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  1. At a time when the mirrorless market is trending relentlessly upwards in cost the best thing Fuji can do with the X-E3 (as they have, to their credit, done with the X-T20) is maintain their commitment to high quality affordable options. Not everyone wants to, or is able to, spend 1200, 1500, 1800 or more a camera. And for those who think there is no market for the X-E line this site shows otherwise since the poll carried out in Feb 2016 (http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/2214-which-fuji-x-cameras-do-you-use) showed the X-E2 to be the second most popular X model. The X-E3 should get the core updates - the new sensor and the improved autofocus system. The rest is detail. What it should not get is a host of additional changes that drive up the price. For those who want the features found on the X-T2 or X-Pro2, buy an X-T2 or X-Pro2. The options are already there for you. For those of us who want a good quality affordable camera in the rangefinder style we're still on the X-E2s. Only Fuji knows the real size of this market, but the partial information we can pick up suggests it is significant. Fuji, if you're listening, keep it affordable.
  2. Along the Pasig riverside in Metro Manila shot from the other side of the river with the 55-200 and X-E2. DSCF5663-Edit by olli, on Flickr DSCF5657-Edit by olli, on Flickr DSCF5647-Edit by olli, on Flickr DSCF5675-Edit by olli, on Flickr DSCF5666-Edit by olli, on Flickr
  3. I use the 18-55 regularly and I've never encountered this. It seems that your lens has a problem. Are you still within your guarantee period? If so, perhaps you should send it off for repair.
  4. I also have both and like most other posters consider them sufficiently distinct to keep both. You might also consider waiting for the mourned but fairly cerain arrival of the 23 f2 which will presumably be significantly cheaper than the current f1.4 model. I say this because for me the one downside to the 23 1.4 is that it is a bit bigger and heavier than the 35 1.4. I might trade it for the 23 f2 when the latter finally arrives.
  5. Nice to see old names reappearing. I'm waiting for someone to resurrect Praktica with a nice mirrorless model or two and some Prakticar lenses.
  6. Athentec, the people who make the Perfectly Clear plugin, are giving away part of it. The PC plugin adjust exposure, vibrancy and tint and it's the exposure bit they are giving away as Athentec Perfect Exposure. It's a very simple tool with a few presets and some basic manual adjustments but it's useful for those images you don't want to spend a lot of time on and, for me, it generally does a better job that LR's auto setting. You can get it on the Athentec website.
  7. Good news and bad news. Good in that it's now free. Bad, in that it's final proof of what has been clear for a while, given the failure to update any of the Nik Collection products, which is that Google was only interested in Nik for the Snapseed app. Google's announcement makes this clear: As we continue to focus our long-term investments in building incredible photo editing tools for mobile, including Google Photos and Snapseed, we’ve decided to make the Nik Collection desktop suite available for free, so that now anyone can use it No doubt they will find ways to incorporate some elements of these products into Google Photos and Snapseed, but neither of these is an adequate replacement for the Nik Collection. Of course, these tools will continue to work well for now, but in the longer term, we have one less option.
  8. Manila American Cemetery with a view of some of the high rises of Bonifacio Global City in the background. X-E2 with XF 55-200.
  9. I started using filters when i moved to Manila for two reasons. First, Manila streets are incredibly crowded so i feel that my lenses are a bit more vulnerable than before. Second, I don't like lens hoods since, apart from the one for the 35, they are generally bulky and at odds with my goal of keeping things compact and discreet. I don't doubt that there are poor quality filters out there, but I very much doubt that good quality filters (I use B&W) make any noticeable difference to lens performance. I've certainly never seen any evidence (other than individual stories) demonstrating this. That said,when I move on to my next destination I may take them off again. Ultimately, poor technique and low quality displays have a far greater impact on image quality than a filter.
  10. Hello Andis. I've been enjoying scrolling through your shots of Riga. I visited Riga and Jurmala many years ago before I was into photography. I'd love to go back with a camera some day. Just to add to this conversation and give you my perspective as someone who travels a lot and lives overseas for two - three years at a time I have found that the biggest asset in ensuring that you don't become a victim of opportunist crime is confidence. If you look vulnerable you are vulnerable and those who are on the look out for victims can spot your vulnerability. Look confident, like you know what your doing, like you know where you are, like you know where your going, and the criminals will probably look for an easier target. Bear in mind that there are an awful lot of gullible travellers out there who are easy pickings for crims. You don't have to be Arnie Schwarzenegger to discourage them. A combination of common sense and confidence will usually suffice. When it comes to bags, as has already been said, you can't disguise yourself so the best you can do is make your bag as difficult as possible to get at. Wear it across your chest, not across your shoulder. If you're walking on the pavement wear it on the inside, i.e. away from the road where passing motorcyclists can grab it. Zippers are a bit more secure than velcro and straps since there aren't open gaps little hands can get into. There are also some companies that make reinforced straps and bags that are more difficult to cut. All that said, in ten years of travelling and living overseas I've never yet been robbed of anything, so don't get too hung up about it.
  11. Wat Pho, Bangkok DSCF4187 by olli, on Flickr
  12. Bangkok DSCF4294 by olli, on Flickr
  13. Interesting proposal but in removing the four way controller you just significantly degraded the ability to customise the camera. I don't use the controller for focus points but all of the buttons are assigned a specific function. You can't replicate this on a touch screen without requiring the user to remove his /her eye from the viewfinder.
  14. I think it's because we're mostly nice people that we're reluctant to comment. Commenting presupposes sufficient confidence in our own photographic abilities to offer an intelligent informed opinion. I don't think many of us have that. I also think that most of us don't want to come across as judgmental since even constructive criticism can be perceived as such, particularly in a context and nuance free environment like the internet.
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