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  1. Aside from image quality and ergonomics, it is PRECISELY THIS that is the user why I shot with Fuji. As a user I have a level of confidence that Fuji with look at what I and others are saying....... I almost (almost) feel contrite for my rant about the poor IOS app implementation.........
  2. My iPad updated the Cam Remote app to v2.0......... I know this starts off as a (well Intentioned) rant, but it dors get betternd there is a really critical point here (Author needs an ego check)... Groan, scream, yell!!!!!!! Why, oh why oh WHY can't Fuji do the extra work (and it is fairly TRIVIAL) to make this app feel comfortable on an ipad and....... work in Landscape. This way iPad and iPad Pro users can utilize the split screan multi tasking that makes the iPad and iPad air so darned useful. Come on Fuji this is a Major upgrade of your app, And the second "Kaizen" release where you have missed this!!!!!!! And if you dont get why it should be done, maybe ship a toolkit so other developers could add this and other nice tweeks. My only real gripe with Fuji has been their Mac AND ESPECIALLY their POOR IOS App implementation. I realize that Apple only holds 14% handset/device market share (at 200Billion plus devices still nothing to sneeze at), even if you ignore the analysts reports that Apple makes 90%+ of the total PROFITS made in the smartphone/device sector, and consider what that means in light if all the research out there that shows how many apple device users are using them for rich interaction with other devices..... you know things like controlling their Fuji camers!!!!! I suppose that it is not nice to rant at you, especially since you are totally upgrading my XE2, so let me give you a neat suggestion........GRATIS. You mustbhave noticed TVOS, and i am sure some ofvyour developers have loaded this up onto Apple TV 4.0 devices. now the latest 9.3 beta enables blutook keyboards and other devices.......... It is TRUELY TRIVIAL to port an IOS app to TVOS (I know, I have done it, and my coding skills are worse that my photography skills........... Just think what that Apple TV device could do coupled with your Camera Remote Client. Has the penny dropped yet............ If not think what the Apple TV 4.0 really is......... If you still think it is a setop box, you are wrong
  3. Whilst fiddling about with the custom settings on my X-E2 this morning, it occured to me that the whole process is far to complex and with a few enhancements itcould become both easier too use, as well as far more relevant & useful! Fuji is generous in giving us 10 sets of custom settings (profiles?), but I wonder how many people can remember how they have set theirs? If you forget you have to scroll thru' a bunch of options just to see what is set... SUGGESTION 1 Allow us to give each set of custom settings its own name rather that Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3 etc. SUGGESTION 2 Let us save these settings as a settings file which we could reload after a firmware update, or to enable consistant settings on multiple camera bodies SUGGESTION 3 Since there are obvious limitations in any menu based system, and to keep things simple, why not add a the feature to FujiFilm Cam Remote APP for IOS/Android which would alow thise settings to be set as a set of drop down choices in a Spreadsheat type of layout. Not only would this allow easy setting of all options but you could see how all of your Custome Settings are set at once! I suspect that all of the these custom settings are using standard or "user modify" EXIF fields, so this should not pose the greatest of technichal challenges. My feeling has always been that the way in which custom settings was implemented was simply to meet a "feature requirement list" with little thought to how useful it's would be to the end user. This s a common ailment in modern cameras, but FujiFilm at least go back and fix things.... SO........ How many other users would find this useful? Rob
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