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  1. Why do I like using Fuji? They do exactly what it says on most cameras tins - except at a much better price and in a form factor that not only looks good and feels good, but actually makes sense. OH, did I mention that they also seem to listen to their user base? Still haven't seen Canon or Nikon take that leaf out of the book!
  2. You'll doubtless find ths offensive - but it's the only reason that makes sense to me. The camera makes a noise when the flash fires for the benefit of the blind! How else would they know they're being photographed? Train doors beep for the benefit of the blind. Pedestrian crossings beep for the benefit of the blind. Why not a camera whne the flash is fired? And by the way- my comment is not supposed to be taking the P or making fun of the blind - it is just trying to understand the point of an unnecessary feature!
  3. Have had this camera for almost 2 weeks now - and when people look at it they comment on its simple retro looks. They also expect the price to be in the range of a few hundreds because of that appearance. WRONG!!! I've so far taken 4 pictures and a panoramic jpg as Iearn ALL that this box of tricks is capable of. The one thing I HAVE mastered - is the way this little box of tricks fits in one of the back pockets on my cycling jerseys or jackets. Think of the convenience - cycling around the beauty of Suffolk with this amazing camera almost permenantly at the ready to record just about any scene that you would miss if you were doing 40+mph in your car! Pics to follow at some point
  4. Ultimately - digital cameras are only a computer that can be perosnallised - except they come with a light sensor that can be used to gather a particular type of data. So anything is possible - as pointed out above - the real trick is to 'master' your camera. Not really sure I can say I 'mastered' any of my previous cameras - but of those I've owned, the X-Pro 1 is the one I came closest to mastering. The new X-100T has got a long way to go to get even 'familiar' with it.
  5. Disappointed to see so few people on here using Fuji X for weddings. Seriously - why would you want to lug ALL that back breaking kit around with you for something as physical as a wedding? On top of which - the compact nature of the Fuji X means most people are less likely to see you as 'the resident pro' and more like another guest - meaning they are less likely to feel concenrd about you pointing a camera at them.
  6. TBH - as I now set about learning how to master the 100T, I've come to realsie that it has enough going for it already. So does it really need the upgrade?
  7. AS I had NO filter system - I bought the Lee Seven5 filter system. It's not the cheapest, but then it is a well thought out system that is designed for the Compact Camera Systems such as the Fuji X. The beauty of this system is - it is also as compact as the Fuji X kit... And of course - the design means that the filter is sealed on to the lens without letting any light from around the edges... Thats just me personally...
  8. thank you for your help - settings to be amended shortly :-) Definitely not in the printed manual - so need to look at the online manual for more info :-) Will get this camera set up just right yet :-)
  9. Surely this is the truest statement for any camera. When I first got an X-Pro 1 they told me it was useless using it for action shots. So of course I had to prove that wrong. Granted, it was never going to match a 1Dx or D4, but it was more than adequate for most scenes involving movement once you understand how the focusing worked. And this is where I am with the 100T - fresh out of the box, ans time to start learning 'how it works'...
  10. Have just become the proud owner of the 100T and have to say what a great manual you get with this camera - hence this post. With my X-Pro 1 - I had the option to include the 'grid overlay' in the viewer - but can;t seem to find an option in themanual or menu settings. Am I to assume that this feature has been removed on this camera? I used this feature for horizon levelling as well as 'framing scenes' - knowing when a shot needed to be captured according to the rule of thirds and when it was best to throw the rule out of the window. Just - why do Fuji make such great cameras and such pitiful manuals to explain the various menus and features?
  11. To try and explain a bit better, because clearly I'm failing to do so thus far. I hold an interchangeable lens style camera with body resting in my left hand and lens supported by the fingers of said left hand which also operate any rings or switches fitted to the lens. My right hand is used to hold the grip and work the myriad of dials joystick and control wheels fitted to most modern cameras. Now, before you jump in, I'm well aware that is the correct way of holding a camera - and the X-Pro 1 was an ideal minimum size for this, as is (apparently) the XT-1. But an even smaller XT-10 becomes too small as my hands are about 4 - 5 inches wide - hence that base plate gets a bit congested by my hands. I got fed up of lugging the big stuff around and was willing to accept the compromise of smaller bodies - but as was said for a while about mobile phones before the introduction of smartphones - how much smaller can things practically get? I've purchased an X-100T and because it is a compact style camera, my hands can work with it ok. I just wish Fuji would stick at making camera bodies for interchangeable lenses at about the size of an X-Pro 1 or XT-1. I do not think I am the only one with hands the size of mine who wants to use a modern compact system camera.
