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  1. I get most of it - just not those 2 bike pedals in the middle of the picture to the right of the X-Pro 1 and below the X-T1's ;-)
  2. You did realise i was having a jest? Yes, it lasted 7 weeks on a single charge, but it's taken less than 100 pics and only been switched on when testing out some of the stuff I'd read in the manual. The beauty of this camera is the fact that I do not need to press the shutter at everything I see. I can leave it in my pocket until i see something that says "must be photographed" :-)
  3. As a person who had quite a substantial kit built around 2 x 5D2's and several L lenses, I can say with confidence that the X-Pro 1 is most definitely as good as the 5D2 in every way except the FF 21mp sensors ability to record a tad more detail. For me, the X-Pro 1 focusing was way superior to the 5D2's shabby 9 point 1 cross hair AF, even for moving subjects. Maybe it's just thtat I learned to focus manually on the old A1's that allowed me to make good use of the X-Pro 1 AF. The one other area that seems to be lackig on the Fuji system as a whole, is the speedlight set up - but I do believe they are starting to catch up on that front, albeit slowly. I did some great stuff using my 5D2's - but the X-Pro 1 would have made many of those shoots even better, of that I have no doubt.
  4. If the X-Pro 2 or X-T2 were released tomorrow I wouldn't really care. I'm still too busy having fun and learning to use my recently acquired X-100T to care about any other cameras at the moment!
  5. OK, I have to admit that I've found an issue with my X-100T. I went to take a picture whilst cycling to work this morning and found the battery had died. How dare it die after only the 7 weeks of the cameras life in my ownership? I mean, 7 weeks on one charge? All I've done with it is switch it on and off for an hour or two at a time as I read through the manual and learn how to use it and personalise it. I've tkaen it out on a few trips and taken a few pictures, though probably composed several more that just didn't grab me. This seriously inconsiderate camera could've at least used its WiFi to drop me a line to say its battery was getting low thus giving me chance to charge it up. ;-) Rant over :-D
  6. I'm not a pro - came close ot having a go at being a pro, but relaised I didn't really have the hard nose needed to be a businessman. So that leaves me as an amateur. For nearly all of my life I've enjoyed shooting with Canon kit. Nothing has really captured the excitement I got from shooting with my Canon A1's in film days. Well, nothing until I gave the X-Pro 1 a try. Now I have an X-100T I find it even more fun to play with. I think for me, the simple truth is that 'less is more': Less choices of body and lens combination to work with Less of "what kit do I pack inot a rucksack big enough to use for a weeks holiday when just going out on a shoot for a day?" Less stress on my body trying to support this mini weight lifters mobile exercise companion each time I want to take a picture Less looks from people when I get my camera out of my pocket to take a picture Less complaints about rights and less questions about my intentions regarding my intentions with 'the picture I'm taking' Less pictures that have to be deleted in Post Processing because I just sprayed and prayed Less pictures lost through the flawed A/F that Canon put on the 5D2. Yep, less thinking about all the technical aspects of photography and more fun creating and cpaturing the shots!
  7. Interesting that the Canon 1Dx was not included in that test - because I'm seeing nothing there that challenged the 1Dx. I know because I like to shoot hand held in the dark - and the 1Dx is the only camera that has come close ot getting me to part with such ridiculous sums of money to get one. In the end I sold all my Canon kit and settled with the X-Pro 1 which handled low light just as well. I would still love to have an option to hand hold and shoot with a high ISO (204k is high for me) - but I'm also accepting that in truth - it is the software used to interpret the data from the sensor that gives the higher IOS settings, not the sensors themselves. My X 100T more than covers my needs for now. I'm not prepared (or able) to commit myself to the myth that may be the X-Pro 2 or X-T2, and the mythical price tags that they will come with.
  8. If budget is your main concern - the X-Pro 1 wins hands down. It is such a lovely camera to carry around and shoot with. The A/F issues people talk about are very much to do with sports/ action/ wildlife. For what you want it is fine. As for portability and not breaking your back - will the X100T wins hands down, even over the lovely X-Pro 1. It will fit in a shirt breast pocket in some of the shirts - no hope of that with an X-Pro 1! Also, the X-100T has wifi giving you the optin to back up or post shots to your blog, FB etc at the time of the shoot. I'm now about to start mastering that aspect of the X-100T, but it really is a pocket marvel. That said - I do still miss the X-Pro 1 some times :-( Filippo - the choice is yours ;-)
  9. From the album: X 100T

