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    35mm comparison

    Indeed not really the same ... I prefer the look of the 35/1.4 photos, by the way.
  2. Walking around in Utrecht city centre with the 35/1.4 on the X-Pro1. Unfortunately not really sharp, but I love the colours - don't think this will be a long term keeper though. In front of the bakery near the Maartensbrug bridge. Where Love is Illegal - photo exhibition at the Domplein square, to raise attention for the suppression of LGBT people. Laced-Up Boutique - obviously a lingerie boutique, close to the Janskerkhof square. Domplein square, one of the busiest spots in the city (together with the canals).
  3. When you half press the shutter, you see the stopped down view. Try DoF preview to confirm.
  4. Super, danke! Ich bin nur überrascht dass Du dieses Mal zuerst die Deutschsprachige Reviews publizierst. Aber keine Beschwerde von mir ;-)
  5. I will not. I really hate touch screens (like on screen keyboards, for instance), and being a left eye shooter with glasses probably makes it worse. My first upgrade is likely going to be when Fujifilm release a X100 model with proper WR. OTOH, I could very well see my wife wanting a X-E3, to use with the 27mm. She prefers to use the camera in "auto" mode most of the time anyway.
  6. I think it is fair to the camera to see it as a new class; "ultra compact EVF camera", or something like that. The name suggests that it is a direct successor of the X-E2s, which it is not.
  7. Well, that is exactly what I said, a few days ago. An always on touchscreen will be a nightmare for left eye shooters.
  8. I guess my wife will love the new design. She doesn't care for D-pad and function buttons, and prefers to use the camera in auto mode. But my requirements are clearly different from hers.
  9. I am waiting eagerly for your English or German (whichever comes first) hands-on report, with your impressions of the touch screen plus joystick combination! [emoji4]
  10. What I understand from the first hands-on reports is that the D-pad functions are now controlled by the mini joystick. I think that is not great. I could operate the X-E1/X-E2 buttons without even looking at the screen or EVF. It remains to be seen how well that works on the X-E3. I can see how it makes the camera more compact, and how it saves on manufacturing costs. But for me it is not a logical replacement for the previous X-E models. It's more a new class; a compact travel camera. I just hope they will not go the same path with the X-Pro models!
  11. I think an important question is how much development capacity Fujifilm have available. If they can cope with covering the full spectrum, I am all for it.
  12. Well, it will be interesting to read what Rico Pfirstinger has to say about the camera's ergonomics and the lack of physical controls.
  13. Let's first wait what Fujifilm actually announces. But if the rumours are correct, then I don't think there is a X-E3 in my future.
  14. The first lens I would personally start with, though it is not weather resistant, is the XF 35/1.4. For me, that lens is magical, both wide open and stopped down.
  15. Same here; a mini X-Pro2 (minus the OVF) would be great. I could even accept the omission of weather sealing to keep the costs (and maybe size) down. I personally don't need a tilting screen, but I would not be opposed to it (though it makes the camera bulkier). I think my X100T photo in one of the previous posts provides a strong argument against a touch screen. Which is also not needed with a proper joystick and D-pad.
  16. Yes, definitely. I used my Canon 5D and 20D cameras until 2014 (they were introduced in 2004, I believe) and I fully intend to use my X-Trans I and II cameras for the next few years. Both my X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras are still in regular use by me.
  17. I am afraid the best you can do is to contact Fujifilm customer service.
  18. Here's what I want on my next Fujifilm camera ... a lock on the EV-dial!
  19. Not sure if this makes sense, since I have an Android phone ... but I find that the Fujifilm app connects quicker (and more reliably) to my phone when I disable mobile data. Don't ask why, but it seems to work (I read the tip on a forum as well). Edit: I read that the X-E3 is supposed to have Bluetooth support ... that is a helpful development, in my opinion!
  20. Another advantage of using aftermarket caps is that you can store the original Fujifilm caps. Always handy when you decide to sell a lens later.
  21. I hope you see the weakness of your reasoning yourself? Attacking the posters instead of their arguments? Edit: congratulations, you are the very first person on this forum who made it to my ignore list.
  22. You don't push an iPhone against your face ... A touch screen only makes sense for me on a camera you use without a viewfinder.
  23. Here's an argument against a touch screen; it will be messy for left eye shooters. Sorry for the messy photo ... by Johan Thole, on Flickr
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