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  1. I'm purely a stills guy, so nothing I say applies to video. I used to be a real cheerleader for IBIS. These days I really don't pay much attention to its presence. I shoot a lot of low-light stuff, but since I'm often shooting non-static subjects (people or vehicles), IBIS adds nothing for me. I moved from an A7II to an X-T1 and have yet to notice the lack of IBIS. I can count on one hand the number of shots I have got because of IBIS. A couple really good ones, but it's very rare that I look at a missed shot with my Fuji's (or the Nikon's I've been shooting for most of the last 3-4 years) and thought 'I could have got that with IBIS'. And yes, OIS is equally effective on the lenses that have it. Don't get me wrong, if you shoot a lot of low-light static subjects IBIS is invaluable. The video guys love it because it makes their manual lenses a lot better for video. For long-lens work IBIS and OIS are practically a requirement to avoid silly shutter speeds.
  2. The X-T30 is going to be faster. Better AF-C (AI Servo in Canon-speak), higher FPS, better video. For stills performance things are largely going to be similar in single-shot mode, you should see faster AF lockon and more usable face tracking on the X-T30, but other than than it's probably a wash. It's in video and continuous AF/Drive where the big changes between the 3rd & 4th gen bodies (X-E3 is 3rd gen, X-T30 is 4th gen) That said, right now it's VERY hard to beat the launch packages on the X-T30 with the f2 primes (23, 35 and 50 all are offered). That's going to be the best price/performance right now. You might look for the 35/2 package if that's what you are used to shooting with your Canon. DO be aware that 35/2 on Fuji is a tad wider than 35/2 on Canon, because Canon has a higher crop factor (1.6x vs 1.5x for Fuji). The X-E3 will likely slowly decrease in price until the X-E4 arrives (which will almost assuredly be the same featureset as the X-T30 in the X-E body). It's also worth noting that despite the looks, both bodies are very close in size. The X-T30 adds the viewfinder hump, pop-up flash and a flip-out screen for a pretty small size change.
  3. Is your aperture ring set to A? That's a pre-requisite for any body control of aperture.
  4. I'd expect WR. We haven't seen any new non-WR lenses arrive since the first WR ones shipped. The last all-new non-WR lenses were the 10-24 and the 56 and since then we've seen new 3 zooms and 2 new primes, all WR, and three variants of older non-WR lenses (the 56 APD and the XC zoom updates) which stayed non-WR.
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