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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am unlikely to sell my Canon gear (partly because I share it with 3 other Canon shooters in our family and it will eventually go to them) but I totally get what you wrote about muscle memory, etc. I have set the Canon gear in a closet while I try to work through a very detailed book on the Fuji XT 2 to help me get the most I can with this amazing camera. And making the Fuji my primary camera helps with that - as does the difference in weight! But it is nice to know that I can pick up the Canon in a pinch and use it with ease. Just like playing something on the piano that one learned long ago.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wow! I have been traveling and just caught up on the recent posts. This has been a very helpful thread - to me (the OP) and I am guessing, to others as well. I was very happy with my decision to buy the 55-200 before our trip to Europe last September, but still have my eye on getting the 18-135 someday. My newest lens is the Fuji 16 mm f/1.4 lens (a gift) and a better flash might be next, but we’ll see. It is really great to hear so many perspectives on this. Thank you all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you. Useful to get your perspective on how this lens does with the XT-2.
  4. Thanks for your input on this. That lens does seem like a good WR walk around lens for times when one doesn't want to change lenses. The 55-200mm was a good choice for me but I am keeping my eye on the 18-135 lens, too. What camera are you using? Some people think that makes a difference with the 18-135 lens. Thanks again for chiming in!
  5. Thanks, Konzy. Apart from Sacré Cœur and the occasional pigeon, our hotel room had no view whatsoever. But being able to see Sacré Cœur lit up at night more than made up for it!
  6. Peter, happy to hear about your foray into the Fuji world. Sounds like you have some great equipment! I have the XT-2 and the 18-55, 10-24, 35, and 55-200 lenses. Are you still shooting with your Nikon or primarily with Fuji now? We had a lovely (quick 3 day) trip to the Lake District this summer and the weather cooperated beautifully. Hope you to continue to enjoy your Fuji gear!
  7. Interesting article and some great photos. You will have the best idea of what kinds of shots you hope to take, but I would agree that the 100-400 lens would be ideal along with one that lets you get environmental / landscape shots. Given that you are traveling elsewhere in South Africa, you may want to take another lens or two with your other destinations in mind. Personally, I like having the option of using a relatively inconspicuous prime lens (like the 27mm) but it sounds like you may also have a point and shoot camera with you. (Note: I do not own any of the lenses you mention, so I am responding in general based on the Canon lenses I used on safari.) Whatever you take in the way of equipment, hope you have a great time!
  8. Coming back to share one of the photos taken in France with the 55-200 mm lens. We happened to be staying in a hotel room with a view over the rooftops toward Sacre Coeur. (I did not bring a tripod on this trip as we were walking most of the time so I was photographing this basilica from my hotel room, some handheld shots and some with the camera secured to the railing with a gorillapod.)
  9. MikeG, now I can see why you are frustrated! Nice to be able to access it but will only let you open one menu item at a time - online. Hope they create a pdf of the full manual for version 3 soon. It is nice to be able to access this kind of thing offline and one doesn't always have cell service or wifi available.
  10. Wraithwrider, I was able to download the pdf file that pete1959 attached to his original post. I also followed the link that he provided, and Fuji offers two PDF downloads there. The first pdf is the user manual that reads version 2.10 on the cover. The second is the new features guide. Here is the link directly to the new features guide. (MikeG, does this link work for you?) P.S. I have not updated the firmware yet for my XT-2 - just been too busy to grapple with it - but I am really looking forward to trying out the new features (provided in this update and the previous one).
  11. Pete1959, thank you for starting this thread. While I am not a photo journalist, I am mentally filing away this info. I have had my Fuji XT-2 for less than a year and decided to take it to Kenya last spring as my only camera (apart from cell phone). Unfortunately, our hotel only had power (and hot water) for a couple of hours each night so it was challenging to keep the Fuji batteries charged. (Fortunately, I had a juice pack for charging my cell phone and could supplement with that.) Thanks again for sharing your experience with Fuji and for covering the wildfires in California.
  12. While I haven't been on safari with my XT-2 yet, I have been on several (short) safaris in Kenya and South Africa. Here are a few thoughts based on my experience but not specific to Fuji gear: It is great to be able to go wide and get close ups. I took 2 camera bodies on our last safari so I was ready for anything and would not need to change lenses in dusty conditions. Another tip I saw (and used) was to cover up the camera with a cloth while driving through dust. There were times when animals walked right up to the vehicle and were too close for my husband to use his 100-400mm lens but it was nice to have that extra reach at other times. (I had the flexibility to go wide or zoom in but 300mm was my longest reach.) Someone mentioned the fact that you may be taking a lot of photos in low light because of the timing of game drives (to maximize the chance of good sightings). You may want to figure out what lens (and camera settings) you might use in very low light. On our first safari in Masai Mara, we were taken on a sunset drive and saw leopards on our way back to the lodge. On our last trip, we photographed a lioness licking her cub at sunset. Hope you have a great time!
  13. Lumens, thanks for your input on these lenses. If we ever go on another safari, I might try to get the 100-400 lens. But I am very happy with the 10-24, 18-55, and 55 to 200. I almost didn't take the 55-200mm lens on a trip to California, but ended up seeing sea otters, seals, and whales. It was fun to try to photograph them.
  14. FenFotos, glad to hear that you are happy with the 18-135 mm lens! Thinking of your camera glitch: I had a memory card that suddenly stopped letting me review the images I took with my XT-2. Fortunately, we were in traveling in California instead of Masai Mara or Burkina Faso so I could buy a new memory card. And when I returned home, I was able to access all of my photos. Thanks for joining the conversation!
  15. Konzy, thank you very much for the sample images and your reflections on the two lenses. Lots of great shots there! I have seen lots of great images taken with the Fuji 18-135 but it is great to see examples from both lenses in the same post. I am hoping this thread will be helpful to others as well. I love my Canon 18-135mm lens for its versatility and would definitely reconsider getting the 18-135 for the Fuji at some point but the 55-200 seemed a good fit for now. No budget for lenses in the near future though.
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