    Had a weekend at Chatham in Kent staying with some friends, during which we got to enjoy a walk around the old Naval Base/ Naval Museum and surrounding walks etc. Along the way we came along this view of the yacjts all moored and apparently in a fairly straight line. A quick reach into my pocket resulted in this image being created - it's why you own a camera like the X-100T. The image has been cropped in Adobe Lightroom and the trees recovered using the shadow slider, otherwise it is fairly close to how it came out of the camera. Just not sure if I should have cropped more tightly along the bottom edge?

    © Copyright © Andrew Brown 2015 All Rights Reserved with NO Unauthorised Reproduction

  10. andrew brown

    X 100T

    As the title says - images taken with the Fuji X 100T
  11. From the album: X 100T

    Had a weekend at Chatham in Kent staying with some friends, during which we got to enjoy a walk around the old Naval Base/ Naval Museum and surrounding walks etc. Along the way we had to wait at the lock gates whilst some boats left the marina, and I spotted this bridge starting to close and was taken by just how much blue was naturally in the frame. A quick reach into my pocket resulted in this image being created. Granted, it has undergone a touch of slider manipulation on Adobe Lightroom, bu tthe essence of the scene is still very much there - a Study in Blue.

    © Copyright © Andrew Brown 2015 All Rights Reserved with NO Unauthorised Reproduction

  12. If you have an X-T1 and an X-Pro 1 - there is no point changing just for the performance benefits, because the X-T1 will already have them with the FW update. I have recently taken delivery of the X 100T and absolutely love it. But I just wanted something that I could carry around in my pocket all the time. The ability to change lens wasn't important to me as I learn to shoot with the lens I have. I previously owned an X-Pro 1 and was missing the little thing, but as I only ever used it with one lens, it rather seemed a waste. The used value of an X-Pro 1 nowadays means it is actually easier to keep it. It hasn't stopped producing great pictures just becuae of the X-100T or the X-T1. I'm only now getting the X-100T customised to my way of shooting, so once completed I can set about learning to master this little pocket marvel, even if a tad on the dear side...
  13. From the album: X 100T

    Yep - what an impressive speed for this camera. Whilst at the seaside I thought I'd have a bit of play with aperture priority - and wow, how cool is it to have at your disposal a shutter speed that quick. No filters needed - no time wasted or having to be fitted in case - just shoot away and letter th eshutter speed compensate. OK, so I'm hardly gonna win any competitions with the image - but it is a great learning shot... It has certainly opened my eyes!

