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  1. Which cable? I can't find any Vello cable for the X-T3. None listed at the Vello website nor at B&H or eBay. The older RCC-F1-2.5 which worked with the X-T1 doesn't work for the X-T3. Perhaps more than a cable issue, I'm using a VELLO FREEWAVE PLUS which works with my older X-T1 and Olympus E-M1 MK 1. Planning to order the JCC system as a replacement for the Vello unless someone can point me to the correct cable.
  2. Setting camera to RAW, highest eShutter rate, focus bracketing and 1/125th or faster shutter; how long will it take to shoot 8 frames? I've hunted all over the web as well as posting the question on forums with no results. I do realize that the focus speed of the lens will affect the rate, I would choose the pro lenses. Not an academic question as I'll be moving from Olympus over the next 3-6 months and this is a critical requirement for me. Example: the 60 fps Panasonic G9 slows to under 5 fps when focus bracketing.
  3. SD, micro or otherwise, is an obsolete technology. The big names in SD cards all have terrible reliability, just check the ratings at Amazon. Until Fuji wakes up and switches to CFexpress on we replace our Fuji cameras with brands/models that use more reliable cards, we have limited options. I'm having no failures since switching to Samsung and Sony cards with a different brand in each slot. I've also been using Samsung microSD cards in various phones and tablets with zero failures. SD and microSD cards use the same electronics, no advantage to one over the other. SanDisk wer
  4. If one looks close enough, all sensors have noise at all ISOs regardless of the comments by the fan boys. When someone doesn't see noise until above ISO 6400, they are just looking at very small images from a distance, perhaps on a low resolution monitor. View at 100% on a 4k monitor, up close, and the noise will be visible. There is no magic here, Capture One vs Lightroom is just a matter of your choice of settings and adjustments. Noise is inherent in the sensor technology and not Bayer vs X-Trans. Because of the arrangement of the color filters on the pixels, color (not luminance) noi
  5. Fuji has choices and they know it. 1. Discontinue the H line. 2. Fit it solidly between the T4 and the 50R/S. IMHO it should be the most advanced mirrorless APSC camera on the market: 4K 120 fps, 50-100 fps stills shooting, eliminate eshutter disadvantages, modern memory cards, 5+mp EVF... Build the grip into the body aka the Nikon Dn bodies with the yet to be matched handling of the D3S. Announced together with the body should be a couple of upgraded lenses: for me, 16-160 f/4 Pro grade; 100-600 f/5.6 Pro grade that is compatible with the current teleconverters. $7,500 for t
  6. As an outdoor photographer, mostly in bright light, I always choose the lightest color available. Tired of burned hands from black bodies and the higher sensor noise due to the heat. If Canon wasn't 4-5 years behind in the mirrorless world, I'd switch just for their range of white lenses.
  7. Mandatory 4K at 60 fps X-T3 AF system or better SAF at 50-60 fps for handheld focus and HDR bracketing, aka Olympus and Panasonic Preferred Modern memory cards Focus bracketing both in front of and behind the focus point, currently only Panasonic does this correctly I'd pay another $250 for 4K 120 fps
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