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  1. So, when you say "fast enough", you're talking "focus"?.....or, aperture?
  2. Jim, 2 of my grandkids are lighting fast. Can you tell us why you don't like the 27mm pancake for "fast moving action"?
  3. Some sources employ a factor of 1.52 to this little lens = 41mm equiv. ~ very close to my favorite 43mm "normal".
  4. I wear the X-E2 on a neck strap, cross body, under the left arm ~ so, for me, the 27mm makes that camera almost unnoticeable...but, with the Fujicron 35mm f/2, I'm much more aware of the camera. And...I'm discovering that my dominant (right) eyes tends to "see" in 40-43mm, rather than in 52-53mm.
  5. Like both of your suggestions. The X-E2IV is the camera that provides me with the most fun, since "film" ~ however, I'll need an RX100V tilt screen on the X-E4, or I'll keep using the Sony's for more serious photography.
  6. Yabut, Fujifilm still packed a lot of XT-3 video capability and features into a "pure photography" camera + cell-phone operational technology (touch screen, etc.)....AND, it appears that their first customers are still working through the initial production bugs for their QC Dept. That leaves us, who tend to be cautious, with the X-Pro2. No?
  7. You're saying that you could not have captured this image with a 16mm f/2.8 native lens, same X-E2?
  8. So, are you saying that even though the larger market is "pure photographers", Fujifilm (and the other camera companies) are not identifying who those customers are and what they want ~ being swayed by the vocal (youtube) photography culture?
  9. mdm: I gave you a "Like", but what I don't like is that your image (here) gave me GAS, and now I want a 14mm f/2.8 for my X-E2IV! 😁
  10. Welcome to the forum, Herco. I'm replying because I'm much older, yet your concerns are mine, and better stated than I might have been able to write. A couple of your phrases might be a clue as to what could be happening to Fujifilm cameras: "All stills photography, almost no video." Me too, but I think there are only two or three other Fujifilm stills shooters left in Western civilization, and a half-dozen traditional photographers will not sustain any camera company. I believe the camera-market fashion has moved to "video", and cell-phone features (i.e.;selfie touch-screen). You also give your age at 57 years. I've read that the historic success of the X-100 and X-Pro1 was because they were designed and marketed by "photographers". I believe that most post-modern companies are now run by people under 35, and I've got to believe that if they happen to be photographers, "camera" means cell-phone, "view-finder" means selfie, and "photography" means video ~ and their plan is to market their products to their own demographic market (under 35 years of age).
  11. Got to thinking further about your reply Andrei ~ and I wonder what happened to the market for "stills-centric" cameras. A decade ago, Fujifilm was able to design, manufacture, and sell the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 & 2 (junior X-pros?) that got scooped up by nostalgic "stills" photographers. A decade later, they (Fuji) has to have 8K video, touch screen, joy-stick, microphones, selfy-swivels, and a half-dozen new bells and whistles, or the camera will not be sale-able. What happened to that "old-school" market? Am I the only one left on the planet?
  12. As the X-Pro2 is larger and heavier than the X-Pro1, and the X-Pro3 is larger and heavier than the X-Pro2; I would have every reason to believe that an X-Pro4 will be even larger and heavier than the X-Pro3. Isn't the X-Pro line getting quite a bit larger than your (our) X-E2? And, doesn't that make the imagined X-Pro4-5&6 no longer even comparable to the right-sized X-E series?
  13. Will there be an X-E4? If it's the "successor" to the X-E3; not interested. If it's the successor to the X-E2(S), I'm in ~ as long as it has the size and ergonomics of the X-E2, including the separate AE-L & AF-L buttons ~ including the pop-up fill-flash ~ including the cable release socket on the shutter button ~ and make it more "stills centric" and less of a video camera ~ forget the touch screen, but make it tilt, similar to the Sony a6000. The X-E2 is the most fun (retro, Leica-wannabe) camera I own and I'd want an X-E4 to carry on that legacy model. I may even leave the Sony's at home, when shooting "the street", the amateur sports, and the grandkids if the X-E4 had all the right stuff.
  14. My theory: In the recovery/counseling world some of us say; "Never underestimate the power of the 'familiar'" ~ I believe "the familiar" is the primary reason "why the viewfinder has to be on top and in the middle".
  15. I don't own the digital version of the Pen F, or any of the X100's, but what would prompt me to keep the Pen F is that it's an MILC, whereas the X100's are not. I'd want both, if I could afford them.
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