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  1. after trying x100t at the local camera shop decided to get it. Now i'm thinking if i should sell x100 or keep combo x100 + x100t
  2. I get x100 used for the price of 27mm and find it the way better
  3. I like the camera and it's design, but build quality of pro is a way better. Otherwise how can i get 2 tiny scuffs on silver top wearing it in case only? No contact to ruff surface, bags or something. May be another paint technology?
  4. If the x100 series was in all metal body like xpro + f1.4 than it would be so obvious choice.
  5. X-pro has sexy patina, but x100 scuff on a cheap plastic like look)
  6. street, but i like to make some portraits too
  7. Have x-pro1 with 18-55 and canon fd 50mm f1.4 and original x100. Use 90% of the time x100, cause i like it's size and focus range. Also because i have no good "glass" for x-pro (hate zooms and trying to get reed of 18-55 . Now try to decide if i should go for 56mm or upgrade x100 to x100t. Glass will serve me on future x-pro2 and x100t looks a lil bit outdated and not well build (according to x100 it's very easy to scuff top silver side) for it's price. What is your choice?
  8. Has original x100 silver which i got in like new condition. It's an amazing camera, love so much. Also have the leather case, which i use all the time with camera. After a month of usage noticed two small scuffs on the top silver side. I'm so pedantic to things and treated very carefully with my camera. I wonder if the situation with x100t is better? Maybe i should go for black color (but prefer silver look), if it's more durable. Any suggestion?
  9. Yes, no effect. The one closer to center seems to be a tiny chip i think. When i bought this lens used i didn't notice anything, maybe i missed it. Bit disappointed right now, cause i wanted to buy XF 35mm used carried with filter from the first day from same seller... Besides x100 bought from him was OK.
  10. Today i've found 2 marks on the front glass when i cleaned up the lens, that are not removable. Will it affect on taken pictures or i shouldn't pay attention to it
  11. any of x100 or t10 if you prefer to swap lenses
  12. I'm almost broke my mind thinking if it worth to sell my like new x100 (bought for 350$ with original case) and get a brand new x100t for 1200$ (130$ off + 50$ to further buyings). The one thing which disappoints me in my x100 is af performance in low light.
  13. It still worth buying if you prefer rangefinder style soul camera for a sweet price to dslr like boring body of t1/t10
  14. Honestly, i don't like zooms from the way how it looks and feels to it's f3,6 at 35mm that annoyed me during shooting live show in a very low light. TCL-x100 costs just 100 bucks more than mint 35 1.4. Hm,hm... just want first native prime for my camera, very hard descision)
  15. Hi, folks. This is my first post here. I just switched from 5dm2 to fuji's. Get 2 dinosaurs x-pro1 and x100 (as 23mm lens) at a very low price and love 'em so much it's rangefinder style. For x-pro i have fuji 18-55mm and Canon FD 50mm 1,4 manual. I use cameras mainly for street photography and travel. Now i have a very hard descision if i should buy mint fuji 35mm 1.4 for a half price of 56mm or 90mm lenses brand new. I'm afraid that 23mm and 35 would be almost the same thing. What do you think?
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