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  1. This album covers the pictures taken with my X-Pro 1 and 35mm f1.4 lens. A very effective walk around kit!
  2. From the album: X-Pro 1 + 35mm f1.4

    I was enjoying a day up London just walking around with X-Pro 1 in my hand - essentially enjoying a drop of street photography - when I came across this little group who had just finished doing some wedding style shots. The sun on the foreground with the dark clouds in the background, along with this little party on the bridge and St Pauls in the background just said - shoot me. So I pressed the shutter button and hey presto. Any processing would have been done in Adobe Lightroom - but such processing would have only included a drop of sharpening, colour correction and cropping - as well as the straight forward conversion from RAW to jpeg.
  3. Well, to put it simply - I've pre-ordered an XT 10 from those nice people at WEX. Ordered the black version with the kit 16-50 lens. All I have to do is sit back and wait for delivery. As I don't have a camera at the moment I might become a tad impatient. But only having it in my hands will let me know IF I've made the right decision.
  4. Nikon hate Canon, Canon hate Nikon, Canikon hate any one that trys to ruin their monopoly. Who cares? Really? If you've bought into the Fuji X system, it is because it offers something that makes your photography a much more enjoyable past time (or work tool) than using any of the other systems. That's all that matters. Every system will have something the other systems don't have, and all the small minded little people trying to justify their choice as opposed to the features that choice did not come with, just to stop them feeling like they've made a bad choice. I like the picture - not the camera, not the photographer, not the software used to process it, not the computer used to process it on or how good it looks on this smartphone or that tablet. So, I think you can assume this will be my only comment on such a subject... Look forward to enjoying other peoples pictures and advice on how to get shots or certain effects into a picture etc.
  5. From the album: X-Pro 1 + 35mm f1.4

    This image was taken within a few weeks of me getting an X-PRo 1 - and on my only visit to Oxford town centre. I'd read and heard that the X-Pro 1 was not very good for capturing movement, so this was very much 'a test shot'. I deliberately chose a speed to get movement in the flames and the juggling whilst freezing the performer. I loved the original but thought there was too much noise in the windows, so converted to mono and add in some colour on the flames to draw the eye away from the windows and onto the subject which was the juggler. Still like it even now...

    © Copyright © Andrew Brown 2015

  6. I've been a keen photographer since 1986 - with a few pauses, the second of which I am about to exit. My last camera was an X Pro 1 and loved it and thinking of getting another again - unless an X-Pro 2 gets announced very shortly or the XT1 or XT10 prove to be too much of an upgrade. Previously a long time Canon user, but not after the X-Pro 1. I like to carry a camera around with me all the time 'just in case' - and the X-Pro 1 fits that brief very well - certainly much better than the 5D2! Time to go away and be patient until the 18th May... As for my preferred subject? Well I suppose it would have to include street, journaling work and travel and an occasional dable into portrait/ fashion
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