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  1. ditto, some of my beat BNW shots are from my XE1
  2. Happened with my XE1 and 35f 1.4. Cleaned contacts , solved the problem.
  3. Lucky you, I went to Cornwall armed with my Xe1 and 35mm and found it was a bit tight, Wide would have been better, I think you will be fine with the 18-55.
  4. It's a POCKET size, quality point and shoot, with a great sensor and a good focal length. Whats not to like? Look at all the Panasonic/Sony changes over the years, all competing for that same niche. And it's not apt to suck in dust like the vacuum x20 and 30 models. I like the EVF on my XE1 but I can live without it a lot of the time.
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