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  1. Will there be an X-E4? If it's the "successor" to the X-E3; not interested. If it's the successor to the X-E2(S), I'm in ~ as long as it has the size and ergonomics of the X-E2, including the separate AE-L & AF-L buttons ~ including the pop-up fill-flash ~ including the cable release socket on the shutter button ~ and make it more "stills centric" and less of a video camera ~ forget the touch screen, but make it tilt, similar to the Sony a6000. The X-E2 is the most fun (retro, Leica-wannabe) camera I own and I'd want an X-E4 to carry on that legacy model. I may even leave the Sony's at home, when shooting "the street", the amateur sports, and the grandkids if the X-E4 had all the right stuff.
  2. My theory: In the recovery/counseling world some of us say; "Never underestimate the power of the 'familiar'" ~ I believe "the familiar" is the primary reason "why the viewfinder has to be on top and in the middle".
  3. I don't own the digital version of the Pen F, or any of the X100's, but what would prompt me to keep the Pen F is that it's an MILC, whereas the X100's are not. I'd want both, if I could afford them.
  4. Yes, Fujifilm; and while you're up and have your design tools in hand for a "stills centric" X-T4, how bout gluing together a little "stills biased" range-finder style camera about the same size as the X-E2S. That would be a true all-purpose, all-streets, camera; and might be customizable for any street photographer, anywhere.
  5. I've kept track of Fujipixie's comments, posts, and photographic activities on other forums. She's (you're) a more than welcome addition to this one.
  6. I'd never read this little essayette, for some reason. It's GOLDEN for us Fujifilm rookies, and I'll probably be coming back to it, often. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
  7. One of the main reasons I've ignored the X-E3 and will buy another X-E2(S) and/or an X-Pro2.
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