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  1. I'd take 18-55mm as it's small and lite, plus 56mm for low lite.
  2. I haven't bought any X100 because of 23mm FOV. If only it had 27mm lens... So, yes I hope Fuji keeps in mind to upgrade current 27f2.8 and it would be my 99,9999.
  3. I bought X-E2 four years ago (4 fx zooms and 5 primes since then). It is still the only Fuji camera I own and it suits me fully. 27mm f/2.8 is my favorite lens to couple with this camera.
  4. 1. Not sure about Mitakon, but any adapted lens reads F1 and as all MF lenses have marked Aperture ring you always know your settings. 2. For decades, decades and decades MF lenses were the only option for all types of photography. I shoot film a lot, so I shoot MF and have no problem with street photo. 3. The only condition you may have issues with nailing focus on moving subjects is darkness, when the SS falls lower then 1/60 or 1/250 depends on moving speed. That technique called Zone focusing (a lot of explanations and youtube videos). You need DOF calculator ( https://www.photopills.com/calculators/dof ) and to remember how far is 5 and 10 meters away is. Let's say you are shootig during the day and going to capture some scene at least 10 meters away (everything closer then 5 meters with 35mm lense I would consider "street portraiture"). Usually street photography assumes planty of DOF so it's F8 and more. Thus our calculator said that everything from 4.34m to infinity we would have in focus. So you select 10m and F8 on your lens and don't bother about AF any longer, just correctly estimate 10m distance - plus/minus 3m. Do some practice. ) Another scenario is the low light conditions when you need to open your lens. But even with F2.8 you will have almost 12m of DOF.
  5. For me 23 is a sort of landscape lens that let you shoot without bothering about foreground "anchor elements" which you should find when using 18 -16 -14 mm wide angles. So yes, 27 is a perfect balance for street and if only Fuji make X-100 camera with some 27 f/1.7 .... i'd be sold.
  6. 23 is too wide for me. use it very rarely. if lens with aperture ring i prefer 35 but 27 is an absolute choice for the street
  7. great! may be it's time for Fuji to leave this 100 mp boasting behind and give us (99,9%) of Fuji users what we actualy need - x-bodies and xf-lenses...
  8. try to read this one - https://photographylife.com/landscapes/hyperfocal-distance-explained
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