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  1. Q image (win) Q image One(MAC) a very good and versatile soft for printing.
  2. Do you shoot in Jpeg or RAF? I develop my RAF with Capture one , and I have no noise issue until 3200-6400 iso on my prints. And Capture one v20 does an evermore good job on iso noise.
  3. The X-E3 is a reality of today. You can certainly wait to buy directly an X-E4, somewhere in 2020 or 2021, and continue to shoot with your actual camera, but, then, the X-T3 would be an X-T4, and probably at the eve of been upgraded to X-T5 ... and it would be then appropriate to wait the next to come X-E5 with so potential wonderful features .... I like very much my X-E3 which give me so fine files, and which is so light and discreet with the 27mm pancake. If it would be an X-E4, I’ll gonna see then if it will be really useful for me to upgrade or, as I often do, to wait to the X-E5, upgrading only one time on two. But it’s just my way of seeing. ;~)
  4. Image capture, an Apple Tool, in Mac OS from a very long time, so in High Sierra too, do this job perfectly also when the SD card is inserted into the Mac reader. But it only can import your selected images into the folder you chose. A good soft to edit your images, like PhotoMechanic, can import you images with the metadata you want apply in the folder you choice or automatically in a new folder.
  5. For me too, I'd love to have different frame lines.
  6. Ji- saidIMHO prime lenses are more flexible than zoom lenses due to wider aperture possibilities on the field. I won't bother with heavier zoom (just my opinion and taste). IMHO, I think exactly the same. The problem with zoom is that they tend to give you a "lead as", moving the focal barrel and not moving your feet ... and with it changing the perspective of your sight. For me, moving my body favorises stronger images ... as long as you're not so customised with focal angles of view of lenses to consider a zoom as a distributor of lenses. So I usually go away with 2 lenses (when it's not with only one, then a 27mm on my XE2): usually a 23 and a 35 or 50mm, sometimes a 18 instead of the 23. And I move as largely as it's necessary to get the image I've in my mind. Yes, sometimes I can't succeed, but it's very rare. In the other way, my images are largely more different and efficient with a prime. And with the times, I've learned that contraints in gear make me more creative. When I had 6 or 8 lenses in my bag, I always was measuring what kind of lens I would use ... and forget to be creative in my OWN way making images I saw everywhere, not inventing them. And series done with one focal lens are more homogenous. A very interesting study I red many times: by Thom Hogan from his Nikon site: http://dslrbodies.com/lenses/lens-articles/choosing-lenses/choosing-a-simple-prime-kit.html
  7. The X-E2 is a major improvement compared to the X-E1, and, in second hand, could be in very good condition and not much more expensive ! The X-E2 is a very fine camera that will make the beginning in photography more easy, encouraging and pleasant. Note: X-E2 and X-E2s are the very very similar with the last firmware update
  8. and a very interesting plus: the mechanic shutter is quite totally silent!
  9. Not really but possibly a tiny improvement in low light shoots.
  10. I did that on July and I’ve not any regret. The XH1 is very well balanced in hand, specially with large lenses as the 90mm, as with any other, even the 27mm pancake. The weight is very acceptable and I find the holding largely better than the XT2. (without a grip) And Ibis is very efficient (it’s the reason I bought the XH1) + it’s very affordable actual discount price
  11. Thanks George_P. My firsts images with this lens show me a marvelous “modelė”, a very fine transition from focus to out focus and a very good but non aggressive sharpness. Even if the focal is a little stretch for what I used to, I think it will soon become to me as a favorite portrait lens.
  12. Is it a wariness suggested by Fujifilm?
  13. Thank you Greybeard. I'm reassured now. Finally, it's as a good deal as I supposed it to be. ;~)
  14. Do your X-E3 has the last firmware? For the lens it supposed because it’s not a recent one.
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