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I have a Fuji XT3 camera for about 3 months now. Great camera, really liking it much more than  my previous camera. Can say that for sure because I use it more and it makes me feel take more pictures and improve. Such a powerful camera that's so light weight. 

Some three weeks ago, when taking a video, it resulted in a write error. I have tried formatting the cards, upgrading the firmware and also changed the prefix of the file name (after seeing this as a fix for the problem). But so far no luck. It constantly gives the error when taking pictures. When I check there are many files missing in the sequence. I also noticed that if you sort by time, the file name sequencing is not proper...meaning they are not perfectly ascending or descending. At places, they are off by one or two file names in the sequence. 

Fuji is asking to send for inspection. But I would like to know from fellow members if anybody has faced this issue and if Fuji has a sure shot fix for it. I know for many, they have even replaced the motherboard in a brand new camera with the issue still persisting. It seems mine is the first camera in India that has the problem according to the service dept. 

This problem started after I shot the video for the first time using the camera. After that the error can mostly be replicated in CL/CH or Panorama mode. Tried different cards also.


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On 11/8/2019 at 4:39 PM, vladspace said:


You may have contact issues using micro SD card - try SD instead.


I am not using a microSD card...both cards are SD. I can see several messages online regarding this issue. If anybody had this issue and got a successful resolution, please let me know. 

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SD, micro or otherwise, is an obsolete technology. The big names in SD cards all have terrible reliability, just check the ratings at Amazon. 

Until Fuji wakes up and switches to CFexpress on we replace our Fuji cameras with brands/models that use more reliable cards, we have limited options. 

I'm having no failures since switching to Samsung and Sony cards with a different brand in each slot. I've also been using Samsung microSD cards in various phones and tablets with zero failures. SD and microSD cards use the same electronics, no advantage to one over the other. 

SanDisk were fine prior to their purchase by WD, all my cards and USB sticks purchased since then have failed while the 4-5 year old cards have no issues though they are not fast enough for high quality video. 

My recommendation, trash any card at the first sign of problems. 

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Seriously? Switch to CFEXpress?  Wow.  SD cards WORK.  Hell my D700 Nikon still uses CF cards and they have never failed me.  I keep a out 30 SD cards.  In using SD's for years I've had ONE go bad and that was a cheap PNY I think card.  If you use quality Sandisk, you shouldn't have an issue.


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6 minutes ago, jlmphotos said:

Seriously? Switch to CFEXpress?  Wow.  SD cards WORK.  Hell my D700 Nikon still uses CF cards and they have never failed me.  I keep a out 30 SD cards.  In using SD's for years I've had ONE go bad and that was a cheap PNY I think card.  If you use quality Sandisk, you shouldn't have an issue.


More than the card brand, to me it feels more like the card is not able to catch up with the speed with which camera is trying to write. I say this because, I had seen this issue (even with faster cards) when shooting panorama, CH/CL burst modes or videos...And the skipped files from the file name sequence. May be some change is needed in the firmware to buffer things better and write properly...but yes it is annoying. Haven't faced this issue recently but have been sticking to mostly CL or single shot mode. Also, I think it is better to invest in one of the fastest cards available. 

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Posted (edited)

What cards?

The X-T3 needs a high quality and fast card for video. You want a quality UHS-II card like a Sony Tough or Sandisk Extreme Pro 300MB/s

The first thing to do with a problem card is a thorough reformat with the SD Card Formatting tool from the SD Association


The second thing is to try a different card.

As to CFExpress, gimme a break. CFE/XQD cards are not more reliable than top-end SD (in fact the only difference is the interface electronics). The card failures with SD are linked largely to cheaper cards and ubiquitous fakes sold at a discount. Amazon is rife with fakes, hence the bad reviews. DON"T buy expensive cards on Amazon, buy directly from the manufacturer or via a specialty retailer like B&H. You pay more, but you actually get what you paid for. Amazon is however good for buying cheaper UHS-1 cards, simply because even the fakes there are usually decent and they're so cheap that who cares if it dies.

Given there's exactly two cameras today that can actually deliver better than UHS-II write performance (1DXIII and D6), there's zero need to move to a new card format that currently provides no gains. Camera makers need to deliver better performance from UHS-II than they are, as current UHS-II camera rarely exceed 60% of what a good UHS-II reader can deliver in write performance on a top-end UHS-II card. We should be seeing 250MB/s+, not the current 150-180MB/s most UHS-II cameras actually do. Coincidentally, guess what performance most CFExpress or XQD cameras deliver? 250-280MB/s, which is top-level UHS-II performance, not superior.

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