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  1. I feel Pentax can also fall under questionable Q&A. I've said before that multiple lens testing would be additionally informative and useful but of course unrealistically going to happen. If say 1/3 lenses was quite a bit off it could give the buyer some further knowledge to really be aware of the possibility of a bad copy and that expectations of the lens should be in line with what the reviewer was finding consistent with the other other 2 good lenses etc. Basically it's just useful information regardless. What would be nice would be for companies like Fuji and Pentax to send out a good copy to trusted reviewers and that I think would really put the idea of the chance of a reviewer reviewing a bad copy to rest. If the lens he's testing has come from the company itself (test by them to ensure it is a good copy) then this is what we should all expect from the lens and if our own copies are not meeting that same benchmark then we would be in a good position to demand an exchange. The thing is, I can't help feeling the Americans get such a good level of customer support for this kind of stuff (compared to the rest of us), they can play with a camera or lens for a month and then decide its not for them and just 'give it back'. For us down here in Australia that is a no deal approach, not even within 7 days can we change our minds. We have to build a very strong legal case for returns so to prove a lens is faulty and not performing up to scratch (via proof of a comparison with a good review) is helpful.
  2. Just got the Viltrox 56/1.4 and an XT-4, took a couple shots, popped the RAW into LR and had a look at the Lens Correction section. I noticed there is a message I have not seen before at the bottom of that section that says; ! Built-in Lens Profile applied. That's cool. I took a shot at f1.4 and was wanting to see how strong the vignette would be but its practically non existent. But what if I want it? I'm curious to know the charm of this lens without Lens Correction automatically applied, what is the distortion like etc. Is there a way to disable it? I noticed toggling the Lens Correction switch on and off resulted in no perceivable difference (and the message '! Built-in Lens Profile applied.' still shows clearly), so I'm thinking there is no way around it. I really would expect quite a shift between a corrected lens and a non corrected lens, at least with all my other lenses I have used there seems quite a strong difference between before and after when toggling the Lens Correction switch on and off. Thoughts? BB
  3. Yeah, it would be better with its own section rather than a thread, and of course its not members reviews. Still a cool thread tho, thanks!
  4. Yep, which is why I think PF lens reviews are good because if you get 10ppl reviewing a lens and one really hates on it and the others love it, you kinda get the feeling he has a dud copy or whatever. An averaged rating from users contributing to the review section is really quite helpful to give you somewhat of an idea of the lens performance. What I find is not so helpful is for example a single in depth review, unless the review states that they had 3-5 copies of this lens and could weed out the dud copies or average the results across the 3-5 lenses... yer at mercy to one guys tests and that one lens, which may or may not be a good representation of that lens across the board.
  5. Thanks, will check those out. I wonder if its a good idea to start some kind of official lens review here on this forum group, following a similar format to PF? Could be a great resource and strengthen the Fuji brand.
  6. Hi everyone. I come from Pentax Forums where this is quite a database on lenses with members reviews and ratings and such, it can be quite a useful and helpful resource when starting your research into your next lens purchase. I just wondered if I had missed any feature like this with this forum here? Or whether there is a place most of ya'll go or refer people too for lens impressions and reviews. Cheers! BB
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for having me. I am not yet on the Fuji system, I am researching if it will be the right system for me to jump to in the very near future. I am currently a Pentaxian shooting with a KP (crop), K-1 (FF) and 645D (MF). You may check out my work here if you like; https://www.flickr.com/photos/95230640@N04/ What I am really after would be to ascertain IQ at a high level of some XT-4 files, and even better would be if it were files taken with the 50/1. The 50/1 really intrigues me because its coming quite close to the experience of shooting my FA77/1.8 on the K-1. The reason I am considering XT-4 is I guess why many jump to Fuji, video capabilities and competent AF. I love Pentax but it is mainly suited to landscape and slow shooting scenarios. I have no intention of giving up Pentax, I just have some jobs coming up that require better AF than what I currently have. It would be super useful for me to get some RAW files from the XT-4, with varying ISO's so I can see for myself in LR/PS what the ISO limits are. Could anyone help me out here please? TIA! BB
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