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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I got it repaired by the seller without costs for me. Worked well after the repair, though I do not know what was repaired. It was the same lens by it's serial number so the seller didn't just swap it to a new one. After some consideration I ended up selling the lens and buy a 23mm lens instead. Got at a very good price a used XF23mm F1.4 and I am not much giving thought for the 27mm anymore.
  2. Thank you for the responses. No, I do not use filters and I haven't even touched the front element area except using the lens front cap. The problem is in the lens itself. It seems the gearing goes kind of off rail at some point of focusing and then the focusing stops working and the camera gives the error. It works some time possibly and then again, suddenly, during focusing it stops working. I replicated the problem quite succesfully By pointing the lens upwards when focusing. It almost every time locks up there. But even when shooting horizontally this happens. And even if it won't totally lock up, it kinda freezes to wrong focus setting and needs some focusing tries to "wake up". I contacted Fuji England's repair service and the person answering didn't recognize this problem to be a common problem. They suggested to send it for repair. I have contacted the seller and probably send it to the seller so that they can send it to repair (or replace the lens, whatever they choose). So, I end up still trying with the lens whenever I get it back working. Luckily it wasn't my only lens covering that focal lenght :-)
  3. Hi! I recently bought the X-H1 and my first lens was supposed to be the 27mm. I happened to get the 18-55mm lens very cheaply at the time of the camera purchase and received my 27mm just couple of days ago. I could take some shots with the XF27mm, but within a day I started receiving error message Turn Camera OFF and turn ON again. First I thought it was b/c the X-H1 was new and had some bug. Then I realized that the problem was with the lens. The lens might focus some time, and just suddenly it stucks and the camera gives the error message. It seems as if the lens cannot move the front element like it should. It might stay "out" when I turn the camera off and another time it works and "retracts" when turning the camera on or off. So, faulty lens and sadly I found out browsing around that there are similar experiences with this particular lens model. My question is, is the lens very sensitive to break. I mean, should I try to get it repaired or just give up and end buying some other lens model? I did browse through Flickr and found out that the IQ and rendering of this lens is something I would like to have, so it would be sad to not keep it and repair it. But I hate to doubt the reliability of my gear. Any similar experiences or experiences of how durable the lens is when it is a good sample? -Veijo-
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