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Found 26 results

  1. From the album: Macro

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  2. © Hans Podlucky

  3. © Hans Podlucky

  4. I like the odd macro shot, but don't want to spend money on a dedicated macro lens, so I thought about using one of the extension tubes from Fujifilm with my XF 35mm f1.4. However I don't quite understand what is meant by working distance when the tube is attached. I have looked at the diagram Fujifilm has made explaining the working distance for their different lenses with either the MCEX-11 or MCEX-16 extension tubes. Would you be so kind to explain (in layman terms) what is meant by working distance? How far from the fromt element should my subject be and how far away from the front element can it be? Thanks.
  5. XF80 on X-T2 (RAW), tripod, electronic shutter, self timer Developing steps applied: - sharpening in Adobe Camera Raw 10 (sharpening settings 40 / 1,0 / 100 / 40 in the ACR details tab) - demosaicing with Iridient X-Transformer (RAW Process: „more detailed“; sharpening: "none") - in ACR saturation +10-15 - any digital auto-correction has been unchecked/omitted in Iridient/ACR - via Photoshop CC saved to TIF/JPG - no further sharpening applied to the pics with original size (see links below) - output sharpening in PS CC via unsharp mask applied to the smaller pics embedded here for direct view (Amount 50% / Radius 1 Pixel / Threshold 1 Level) - slight cropping of the pics with the bismuth crystal and the bulbs Original size, 5-9 MByte-JPGs (click): Bismuth crystal, @ f5.6 Coffee beans, @ f8 Vintage bulbs (er, including dust...), @ f5.6 downsized: Bismuth crystal, @ f5.6 Coffee beans, @ f8 Vintage bulbs (er, including dust...), @ f5.6 Veeery nice lens (...quite big though :eek:) .
  6. When focus stacking an object one does not always know how many frames are required. I thought the best solution was to tether the camera with my laptop and Capture One, take a certain number of frames, say 20, review the last frame on my laptop and if required add another 20 frames until the desired depth of field is reached. Unfortunately as i found out, after the first set of frames the camera resets the focus point to the first frame. That means the following additional sets all have the same focus starting point. Is there a way around it? It is quite annoying if you take 100 frames or more and notice afterwards that you need some additional ones and have to start all over again. it is a waste of time. Has nobody a suggestion?
  7. I recently picked up the x-t30 after finding the Sony X100 Mark 7 point and shoot was a bit soft. I don’t know much about photography, but I love taking pics of flowers, family, pets, and travel. I realized that my x-t30 refused to take macros, so I got the mcex-16 to aid in that. I tried auto, manual, everything under the sun (I think), to try and take pics of my new African violet blooms. But my camera simply won’t budge when I press down on the shutter button. What am I doing wrong? Or is the Mcex-16 broken (it did come in a banged up box)? Also, I’m pairing it with a 18-55mm Fujinon lens, which several people were doing in the reviews for the extension.
  8. From the album: Macro

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  9. From the album: Macro

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  10. From the album: Macro

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  11. From the album: Macro

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  12. From the album: Macro

    © Martin Paludan-Müller

  13. Anyone used the Vello Deluxe Auto Focus Extension Tube Set for Fujifilm X Mount? They are a bit cheaper than the Fuji brand. I plan to use them with the 55-200.
  14. I shoot mostly flower, plant and other close-up photography. I have the 60mm, 90mm and 11 + 16mm macro converters, plus Lensbaby 56 and 85mm Velvet lenses. Those who have the 80mm macro lens, can you describe what you love about the lens and provide images? Thanks!
  15. I have been offered a ZEISS Touit 2.8/50mm. X mount macro lens and wonder if there is any user experience on this forum? Pictures? Furthermore I would like to know if this lens obstructs the X-Pro2 OVF. Thanks, FranZ
  16. Hellllllllllpppp!!! I knopw this might be a veru dummmm question but I recently bought my fuji x70 and I want some help on how to do a zoom or a closeup to take a picture? Is it possible to take a close up or zoom a picture? Please help me! Thanks
  17. Taken with Fuji X-E1 and Helios 44-2. Spiders were taken with macro tubes attached to Helios lens.
  18. Article on Lens Review - 7Artisans 60mm F2.8 1:1 Macro with Fuji X-T30 camera. Image samples on 7Artisans 60mm F2.8 lens Flickr group. Article on disassembly, focus calibration of 7Artisans 60mm F2.8 lens
  19. Drake

    tulip close #3

    From the album: Drake White

  20. I would love to have the option to take some macro images with my X pro cameras ( 1&2) I don't really want to buy a macro lens that I will use a couple times a year. What options are their for older lenses and adapters - even extension tubes on existing lenses. I've been doing this a long time, but never got into macro, so some suggestions would be great.
  21. Like title sais, I went out to play with my newest toy, Vivitar 2x macro focusing tele converter. I got it for 20€and it is interesting little device. It can serve as regular tele converter but also as macro converter. It has build in focusing helicod and can turn your regular 50mm lens into 100mm macro 1:1 lens. I use it with Canon 50 1.4 so it converts it to 100 2.8 1:1 macro. As regular converter it is nothing special, but for macro I find it quite good, especially when considering price. It is sharp enough and is easy to use. For 1:1 magnification you need to focus lens to closest distance and then use focus on converter to get to max magnification. It is also possible to use all steps in between. These samples are all handheld, aperture on lens was set to f8 and I used built in flash as I left my Yongnuo at home. It is hard to handheld at 1:1 as doff is really thin but with practice it should get easier.
  22. Some macro high speed water drop photos. Setup Trigger System, Fuji XT1 MCEX-11 2xNissini40 Lens 55-200. Photos reworked in LR. Drop by turgeon76, auf Flickr Greensplashby turgeon76, auf Flickr
  23. Have not found a thread to share images related specifically to nature so why not start one here ... Looking for photo's of nice tree's, flowers, rivers, forest, macro shots in the wild, sea, ... Here are a few shots of my own. Bamboo B&W Fuji X-T1 + 14mm: ISO 200 - F5 - 1/120 Bamboo B&W by Ziggy Wellens, on Flickr Kniphofia plant close-up Fuji X-T1 + 14mm: ISO 200 - F4.8 - 1/60 Kniphofia plant close-up by Ziggy Wellens, on Flickr
  24. The "manual" is not clear about the macro function. I am an X-T1 user so I am rather familiar with Fuji menus and functions, although I never used the macro function on the earlier firmware version of the X-T1. When I use the menu to turn on the Macro function, I see the macro icon at the left; but I have minimal, if any, closer focusing in AF over having it turned off. I have tried various focal lengths. Do I have a defect or am I not doing something right? Jerry R
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