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  1. mdm

    Lockdown photography

    X-E2 + 60f2.4
  2. mdm

    Lockdown photography

    X-E2 + 27f2.8 + MCEX-16
  3. If you add extension tube to the lens the AF might work only on the "working distance" (the distance between lens front element and object). Accordingly to the chart (https://www.fujifilm.eu/fileadmin/countries/europe/pressimages/DSC/Nov2014/MCEX-table.png) working distance for MCEX-11 and 18-55mm is for wide end - 11mm and for long end - 91mm, but I'd say forget about AF and use manual mode. Just slightly moving your camera back and forth check the focus picking.
  4. I think that at some moment most of FF cameras would be smaller and lighter than Fuji's aps-c and that be so ridiculous and sad so even Mr. Toshi Lida finally wake up from his dreams.
  5. mdm

    Lockdown photography

    X-E2 + Minolta Rokkor 50mm f/1.4
  6. mdm

    Lockdown photography

    X-E2 + Minolta Rokkor 50mm f/1.4
  7. I think this is a good starting point to begin with C1 https://help.phaseone.com/en/CO12/Organizing-Photos/Working-with-Catalogs You may drop the question regarding h/w acceleraration issue to P1 tech support on that site as well.
  8. I have x-e2 and was looking at x-e4 as an obvious choice to upgrade as well. Now, when x-e4 is probably dead, I'm going to keep x-e2 as my street camera until x-pro4 with IBIS and proper LCD screen will be developed. Meanwhile I'm going to get x-t4 for my 16-55 and long lenses.
  9. Fuji managers have proved to be absolutely unpredictable (thanks here for the "help" of some x-photographers). So I've already become sort of curious what's gonna happen in a couple of years.
  10. I'm waiting for the release of X-E4 and if I like it I will take X-E4 and X-H1 for the same money that will cost X-T4, if I don't like it, then go for X-T4 (maybe).
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