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  1. Those are great lens. I have a Sonnar 135, super lens as well.
  2. It's plenty of great lenses. Sharpness means nothing. You should also try the Helios 44-2, 44-4: great lenses as well with awesome bokeh.
  3. Just that the 23mm is f/2 but they're both awesome lenses
  4. Hello. Mine one moves as well, I think that part has to do with the focus. However it's sharp as always. I guess you have tried other lenses. Give it a try using autofocus first, then manual focus. Also clean the contacts both on the lens and on the camera, I do it every now and then.
  5. I use film, Alan. Velvia for colour, and Ilford for b&w.
  6. I'd keep the 35. The 23 is closer to the 12. Having said this, I owned both and while the 23 was simply great, the 35 wasn't at all. However you should always try at least two samples of the same lens because not one is identical to the other.
  7. Tenor, what lens you had on the camera while having that message? If I remember well, I had it a couple times. Always if I remember well, I had the 55-200 mounted. I've cleaned the contacts on the lens, maybe also on the camera. I think I haven't had the message anymore.
  8. I agree. Buying a digital camera thinking of an investment is the same as buying a computer for the same goal. Totally useless. However the freefall of the price of the X-H1 is unbelievable. I also think there must be something behind it. In my whole life I've never seen a camera that appeared on the market some months earlier, halve its price so quickly.
  9. Try another 35, if you have the chance. Not all are the same.
  10. I was checking the price today on a online shop, quite famous. It's unbelievable how the X-H1 has its price collapsed by half in almost neither one year since its appearance on the market. At the same time the X-Pro2 keeps its price quite well, still about €1240.
  11. lleo

    New to Fuji

    Welcome Dwain, for the type of photography you like to shoot, go for the 23 and the 14. The rule is you should try every lens you want to get, because no one is like the other. I owned both the 23s, and the f/2 was way better than 1,4. Overall, not just in terms of weight and speed. Anyways try both and decide. However when you shoot landscape, architectural even street, the last thing you need is bokeh. It's a plus, but not the sole characteristic you need from a lens. The most important is you will be more than satisfied with Fuji system. By the way the 18-55 is a very great lens.
  12. I have that lens and it's great. Really quick autofocus and I don't miss the extra stop of the 1,4
  13. Three completely different cameras. The X100F has a fixed lens and, unless you don't need anything more, you can go for that. However, you might find yourself in a situation you need a different lens. So I'd go for the XT3 or the XE3. Apart the characteristics, you should go in a shop and handle both, since they're two different philosophies.
  14. https://www.dpreview.com/articles/3133419616/hands-on-with-new-fujifilm-xf-200mm-f2-and-xf-8-16mm-f2-8
  15. Komodo, is plenty of zooms that work with Fuji with the right adapters. But keep in mind the longer the focal, the more the difficulty to use it by hand. For example, check this Asahi Pentax, the 85-210: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144829918@N02/albums/72157675654758400 It depends on what you're looking for. I'm fond the the Asahis, but check also Nikon, Canon, Tokina and so on.
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