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  14. I have recently taken delivery of the X 100T and guess what? I love it. I have no need for changing lenses - not at the moment. In a way, I hope don;t have the need again. So easy to whip the camera out of the pocket and shot away, then put back in pocket again when finished. Soo much to love about this lovely little camera... So, glad you're enjoying yours as well :-)
  15. Ahhh - the Nikonos Now you're talking a different ball game. That was when some one actually bothered to make cameras fit for underwater and cornered the market as a result. The thing is, many digital cameras (compact, SCS or DSLR) are so good nowadays - most can do a really good job underwater if you understand how underwater photography differs from above water photography (loss of colours at different depths and magnification of water etc). There appears to be limited availability for the suggested camera, and what there is, is not cheap. So as suggested, were it me buying, I would get a proper snorkelling camera at the cheaper price point...
  16. Things Fuji are getting wrong? Blimey, I didn't realise they were doing sooooo much wrong that it required a serious debate. I was very much of the impression that Fuji are doing an awful lot of thinga much better than the other brands. My only real gripe is why do they make cameras for such small hands - but that has pretty much been explained in another thread. It would be nice to have a second card slot, or a wifi link up to the iPad that works for back up purposes - but I'm not a pro so I'm being picky. I'd love an ISO facility of 1024000 but I'm again honest enough to know that is me just being lazy and not wanting to carry a tripod or cable release. I do have a shutter speed of 1/32000th sec available to me - not enough? Seriously? Haven't found a need for it yet. Oooohhhh - just found a serious one - I need a body with go faster stripes on it so it looks really really cool. (not!) OK, that is the end of my comment on this thread. There is one last point - if you're really happy with Fuji, you can always pay the much higher price premium for one of those more popular brands...
  17. I think that sums up the nub of it. You can always make something bigger with add ons, but you can never make them smaller. Maybe the truth is - I'm the one out of step with the rest of the world :-( At least with thr X 100T I have a camera that I can work with ok. Being a compact, it allows tyou to hold it diifferently to a SLR style camera...
  18. Umm - you are right to a point with 'most' casual snappers. One of the people i showed it to does a spot of wedding photography. When i showed a pic on how it handles the extreme contrasting light caused by a sunny day, he was extremely imporessed to say the least. I was extremely impressed with the X-Pro 1, but I'm seriously more impressed withe the X 100T - and I've only just started to read the second relevant part of the owners manual - configuring the Q Menu! I've always been a manual shutter - by that I mean I set my own ISO, Aperture and Shutter speeds. But I'm almost willing to let this camera lose with Shutter and Aperture Priority modes - it is doing such a good job! I haven't even tired it yet with flash! So far, no need!
  19. And here I am in disagreement with Milandro. As some one who has owned and used a camera for scuba diving, I have no issues with underwater housing. 30 metres is a great depth for a water housing and scuba diving - but the trick is ti make sure you look after and fit the camera in the housing correctly. But here is the rub - is it cheaper to buy the water housing? Or one of these 'snorkelling' cameras? (as i call them). I used a 5D2 underwater - comfortably more than the price of any of Fuji's X cameras, and a fellow diver used a 1Ds on a dive. My water proof housing also got used to enable me ot use the camera in wet and adverse weather conditions as an additional shell. It just depends on what you will be doing with your camera to know what is your cheapest option.
  20. I don't have a great quote - just a great camera! Me, just now...
  21. I have to say - it does all look rather nice. Loving the look of that lens hood - though not sure it will fit in my pocket when attached to the camera Think some of those could be on my Xmas list...
  22. From the album: X 100T

    This is a simple 'snapshot' of my grandson. We were out having lunch with his mother and I had the X100T with me. It is the first time I'd actually used the camera after starting the process of customisation. As he walked by I asked him to stop and not smile whilst looking at the camera. With an ISO set at 1600 and Shutter Priority being used with a TV value of 1/125th, I was well pleased wtih this shot. Yes, I had not adjusted the focus point to be on his face, but given how sunny it was, this camera has done an amazing job of overcome the harsh shadows that normally result from such shots, and done so with amazingly crisp lines. If any one needs a reason to buy this camera - this iamge is worth it alone - that and the fsct that the camera goes almost every where with me because it comfortably fits in the pocket! Now to open the Owners Manual PDF and learn how to customize the Q Menu and how to quickly access the focus point selection screen to make it as easy to use as it is on the X-Pro 1

    © Copyright © Andrew Brown 2015. All rights reserved, no unauthorised use or reproduction.

  23. Why do I like using Fuji? They do exactly what it says on most cameras tins - except at a much better price and in a form factor that not only looks good and feels good, but actually makes sense. OH, did I mention that they also seem to listen to their user base? Still haven't seen Canon or Nikon take that leaf out of the book!
  24. You'll doubtless find ths offensive - but it's the only reason that makes sense to me. The camera makes a noise when the flash fires for the benefit of the blind! How else would they know they're being photographed? Train doors beep for the benefit of the blind. Pedestrian crossings beep for the benefit of the blind. Why not a camera whne the flash is fired? And by the way- my comment is not supposed to be taking the P or making fun of the blind - it is just trying to understand the point of an unnecessary feature!
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