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  1. I remember seeing an article about using a WCL-X70 lens (made for the X70) on X100 cameras but can't seem to locate it now.
  2. No. You could get a used xe-2 (or even an xe-3), which is a much newer and better all around performer than the xpro1, for not much more than that.
  3. If you're happy with the T2, a new one is now only $799.
  4. This is an annoyance for me too. The only way around this is to keep the camera from sleeping which just wastes battery power unnecessarily.
  5. If you're going to sell your Leica gear, get both XT-3 and X100F. I have an X-T2 and an X100F (same sensor and battery). The EVF on the XT is so good (it's huge compared to the VF on a Pro or X100), I'd bet you'll stick with using it most of the time. I tried the original X-Pro1 when it came out, but thought it tried to mimic Leica a little too much and decided to use the real thing instead. Good luck and bon voyage!
  6. I use both Fuji and Leica and feel they compliment each other well. I'd recommend getting an X100F to see how you like the system and IQ as the 16-55mm lens is huge and the X100F is the perfect everyday camera in my view. I don't notice any meaningful difference switching back and forth from FF to APSC. Both sensors and systems are capable of producing amazing photos. I've kept an M-D 262 and several Leica film bodies and lenses. I thought about selling the M-D but I think I'd miss it too much. Buy a used one in good condition and test it out. If it doesn't work out, you can resell it with no financial loss.
  7. I use the case for a UV filter from Ritz. 2 Fuji batteries fit perfectly side by side. Companies like Think Tank and Neewer make battery holders too. Even if you don't, as long as you don't keep any conductive material near the terminals, having it in a bag or pocket should be fine.
  8. I've bought all my Fuji and Leica gear used over the years at great savings with absolutely no regrets. You should be able to get a lightly used X100F for $8-900 without much trouble. For example, I picked up a black one with 800 shutter count and a TCL-X100II lens for $1000 last year.
  9. From my experience, old zoom lenses are horrible on digital cameras. In fact, they weren't very good on film cameras either. Unless you get one for next to nothing, I'd stay away.
  10. From an unexpected snow storm - X-T2 & 50-140
  11. I have an adapter, UV filter, and hood combo on my X100F and have never had the error come up. I've used the trio on my X100S and X100T also with no problems. The key is to use filters that are thin enough not to block the path of the lens movement. FYI, I've always used B+W filters on my X100's.
  12. How did you get the lens (pk) to fit on the adapter (m42) since they have different mounts? Assuming the lens you posted is what you have, you'd need a Pentax K to Fuji X mount adapter like this: https://www.amazon.com/Fotodiox-Lens-Mount-Adapter-Mirrorless/dp/B008BBI994 I've used numerous Pentax and Takumar (m42) lenses adapted to my Fuji cameras without any issues.
  13. There won't be anything too obvious unless you pixel peep. You will get more bokeh since the 23/2 is slightly faster and it will be a little sharper than the zoom. The biggest difference you notice will be the size and how it handles because it's smaller and lighter.
  14. I enjoy shooting film more than digital and have a few bodies from the past. While a modern Fuji film camera would be nice, I’d rather they bring back all the film they’ve discontinued.
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