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  1. Hi algrove, sorry I might sound confusing. No, I haven't got x-pro3 and I hardly get it by the reason of this sort of LCD. It's absolutely inconvenient for my style of shooting. It's too sad as I think in all other departments x-pro3 is a fantastic camera and now I don't really know what to do as I prefer rangfinder body.
  2. Hi there, I'm shooting (unprofessionally) a lot of genres and almost everytime I use EVF, but when I shoot 'street' and 'street' is my main area of photo-interests, I mostly use LCD because it's attract much less attention to me and it's much quicker way to frame and shoot on the go.
  3. Ice Dragon X-E2 + 60f2.4
  4. Good luck is always welcome George! )) As a matter of fact I dicided to get Full version as I don't like the last Fuji's twists. First, when they castrated XE3 and now crippled XPro3. And if I suddenly find myself with some other brand in my hands, I'd be prepared. What about license ... We have bought and C1 send us some temp lic key, so we've got it already, right? Now, there is no different versions of this programm like Fuji C1 or Sony C1 of full C1 from the "code" point of view. When you install and activate the programm you decide what functionality should be available for you by applying the key, just like Windows Pro or Home or whatsoever. So, if we have the key (we have) and the programm (will be available soon) we should be fine. I hope! )))
  5. As a user of Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 I received the following offer ... So I pre-ordered Full Pro 20 for just $119.
  6. I'd take 18-55mm as it's small and lite, plus 56mm for low lite.
  7. I haven't bought any X100 because of 23mm FOV. If only it had 27mm lens... So, yes I hope Fuji keeps in mind to upgrade current 27f2.8 and it would be my 99,9999.
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