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  1. 1) Most important feature for me: When auto-ISO is enabled, ISO value must be shown continuosly, not oly when the shutter button is half pressed. Instead of getting stuck with "3200AUTO" (if max iso is set in 3200), the camera should show: "METERED_ISOA3200". "METERED_ISO" will change all the time, depending on the metering the camera is doing and the compensation the user is applying. the fixed label "A3200" is telling that we are in auto mode with maximum ISO of 3200. 2) better exp bracketing 3) shutter at least 120" without remote 4) the ability of quickly creating a new folder for storing images 5) fast Wifi connection with QR code 6) in camera copyright
  2. Cupido (X-A1, XC 50 - 230 @ 230mm, f 6.7)
  3. You know me better than anyone else (X-E1, Pentax A 70-210)
  4. I feel so strange today. (X-A1, 27mm, f6.4)
  5. I created this thread for a purpose: give to Fujifilm managers and engineers something inspiring to read at breakfast before going to work. Here we can write about the features we would like to see en the next Fujifilm camera, or the firmware updates we would like to get on ours cameras. Here I start with my wishlist: 1) When AUTO ISO is activated, it is necessary to SHOW THE ISO setting the camera is going to use IN REAL TIME, and not only half pressing the shutter button. So, instead of showing "AUTO,MaximumIso" it should show "AUTO,ActualIso" or "MaximumIso,ActualIso". It is just like the Pentax implementation on the TAv mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb6qNXKgBfI It is a major bug I noticed on all Fujifilm bodies and it makes me hesitate if I have to follow with the (otherwise beautiful) system. 2) Another tricky thing about changing ISO: turning the dial I would like to CHANGE ISO SETTINGS WITHOUT INTERRUPTING THE SCENE I AM FRAMING, just changing the little iso number at the bottom, the same way aperture and shutter speed changes are displayed. Fuji please, learn from Pentax, they are doing it the RIGHT way. ISO, aperture, shutter speed and exp. compensation are the 4 parameters that we must have always under control, and we must see their values in real - time, without half or full pressing any button. 3) another feature I would appreciate is the possibility to CREATE NEW FOLDERS into the sd card directly from the camera. It is a very useful function I used a lot with other cameras. 4) I hope that X-E series will not disappear, sold my X-E1 because it was too slow and needed a tiltable screen more than anything else. So my wish is a X-E3 with a tiltable screen and a dial I can dedicate to ISO setitngs. I ask pardon for my baaad english!! Now it's your turn....
  6. An inexperienced paintress with her mother as a teacher... I post this and say hello averybody int his new forum! X-A1, 50-230 @ 95mm f/8
  7. Hello everybody!!! I am italian but actually living in Spain, I am a 30 years old photography lover. My passion started when I was a child, photographing the big world (in comparaison to me) with a Yashica, a 28mm, a 50, a 135 and a lot of curiosity. I then became digital with the Pentax k-10D, a camera I really loved. Then I spent a little year with a boooring Pentax k-r wich really frustrated me. Then the jump to Fuji... First with an X-E1 with kit lens and 35mm. I was happy with image quality but not at all with functionality.. Too slow for me. So I sold it and bought 2 X-A1, a 27mm, a 16-50,a 50-230 and a Samyang 12mm 2.0. I am happy like this for the moment, just waiting for a good body to replace an X-a1, but still not produced. I will talk in another thread about my frustration with Fuji cameras, hoping they will be soon addressed. Meanwhile, I am here sitted desiring having some time for going out and taking some good picture....
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