  12. Glad to see you entering into the spirit of a conversation... So ALL the people in Asia have little hands? Didn't realise... Um - what actually is a 1m93? Other than the identifying number of a train I used to drive from Suffolk up to the North West of England? As for making stuff epscially to suit me, I didn't realise I was the only person with hands as big as mine, but thanks for the info, I"ll make a point of contacting the Guinness Book of Records so I can get my entry into their publication :-) Then, Fuji might adapt one of their bodies for me to actualy fit my hands and give it a nice marketing name and sell a limited edition for the fans I might acquite along the way ;-)
  13. Sorry if my post confused. The X-T10 is too small for my hands. The X100T with grip fits my hands fine - but not as well as the X-Pro 1. Can't afford an X-T1 with grip, but I know from a hold that my hands work with that model also. My point is - do Fuji have to keep making the camera bodies smaller and smaller? I appreciate that technology in itself gets smaller with refinement - but as they discovered with mobile phones, there comes a point when small becomes impractical to use. And I just wonder if Fuji are reaching this point? Or are my hands THAT much bigger than every one elses?
  14. I love the Fuji X cameras, I really do. I gave up my whole Canon pro kit for it. After having a break from photography, I'm now about to return with Fuji kit. Initially I was getting another X-Pro 1 - when the XT-10 was annunced. How many boxes did that tick? I pre-ordered straight away. Then I discovered how small it was going to be - and no sign of having the option of adding a decent battery grip to it. My hands are just TOO BIG to hold a camera of a certain size and work with - so I had to cancel. Now I've ordered an X-100T instead, after conversations with Mr Damien Lovegrove. I do not have the budget for an XT-1 system, and TBH, not sure I really have then need. I'm very much a camera goes every where with me sort of person, so the compact nature of the camera is great, enabling me to fit it in my pocket to carry around. But please - could Fuji just rememeber those of use with hands more suited to holding a Canon 1Dx or Nikon D4s when designing camera bodies... The X-Pro 1 was a perfect size for me in terms of small yet 'practical to hold'.
  15. I see no reason this firmware upgrade could not happen - because much of the technology used in the XT-10 is also present in the X 100T.
  16. Are you sure you couldn't say anything else to dampen my enthusiasm for the XT-10? NO BG??? Have hands that can support a 1Dx like it was built to fight MY hands alone!!! And it can't take a BG and is SMALLER than an X-Pro 1??? Think I could be in trouble here... I've had a 5D2 fail in the rain, so appreciate the limits of 'weather sealing on digital kit' - but you need to be able to hold the camera... Back to those nice people at WEX to discuss my options me thinks...
  17. I would appreciate a camera that doesn't become any smaller to hold. My hands can easily hold and support a Canikon with BG attached - so the X-Pro 1 is about my ideal size, but appreciate that there is room for manouvre. Better high end ISO - would love to run with 204k ISO - but appreciate this takes some doing on the smaller sensors. Simple dials for aperture (on ring), shutter speed and iso on top plate. Love the 16mp sensors - such lovely images, so any 24mp sensor would need to be just as good! Flash system that can talk to many of the strobe and speedlight systems wirelessly and tethered. Battery Grip similar to that for XT-1 - or maybe a body with it incorporated similar to Dx series or 1D series from Canikon - and this could be used to provide imporved battery life, or a second battery slot & duplication of main controls and shutter button. Dual Memory Card support or WiFI that allows on the fly transfer to a wifi ext h/d for external back up of images - negating the need to carry loads of memory cards when on a full day or holiday shoot. Weather sealing would be extremely nice, and at a price that doesn't make the Canikons look attractively priced! Frame override lever similar to what I had on the Canon A1 that would allow me to shoot a frame and then re-shoot on that frame - but I suppose this is sorted oout through software nowadays! Full Frame? NOt overly fussed- had a 5D2 (well pair of them) since they were first released, and TBH do not really see the difference... Yep, I think that covers most of what I would like...
  18. And why would you need to carry around a breaking supply of Canikon kit when you can get this with a Fuji our of your pocket???
