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  1. From my experience, old zoom lenses are horrible on digital cameras. In fact, they weren't very good on film cameras either. Unless you get one for next to nothing, I'd stay away.
  2. From an unexpected snow storm - X-T2 & 50-140
  3. I have an adapter, UV filter, and hood combo on my X100F and have never had the error come up. I've used the trio on my X100S and X100T also with no problems. The key is to use filters that are thin enough not to block the path of the lens movement. FYI, I've always used B+W filters on my X100's.
  4. How did you get the lens (pk) to fit on the adapter (m42) since they have different mounts? Assuming the lens you posted is what you have, you'd need a Pentax K to Fuji X mount adapter like this: https://www.amazon.com/Fotodiox-Lens-Mount-Adapter-Mirrorless/dp/B008BBI994 I've used numerous Pentax and Takumar (m42) lenses adapted to my Fuji cameras without any issues.
  5. There won't be anything too obvious unless you pixel peep. You will get more bokeh since the 23/2 is slightly faster and it will be a little sharper than the zoom. The biggest difference you notice will be the size and how it handles because it's smaller and lighter.
  6. I enjoy shooting film more than digital and have a few bodies from the past. While a modern Fuji film camera would be nice, I’d rather they bring back all the film they’ve discontinued.
  7. I have to respectfully disagree with the previous commenter. The OVF does not show anything through the lens. It functions as one on a rangefinder like Leica and is simply an optical window with frame lines and much better parallax correction. EVFs have gotten so good these days that I don’t use it much anymore.
  8. There isn't any for this lens. There are a few others without firmware.
  9. I would do it a little differently, with 2 options. (I personally prefer #2) 1) Put the 16mm on one body and 23mm on the other, keeping both cameras with you at all times. I've found the 23mm too narrow at times when shooting scenery and architecture while it's perfect for street and travel in general. Or, 2) Put the 16mm on the body you own now, sell the 23/1.4, and get an X100F. The X100F is the perfect street/travel camera IMHO. It takes damn good portraits too. This would also lighten your load a bit and allow for a smaller bag, which is terribly important when traveling.
  10. This is the first time I've heard of this issue. It's usually wifi/connection or, in the case of X-T2, inadvertently trying to transfer RAF files if raw and jpg files are stored on separate cards. Would it be possible to see a screen capture of the error message?
  11. This is the #1 cause of lens error ever since the original x100 came out. I'm glad everything worked out.
  12. All the adapters I've used pressed the pin when attached, so short of using something else to keep it down, ie tape, you may have to get a different kind. I've used Fotasy adapters with success across different mounts ranging from Leica to Pentax K and M42.
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