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  1. It might be quite subjective to tell yes or no. I have no problem to use 16-55mm on my X-E2 just use shoulder strap instead of wrist one.
  2. What a nonsense. If you are familiar with the software it take just a couple of minutes to proceed any flat raw file with basic adjustments like exposure - WB - film sims - sharpening - levels - etc - ... not a second longer then you spend on your jpegs wich are not intended to be post processed at all (it was explained millions of times already). and yes if you still want to edit jpegs in C1 it can handle it like any other imaging format. For me the most boring and time consuming part of PP is selecting those images that should be kept or deleted when you are back from photoshoot. Cheers.
  3. I think it's easy to lose the reputation this way. We may clear some garbage in post processing but sky replacement... I'm not sure you need it.
  4. I have been using 55-200 for several years now and I love it, however since many are expecting a new lens - XF70-300mmF4-5.6 it might make sense to wait for it. https://www.fujirumors.com/size-comparison-fujinon-xf70-300mmf4-5-6-vs-xf55-200mmf3-5-4-8-vs-xf100-400mmf4-5-5-6-vs-xc50-230mmf4-5-6-7/
  5. You might be frustrated with hunting autofocus of 60mm macro while framing moving subjects though. It's good with stamps or coins, not sure about pigeons.
  6. Do you have any other information like symbols/pictograms on your screen? If not press "DISP" button once or twice.
  7. It's selling already for a while.
  8. Check this review Allen. Take Kayo is a trusted source ) - https://fujilove.com/the-xf-50mm-f-1-0-r-wr-is-this-the-one-for-you/
  9. mdm


    X-E2 + 27f2.8
  10. It's make perfect sense. 16-55mm is a great lens. You will love it.
  11. I'm afraid you would regret soon or later and probably rebuy some of the sold lens back. But it's me, I'm collector by nature ))) and the first lens you'll miss for is 55-200 as 90mm can't substitute it. Then, in a "couple" of years your consept might change and you'll decide to be "light" but where are your fujicrons?
  12. I've asked without irony or sarcasm, I've asked because Fujirumors is a kind of a "bible" for X-users, where we spend almost all our free time and this lens as well have been discussed for years and covered long before its anonsment.
  13. Have you ever heard about this site - https://www.fujirumors.com/ just interesting
  14. Hello, EC doesn't work in manual mode. It may compensate (override) only automatic settings made by camera itself. So if you want to lighten you image manually you should open the aperture or increas the shutter speed, provided that you iso in Auto.
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