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  1. Any remote chance the original fuji xpro1 grip fits on the xpro2? I know the dimensions are slightly different so maybe it still works. Thanks
  2. Yes i edited it (xpro2 and xt2), thanks. I sold my xt10 because i didnt like the viewfinder. It seems to have the smallest viewfinder window. Im probably spoilt with the xt1 viewfinder so I have a feeling i will not like the xe2 viewfinder so ill pass and just get the x70, xpro2 and xt2 which are all moving forward. Thanks for your thoughts on the xe2.
  3. Thanks. Makes sense re lens motors. The reason why im asking is because im thinking about buying the “old“ xe2. It seems that fuji will continue to support the xtrans II sensor and exr II processor for all the models I mentioned and even the x70 and the xe2s continue with that sensor processor combo so it seems firmware updates will continue for any models with this combination because they should all have the same capabilites based on the hardware. Even the x100t would be capable of getting the recent AF improvments as it also has the same sensor and processor. The xe2 seems great value for money now due to the firmware update and I would expext it to perform as well as the xt10 and xt1 nust simply based on tbe specs. Ps. Yes I`m aware that xpro2 and xt2 will use the new sensor and procesor.
  4. Is the autofocus tied to any mechanical improvements or is it all software? I am wondering if the two year old xe2 has the same autofocus speed and mechanism like the new x70 ? Xt10, xt1, xe2, xe2s and x70 and even x100t seem to have all the same sensor and processor so does this mean they all have the same autofocus speed and reliabilty?
  5. Why is it so quiet about x100t firmware or x100nextgen version???
  6. Yes the different button and layout between the xpro1, x100t and xt1 is annoying.
  7. As the release of the fuji x-pro2 is iminent (see latest post on Fuji rumours http://bit.ly/1XoRXcE) will you keep or sell your x-pro1 when the x-pro2 comes out? I'm sitting on the fence regarding this. I like the xpro1 and have bought some expensive accessories also. Also i think it is kind of a classic camera of its time but of course as we all know it has its weaknesses. But who knows, the x-pro2 could be a complete flop and the xpro1 coukd become some kind of collectors item like the contax t3 that still fetches nearly $800-$1000 despite its age. What would speak for keeping it or selling your x-pro1? What will you do?
  8. Does + and - means magnification? Is there a magnification attachment for the eye piece of the xpro1?
  9. This date has now changed to November.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I bought one for my timepiece photography. I'll upload some photos if I'm successful. I'm thinking about buying 10mm and 16mm extension tubes for this lens too but perhaps it is overkill and redundant?
  11. nice photos but the reviews don't convince me...i'm really looking for a close up macro solution and it sounds like a mixed bag between half focus and portrait lens... Fujifilm’s 60mm f2.4 X series lens isn’t really a macro lens per se due to the fact that it doesn’t focus down to a 1:1 ratio; but it can surely focus closely. from http://www.thephoblographer.com/2014/06/02/review-fujifilm-60mm-f2-4-macro-x-series/#.VevQURGeDRZ
  12. the images here are so good so i just had to buy it now too...
  13. XT1,XT10 seem to have the same processor and sensor than the X100T A 16.3-Mp APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor EXR Processor II So then it should be possible to provide a firmware upgrade for the x100t similar to FW4 for XT1. Fuji, where is it?
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