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  1. For me 23 is a sort of landscape lens that let you shoot without bothering about foreground "anchor elements" which you should find when using 18 -16 -14 mm wide angles. So yes, 27 is a perfect balance for street and if only Fuji make X-100 camera with some 27 f/1.7 .... i'd be sold.
  2. 23 is too wide for me. use it very rarely. if lens with aperture ring i prefer 35 but 27 is an absolute choice for the street
  3. great! may be it's time for Fuji to leave this 100 mp boasting behind and give us (99,9%) of Fuji users what we actualy need - x-bodies and xf-lenses...
  4. try to read this one - https://photographylife.com/landscapes/hyperfocal-distance-explained
  5. He said: "It's an exact weight and size copy and it feels very light...". So I hope that this Fuji reps. might wrongly estimate the weight (800g) as nobody ever had said that XF 16-55 (655g) is light.
  6. Just stay away from the car race next time and you'll be fine! 😁
  7. I've had this lens but gave it to my nephew with on of my Minolta SLR. Frankly, I used it maybe once shooting film and it was ok but I just prefer primes. So from time to time I pair my Fuji with Minolta's 35f1.8 or 58f1.2. Anyway I have dozen of Rokkors and all of them is excelent lenses but mostly I shoot film with them. )
  8. The only green I've got these days is a rusty hand rail. So I'm in a phase called waiting for the sun.
  9. mdm

    New to Fuji

    Some time ago I've faced the same dilemma. I chose f2 and though I never regret about that I always wanted to test 1.4 as well, so I was almost ready to buy it when Fuji announced that 33f1 is coming. So 1.4 purchase is on hold now and I'm saving... )
  10. I'd like to have the same kind of winter as you are Merlin and call the green sunny view "winter landscape". 😁
  11. Have you set up the camera to take pictures without lens?
  12. This 33f1 doesn't look that big mounted on xt3. it's about the size of 90f2 but twice faster. hope it won't cost a fortune.
  13. these last winter days X-E2 + 35f2
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