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  1. Hi all, just wondering if users have seen any change in the behaviour of their lenses in manual focus mode with the new firmware? What exactly does it do?
  2. I'm a full-time professional photographer who recently suffered macular damage to my dominant (right) eye. While this does not noticeably affect my general vision, when using just the right eye (eg. When using a camera) I find it difficult to check focus, expression etc, particularly if the subject is small. I switched to using my left eye, and after a year it is perfectly natural, I couldn't imagine shooting with the right again. It could be worse, imagine if you lost sensation in your right hand! There's no left hand cameras!
  3. I'd be surprised if a graphite version is offered. More likely is a silver version without a price premium.
  4. This issue is normally due to a hardware issue, specifically a fault in the main circuit board. I had the same issue and it was repaired by Fuji Australia quickly. Fuji Australia are very good - send it in with a request that it be repaired under warranty given it is a known fault.
  5. I think that this must be a. fuji USA issue. I have had several interactions with Fuji Australia, and once they found out I was using the cameras for professional purposes they went out of their way to have the cameras serviced quickly. On one occasion they completed the repair on the day of receipt of the camera, and posted it back the same day, so I wouldn't be without it for my wedding the next weekend. Even without having a professional services department they have been incredibly responsive.
  6. I don't believe that Fuji have changed their model - with the exception of the X100 v2.0 firmware all updates have been for current model cameras only. I believe the X100 upgrade was an exception due to the fact it was the first X Series camera, and had generally acknowledged poor performance.
  7. The likelihood of Acros being implemented on any current model is negligible. The most X100T users can hope for are some of the changes introduced with X-T1 firmware 4.0. There will be no further Kaizen updates for the X100S.
  8. The X-T2 will be very much an XPro2 in a different skin. Think "more of the same" with no revolutionary new features.
  9. I'd expect the updates to the X-Pro (sensor, AF, weather sealing), possibly a new lens which is the same focal length but slightly improved sharpness, crop mode from the X70, all in a very similar package. What won't it have? Full frame sensor, dual card slots, W126 battery, 24mm equivalent converter, and probably no tilt screen.
  10. I'd expect either no further updates OR an update to include elements of the X-T1 firmware 4. You will not see firmware changes from the X-Pro2 or the X70 rolled out to the X100T.
  11. I'd get a proven performer now at a reduced price, rather than a more expensive model at some stage in the future. Who knows if they even make an X200?
  12. I would not be surprised if the current upgrades to the X-T1 were rolled out but I expect none of the X-Pro2 upgrades to roll out to any existing body. Sorry, Acros is a no-go.
  13. The difference now is that we assess our images at 100%, not as a 6x4 print.
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