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  1. Update: only happens when 27mm installed, as it is most of the time. I will try to clean the contacts and see if that fixes the issue.
  2. X-E3 is very versatile and discrete. My casual walkabout kit comprises E1 or E2 with 27mm pancake and a tiny 50mm f2.O Jupiter (Leica thread) lens in a pocket. Can’t get to like the faux pentaprism of the T series, but most forum members seem to love it, judging by number of posts. try handling both in a good camera shop - if you can find one!
  3. My X-E2 has just started dicplaying the following message on start-up: ‘! Switch off, and switch on again’. This is followed momentarily by ‘cleaning sensor’ during switching off. Any ideas as to what this could mean? thanks all
  4. Hello: joao. my son - a professional architectural photographer - recently made this switch and is delighted with the medium format Fuji - colour and overall image quality being a major benefit. He uses it with the standard zoom and a collection of high end Legacy lenses with tilt-shift adaptors.
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