptation to review ones pictorial year is irresistible! 2018: Twelve of my Favourites - Colour http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-nine/
  7. Following on from last week's piece where we looked at SOOC colour edits Vs Capture One Express edits, this week sees us look at Black and White SOOC Monochrome and Capture One Express http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-eight/
  8. This week's article is now live, and well it's more of a silly little thing than anything deeply worthy of your time, but time's been a bit scarce for me this week... SOOC and Capture One Express: Running the same shots through both the camera and the editing software http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-seven/
  9. For my article this week, I decided to use Capture One Express take a look at X-Pro1 and X-Pro2 images and see just how different they looked... ....and how we could make a baseline setting to make them look a little less different! Getting the "X-Pro1 Look" from the X-Pro2 in Capture One Express Finding a X-Pro1 look-a-like baseline http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-six/
  10. The X-Pro2 and a Street Corner: One day, one corner, several photos, but what did we see? The story of that time I people watched a little than I photo watched http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-five/
  11. For this week's piece we're doing one of those Simpsons clip show type things.... The X-Pro1 and Capture One Revisited: Those original X-Pro1 shots revisited with Capture One http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-four/
  12. This week's article see's us shooting a series of cyclist shots! Forwarders CC and the X-Pro1 Colour Images: Forwarders CC and the X-Pro1 Colour Images: Further work on the cycling project http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-three/
  13. Capture One, the X-Pro2 and the Beach: One day, one camera, one lens, seven pictures http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-two/
  14. For this week's article it's back on the road to shoot some cycling! Forwarders CC and the X-Pro1 Monochrome Images: Shooting a cycling project with a slow camera and in black and white! http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-forty-one/
  15. Big Bad Waves by Adam Bonn, on Flickr X-Pro2 and XF35 (the F1.4 one)
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