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  1. Some black and whites with the X100T; Grote Kerk (Grand Church) in Edam
  2. DR200 and DR400 underexpose by 1 or 2 stops. That *does" affect your RAW file.
  3. Recently I had one evening in Vilnius. It's a beautiful city, where I easily could spend more time. All taken with the 27mm on a X-E1 (Provia film simulation)
  4. Tried the f/2 of a friend, and decided to keep my f/1.4. It's magic.
  5. I've stopped following the camera news basically ... when my X-PRO1 or X-T1 break, I will look around again for what's hot then. Perfectly happy with the 16MP cameras here ... less happy with the time I currently have to process my photos :-(
  6. 35/1.4 is great, but I don't like the X-T10 ergonomics. Try before you buy.
  7. Still nothing wrong with the X-Pro1 X-Pro1 & XF 35/1.4
  8. When I look around, I believe so indeed. We Fujistas are a niche.
  9. But many customers do. Fuji and flash is a sad matter indeed. Why don't they give away the protocol details when they can't make it work themselves (probably due to a lack of resources). X-Trans RAW support is more of a grey area, but probably also a warning flag for potential customers.
  10. Well, I think I have explained several times how I think it makes the experience for stills photographers less pleasurable. So again: - there is a real chance of the cameras becoming more expensive due to the extra capabilities - video recording generates heat, which requires better cooling, probably resulting in a bulkier camera - The time Fujifilm engineers spend on developing video capabilities can not be spent on stills photography improvements - adding more functionality makes the electronics and software more complicated. There are enough defects right now already.
  11. Did you get (or buy) warranty? It sounds like an issue with the camera.
  12. Indeed​, it is the same on my X100T (and a physical limitation of the leaf shutter).
  13. Yes. Read up on the magnets to understand the difference.
  14. Maybe, but I learned something new today. I never knew that shirts with a V-neck were meant for women (at least in Northern America). Most of my shirts have a V-neck, and here I would consider them unisex Indeed.
  15. That's my concern as well. Besides, my other Fujifilm cameras are X-Trans II generation, and it would frustrate me to no end having different sizes and rendering between those and the F. So, I am sticking with X-Trans II for now.
  16. End of the afternoon, north of Uppsala Swedish sunset by Johan Thole, on Flickr
  17. Cat in black and white by Johan Thole, on Flickr
  18. Skansen open air museum, Stockholm (X-T1 & 18-135mm)
  19. Sharpness and contrast yes. Colours not so much for me. All in all a great little lens.
  20. They've never been doing that on any Fujifilm camera. I agree it would be a useful feature though.
  21. That medium format camera looks smaller than I thought. Nice.
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