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  1. lleo

    New to Fuji

    Welcome Dwain, for the type of photography you like to shoot, go for the 23 and the 14. The rule is you should try every lens you want to get, because no one is like the other. I owned both the 23s, and the f/2 was way better than 1,4. Overall, not just in terms of weight and speed. Anyways try both and decide. However when you shoot landscape, architectural even street, the last thing you need is bokeh. It's a plus, but not the sole characteristic you need from a lens. The most important is you will be more than satisfied with Fuji system. By the way the 18-55 is a very great lens.
  2. lleo

    Fuji XT3 vs X100F vs XE3

    I have that lens and it's great. Really quick autofocus and I don't miss the extra stop of the 1,4
  3. lleo

    Fuji XT3 vs X100F vs XE3

    Three completely different cameras. The X100F has a fixed lens and, unless you don't need anything more, you can go for that. However, you might find yourself in a situation you need a different lens. So I'd go for the XT3 or the XE3. Apart the characteristics, you should go in a shop and handle both, since they're two different philosophies.
  4. lleo

    XF8-16 and XF200 coming in July

  5. lleo

    Telephoto lens ?

    Komodo, is plenty of zooms that work with Fuji with the right adapters. But keep in mind the longer the focal, the more the difficulty to use it by hand. For example, check this Asahi Pentax, the 85-210: https://www.flickr.com/photos/144829918@N02/albums/72157675654758400 It depends on what you're looking for. I'm fond the the Asahis, but check also Nikon, Canon, Tokina and so on.
  6. lleo

    Fujifilm X-T3 Rumors

    In my opinion, being made in China - read less production expenses/lower salaries - only worth if the price is significantly lower. However I hope it won't happen the same it happened to Nikon, with cameras and, even more, lenses.
  7. lleo

    Which ND filter

    Agree. Not variable. I have a ND16 and a ND64. B&W is the top but the price is also top of the top. Hoya, Kenko are very good and same manufacturer. The latest I've got is Gobe wich is really good. Also, for each filter they plant 5 trees wich, nowadays, is the most important thing.
  8. lleo

    Lens choice dilemma: 14 + 23 or 16??

    Hello. I'd go for the 14. The 16 is too close to 23 and it's a lens that when you use it, you often realize you need a wider fov.
  9. Looking for cheap often means getting screwed. Anyways try to search if there's any fixer-repairer where you live. And, maybe and if there's any, comparing with the price they apply at an official Fuji point.
  10. lleo

    XE-2 handgrip

    Hello flyer, actually I haven't understood your problem quite well. Anyways here's the grip I use on my X-E2. It's one of those chineses, they all are. I only use the L baseplate, I don't use the side part for the vertical shoot nor I ever tried to mount it. The grip works quite well but every now and then, if I use the 55-200 shooting vertically on the tripod, I have to tight the screw in the quick release plate because it gets loose. I've attached the side part only to show you how it is. Actually I cannot attach the other 2 pictures, but you can see them on the gallery in the main page.
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  12. lleo

    the new look

    Jo Andi. First, thank you for your work. A person working on something that others will enjoy is always to thank for what he does. I haven't checked the whole new website, not much time. One thing I'd like to say, in my strictly personal opinion: the graphics of the site is not consistent with the top and the rest. I would have changed the top choosing a light one to match the rest better or, vice versa, a dark page matching the dark top. But, having said this, everybody has his own tastes. Thank you again and grüßi
  13. lleo

    Piper at the gates!

    Really nice. But any Gates of Dawn?
  14. lleo


    Fuji app replaces the tilt screen somehow
  15. lleo

    Big Forum Update Next Week

    Viel Glück