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  1. Being made in Japan is quite good, though the price won't drop as quickly as for the other models. Actually the X-Pro 2 is the model that maintains the price better and longer than all other Fujis. Whatever the guys at Fuji want to put on the model it's fine with me. However a silver model would be appreciated.
  2. Same construction, different results. Here it is: https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/5770-35mm-comparison/ Saying that the f/2 is superior to the f/1,4 it means lying. Anyways, this particular sample. Another one might be better. Lenses are assembled by hand and not two are identical. That's why I always compare two or more, if available at the shop, before to buy it. I've been doing this through the last... probably 30 years or more. And it always worked. By the way, in the new series it seems that the better ones are the 23 and the 50. The 35 is the weaker one.
  3. It should have an options in the menu, rule of thirds and others. It has probably to do with display, try to check there.
  4. Yep but you're comparing two different lenses. Anyways the 23 is simply great. Mine had awesome starlights.
  5. Check the post: the 35 f/1,4 is much sharper and detailed than the f/2 which, in the case, is not even a 35. The FOV speaks clearly. However, the 23 f/2 I owned was quite better than the 23 f/1,4. Which, in the majority of the cases, is better than the new f/2. As I wrote, you always must to try a len before to buy it, execially if you can try two or more of the same model.
  6. Here is a SMC Super Takumar but 85-210. My advice is to try them all before to decide. https://www.flickr.com/photos/144829918@N02/albums/72157675654758400
  7. The 23 f/2 is super. Mon, I owned both, the 23 and 35 f/2. The latter wasn''t as good as the f/1,4. If you check here, there''s a post where I compared the two: the f/1,4 is way superior. But, having said so, you always have to try the lenses by yourself. The best thing is when the shop have more samples of the same lens, so you can compare them before to buy. Usually they differ from each other.
  8. Yep, it's plenty of great manual lenses to use on the Fujis
  9. Or... you have to use the EVF in your X-Pro2, so the 1,4 won't bother the view
  10. IBIS should work regardless of the lens you use. I don't own the X-H1 so I'm talking by logic. In some tests they affirm that if you have a OIS lens, you'll have a double IS, on the lens and in the body. However I saw some tests and even if Fuji states you have 5 stops because of the IBIS, they're about 3 in reality.
  11. I always wait some time, when I have to buy something new appeared on the market, a camera, a computer or a car. This because the first runs can always have some problems. About the X-T3 that's my worry: being built in China it's not the same as being built in Japan. By a hand they have been able to keep the price low because of this, but by other hand the risks of lack of QC are surely higher. As your camera shows. Hope you'll solve the issue quickly.
  12. Replacing the motherboard doesn't have effect on the camera. It's a computer. It will work as it used to do. You will only have to set up everything the way you had before the problem.
  13. Those are great lens. I have a Sonnar 135, super lens as well.
  14. It's plenty of great lenses. Sharpness means nothing. You should also try the Helios 44-2, 44-4: great lenses as well with awesome bokeh.
  15. Just that the 23mm is f/2 but they're both awesome lenses
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