  19. In repsect of choice - mine was set by a pre specified budget that orginally allowed me to buy an X-Pro 1 with an 18mm and 27mm len kit. The announcment and release of the XT-10 then allowed another choice assuming I chose the 16-15 kit lens. My view was very much that the newer body would be more beneficial as it would be cheaper to buy the desired lens later, and if in that time it was updated with newer faster focus motors to work with the newer faster A/F systems, then I would be able to get the lenses that would benefit from such newer technology. Would I like an XT-1? Of course I would - I'm most definitely an all weather photographer by any definition - but sadly I do not have the budget to buy such a camera. Newer faster A/F, 51200 ISO and WiFI answer some of my wishes for any X-Pro 2. Yes, I am a hand held low light photography freak and have been known to hand hold at 1/4 sec, and also deliberately shoot with ISO 6400 and above to get grain into a shot. In days of film, 1 of my 3 A1 bodies always had a roll of 3200asa colour or 1600asa mono film pre-loaded. My 5D2's had an excllent ISO of 6400 that produced wonderful images when walking along Brighton sea front late at night. That the XT-10 will take the cable release from my old X-Pro 1 and make use of the fit in your pocket (almost) Manfrotto tripod means I can continue a style of photography I enjoy but with the benefit of the WiFi to get some more natural shots using the app for remote control :-) As Ansal Adams said - the best camera you have is the one you have with you - and as I have NO camera at the moment, I'll take the XT-10 over the X-Pro 1 (sadly - cos I loved the X-Pro 1).
  20. With my previous camera being an X-Pro 1 I've used the 35mm, 60mm and the 27mm - albeit using a method of 'pre-selecting' my focus point to go with the desired shot. Much talk is made about A/F and how this will work with the new A/F being introduced on 18/06/2015 - when applied to 'older' lenses. It strikes me the real issue is the speed of the focusing motors fitted to the lenses - and how they repsond to the demands made by the new A/F algorithms/ System. A new set of algorithms will not make them focus any faster than they previously could - but a faster A/F system in the camera itself will produce faster results - of the like not possible when using an X-Pro 1 :-( If the camera A/F works like a slug - how can it make the lenses focus fast if it cannot 'detect' a focus point quickly? This is why the likes of the Canon 1Dx and Nikon D4's (or is that D4s) are still in much demand... Once Fuji resolve this issue of AF speed, the bigger beasts will have a limited future.
  21. Done that - bought a mint A1 and a variety of films (up to 3200 asa mono & B/W). It was great fun for a while - but the simple truth is, I've become spoiled by the benefits of digital. Waiting for the film to be processed AND having to get it digitised to work with!!! And the A1 Squeak :-( That said, it's digital have only just started to overtake it in many areas - nearly 40 years after it came into being. Now that's a testament to a real camera. What I really love about the Fuji system is the Aperture ring - really does take me back to old school photography. How many people realise that the left hand was for resting the camera in AND adjusting the aperture ring with???? Hence I will have to change my order away from getting the XT-10 with the kit lens - it has NO aperure ring. NO GOOD for me :-( Think I will have to settle for the 35mm f1.4, not sure I have the budget for the 23mm f1.4 :-( But at least I will be taking photo's :-)
  22. Wish there was a discount price for the XT-10 with one of the Fixed Focal Length lenses. I'm not really a zoom fan any more, and love the aperture ring for working with. Used the 35mm f1.4 with the X-Pro 1, but as I am buying from fresh again, would prefer the 23mm f1.4.
  23. Meant to add the following info: Previously used Canon 5D2's since released along with a mutlitude of L class lenses and EXII Speedlights. Also used a Nikon 7900 in WP housing for scuba diving, and during film days the Canon A1(my all time favourite camera still). http://myworldof.photography/who-am-my/ - this pretty much sums up my photographic history and some of my pics. I've pretty much been at it a long time and very much enjoyed the one body one lens style of working i had with the X-Pro 1. Used to enjoy carrying it around in my pocket instead of some rucksack that was trying to break my back.
  24. TBH, there were no other brands to be considered. The only other camera that could tempt me away from Fuji is the Canon 1Dx... But I'm sure you can appreciate that such a camera comes with a huge price premium, and the enormus weight and price of those lenses... Nope, after having owned an X-Pro 1, Fuji is the only brand getting my money for now. I'm not a must have the latest tech either. I was all ready to order another X-Pro 1 again until this got announced at such a great price. But I think I may change the kit lens to a 23mm f1.4 - not a real zoom fan any more. And I DO LOVE the Aperture Ring being a fan of the old Canon A1 SLR camera in film days....
  25. Fuji have bypassed the X-Pro 2 and gone for an X-Pro 3 with FF sensor and a raft of new lenses designed to work with the larger sensor. It will have an IOS rating to 512000, Electronic Shutter Speed of 1/128000 s, Triple Memory Card Slot, GPS, WiFi and a 36mp sensor. It will all fit in a box not much bigger than a Swan Vesta Match Box and come with voice control and be rated for depths of 30 metres - meaning it is about as weatherproof as you could want. And all this for £399 and 2000 Green Shield Stamps. Yep - you read it here first!
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