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  1. I finally submitted the results to FR as a guest post. As soon as Patrick authorises it you'll find it there. Sorry for taking so long. It's a long read so I hope you have some time...
  2. With 2,000 responses I have now closed the poll and will begin to analyse the answers. Thanks a lot to all those who participated!
  3. Dear fellow X-E lovers, with our hopes high that Fuji is actually working on an X-E3 now, I've been thinking a lot about what I would want the X-E3 to be like and for which features I am actually willing (and able) to pay. Since I've read all sorts of things about what people want ranging from "as cheap as possible" to "make it an X-T2 in rangefinder format" I decided to make a poll to collect all those opinions in a meaningful way. I am hoping that many people here (and from FR) participate so that I can generate some interesting statistics from the data. Patrick has done some polls but w
  4. It is and it isn't. There will be a standalone price as you can read on their website. And – different to Adobe – you can quit your subscription and keep using the software in its current state – you simply won't get any more updates. I hate subscription software but this is very different from what Adobe is doing.
  5. ... 23 f2 ... No, seriously, it would have been interesting to see the 23 f2 of the X100 line included here to see how many people are still actively using it. My feeling is many own an X100 series in addition to an ILC but another feeling is that its usage has gone down as the performance gap between X100T and X-T1/X-E2/X-T10/X-Pro2 has widened. We used to see a lot more X100* shots in the TOTS posts on FR. It's time for Fuji to finally release the beast!
  6. You wrote "using focus and recompose as the other way to AF", I said "no, focus-recompose to CHANGE the active AF point". Maybe you understood it correctly but that doesn't come across in your answer. Chill, let's just have a friendly discussion about stuff. I got that you (and some others) definitely want a 4-way-controller or joystick because you prefer slower ways to do things ;-) Taking out the flash capacitor should take care of the (little) added mass and a well built tilt screen really only adds negligible thickness. An additional OLED display would add more cost and would
  7. I'm all for form follows function but that would look unbearably terrible. I'd much rather take a smaller 3:2 or same size 16:9 LCD.
  8. No, that's not what I suggested. That technique can be useful with telephoto lenses but has its problems. I suggested using focus-recompose to change the active AF point. Simply focus on for example the eye with the currently active focus point. Then recompose. The camera analyses the scene to check where in the frame the eye is now and then automatically selects the closest focus point. This would be MUCH faster with all these focus points we have now than any other technique like 4-way controller or joystick.
  9. Forgot to answer before, but because this thread has found some new life I wanted to do it now. The X-E2 supposedly has 0.62x, the A6000 0.7x and the X-T1 0.77x. That's A6000 being 13% larger than X-E2, not 20%. It basically sits pretty much in the middle between the two. But you are probably right in that an increased magnification should be possible without size increase. Well according to my measurements it surely wouldn't be possible to fit an X-T1 EVF above a 3" LCD with 3:2. So it would need new optics or a smaller LCD. I never had a problem with it but now I tried it with my X-E2
  10. Please feel free to also comment on those ideas you like since that might give Fuji an idea what the X-E3 SHOULD be, not just what it shouldn't be. Some have already agreed that the larger EVF would be great. I would be happy to get some feedback to my suggestion for the combined SS / ISO dial! Do you agree that this would be more practical than the X-Pro2 dial?
  11. Did you read my post? I suggested a different (very fast and intuitive) technique for focus point selection. Selection via touch screen would only be needed when working on a tripod and most people tend to use the LCD in that scenario anyway. After the comments from cug I would actually change my concept and would probably go for a smaller LCD instead of moving the LCD to the right. That would leave room for a 4-way controller or joystick.
  12. Oberlehrerhaft, you crack me up. Someone knows what he's talking about: click me to see an Oberlehrer Yes, yes, yes, please!
  13. The 27 is hardly bigger than the lens on the X100T. The X-Pro1 body is quite a bit bigger though so it might be an inferior option in your use case (plus, you lose that stop of light) If I were you I'd consider getting an X-E2 with 27 if the OVF isn't a must-have. That combination is cheaper than an X100T but basically the same size and you get all those nice new firmware features and much better AF. Or you wait for the rumoured 23 f2 and get that in combination with an X-E2.
  14. Thanks! That's what I meant with writing constructive things. Some interesting points there. I'll think some more about a few of them and just answer a few: - The position of the screen is imho largely irrelevant for ergonomics. It can be relevant when you have a touch screen and use that for focus point selection. In that case it is easier to use the further the LCD is to the right. Yes, there's too little room for the thumb. I thought about that and simply didn't bother changing it (like I wrote one might have to make the camera slightly wider for this design). - I never had any
  15. Yeah, writing me a personal message telling me how stupid I am and then not replying to my answer but instead writing another post about how stupid I am. What's wrong with you? It seems you didn't see the smiley I wrote and instead felt personally attacked by me being "schoolmasterly". But since you then decided to teach me I'll let you have that fun. But don't embarrass yourself. Homophones are words that are pronounced the same (as the Greek meaning clearly implies). Some people might pronounce "fred" the same as "thread" but that is as far from being correct as you are from being a humb
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