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  1. Yes, I've read this and other rave reviews of the X-T3. Does anyone out there have an estimate how long a wait there's liable to be before an X-T30 shows it's tiny head? I can hardly wait.
  2. I've had the X10, X20, and now the X30, and have loved them all. I was disappointed that Fuji discontinued the series, as I was very much looking forward to an X40. I will probably upgrade to an X-T30 when it shows up, combined with the 18-55 zoom.
  3. Thank you all for your input; it has been very useful. As a result (and with further online and offline researches of my own). I've pretty much decided to get the considerably lighter 50-230. A small extra point in its favor is that both the 50-230 and the 18-55 kit lens have the same 58mm filter size, a convenience. So again, thanks to you all and to Fuji X Forum.
  4. I've been a dedicated Fuji X10/X20/X30 user for over six years, and now, for an upcoming photographic trip to the Middle East, I've decided to upsize my camera to a Fuji X-T20 with the XF 18-55mm zoom lens. My question is which tele-zoom should I get to go along with the 18-55? The XF 55-200mm is a superb lens, and while price is not a major consideration, size and weight are. The XC 20-230mm is obviously not nearly as fine a lens as the 55-200, but is it good enough? Let me add that I don't use a long telephoto very often (my X30 has a fixed 27-112mm lens that suits me fine most if the time). However, on this trip I'll be completing a project that I started several years ago with a Nikon DSLR and 27-300mm zoom. So there will definitely be numerous opportunities to use the longer reach these telephotos provide. Therefore, is the image quality of the XC 20-230mm high enough for the book and exhibitions that will result from this project? And, is there a compatability problem of mating the larger, heavier 55-200 lens with the extremely small X-T20 body? Finally, are there any other questions I might do well to consider? Many thanks. Rodger
  5. The X-Hi has lots of great features, but suffers from size-creep; how many models from now until Fuji's flagship camera is as big as a Canikon?
  6. I'm getting the impression that the brand new X RAW Studio is only for the newer Fuji X cameras. Is this so or are all Fuji X models able to use it to one degree or another?
  7. I'm always reading several books - history, science, biography, current politics, mysteries - as well as books of photographs and on photography. A photography monograph I've been spending a lot of time with the past several months is "Modern Color" by Canadian photographer Fred Herzog, a master of 35mm street color.
  8. This morning Fuji Rumors posed the question, "What’s the rumor you always hoped I’d publish one day, but I never did?" What I am pining for is an upgrade to my much beloved (and used) X30. I love the size and handling of this little camera and its two predecessors, the X10 and X20 (both of which I still own). I love the 28 - 112 (equivalent) f2 -2.8 zoom lens. I love the build quality. I love the images I get from this camera. My only problem is with noise in low light situations, which I have to wrestle with more than I would like (still, I get pretty good results -- see below, taken late at night from a park across the street.) I'm not asking for anything unreasonable, just whatever improvements are possible to the same basic layout (especially the same lovely little lens) from three years ago when the X30 was introduced. Are there any of you out there who would like to see (and more than likely would buy) an update to this camera?
  9. I've had an X30 for nearly a year, after shooting with an X10 and X20 since 2012. I like the X30 better in almost every way. Image quality is essentially the same, while the ergonomics are improved in any number of ways. As I stated some time ago in this thread, my only problem with all three of these 2/3" sensor cameras has been their level of noise. An X40 successor should keep the X30 body (with improvements); keep the excellent zoom lens or a close successor; and integrate whatever improvements may have evolved with 2/3" sensor technology. I agree with member "val," who said nearly two years ago, "I don't think we need a 1" sensor in the X30 successor. A newer, updated, improved 2/3" sensor would be better." These X10/20/30 cameras are the only Fuji cameras that show no sign of the same bloat that has afflicted DSLRs for many years. Having my X30 in hand reminds me of nothing so much as shooting with a screw-mount Leica half a century and more ago. Please, Fuji, don't let the pixel counters and large sensor boosters convince you that only bigger is better!
  10. Merlin and Milano - The filter set I'm referring to is the Lens Hood, Protector Filter LHF-X20, not the LH-JX10, which you have illustrated. With the LHF-X20, the lens shade screws off, leaving what appears to be a standard 52mm thread. If what you mean by CPL is circular polarizing filter, I see no reason one wouldn't work, although putting one filter over another may not be the best way to go.
  11. With the Fuji brand lens hood and UV filter, the filter is built into a 40.5 - 52mm step-up ring, which screws into the lens, and the lens hood, in turn, screws into. So the filter is essentially the same as any quality UV filter on the lens side, and I can't imagine there being any problem with dirt getting between the filter and lens. I have this filter and lens hood on my X30 (having transferred them from my X20) and have never had any problems. Plus, a very nice clincher-type lens cap was included, and the filter is an excellent Fuji-branded UV. It seemed a bit expensive for a lens hood until I realized what great a quality filter and lens cap came with it.
  12. I would think for landscapes you might want a large sensor camera like the X-T1 and a zoom to fit your preferences. If I were to get an X-T1 or X-T10, I'd get it with the rather nice 18 - 55mm (27 - 84mm equivalent) zoom lens. You may have gotten one as a kit lens with your X-T1. With a good tripod and the Fuji panorama feature, you're in business.
  13. You might therefore already have everything you need. After all, the most important component in your photographic kit resides between your ears. So you live in MN; I lived in Albuquerque for a couple of years during the late 80s, and love New Mexico. Your SW landscape photos really bring back memories, particularly the ones of Bandolier,
  14. Merlin, I think we're talking to one another on a couple of threads. Thanks for the compliment on my work. Yes, noise is a problem with these smaller sensors. I use an application from Macphun, Noiseless Pro. It helps a little. But mostly, when possible I lower the density of areas with excessive noise to where it doesn't show. I don't usually mind darker shadow areas in my photos, as I printed Cibachromes for many years, and my Fuji digital images are a significant improvement over the old prints-from-slides Cibachrome process. Your X-T1 will give you quite a bit better results with noise than the X20/X30.
  15. Merlin, thanks. I know - just bought one from Amazon today. I was looking around Fuji X Forum and came across this statement by Forum member bradsamo: "I think the X30 is hands down the best kept secret in the high-end compact world. Smaller sensor, yes, but image quality and shooting experience are arguably better than the 1" offerings out there. It's a stunning camera." That's pretty much how I feel about the X20, so I have high expectations for its newer sibling. For examples of my work with these cameras, check out my web site at <http://www.rpkphoto.smugmug.com>), especially "Singular Images" in the Galleries section and "Searching For Edward Hopper" in the Books folder. With a couple of minor exceptions, all images there dated 2012 or later were taken with Fuji X10 or X20 cameras.
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