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  1. Hey where did you guys purchase the Samyang 12mm Lens? Thanks
  2. Hey all, I am pretty new to the form as I just bought my first Fuji x-E2 (actually still waiting for it to arrive). I am looking at getting 3-4 lenses but am really undecided on what to get? I used my canon gear for years and usually shot a bit of everything.. Landscape, portrait, second shooter at weddings. So, if you could only have 3-4 lenses what would you have? And also what style of photography do you shoot? Thanks for all of your help Cheers and Happy shooting!!
  3. Not a single reply? I was really looking forward to this lol.
  4. I was originally thinking of the 35 1.4.. Perhaps the used route is the way to go. The low light capability is definitely a good point. Cheers
  5. Hey All, I am from Newfoundland, Canada The furthest point east in North America!! I have left my old love of Canon for a new love of Fuji. I don't think I switched for any particular reason more so just for a change. After doing some research I settle on Fuji because of the constant firmware updates, lenses and the look and size of the bodies. I have ordered an X-e2 and the 18-55mm and waiting for it to arrive If anyone has saw any good tutorial videos to get started that would be great. I have a feeling I am going to have to get nice and acquainted with my new baby. I only want to start off with 2-3 lenses and eventually get the 50-150mm 2.8. Does anyone have any suggestions on 1-2 good lenses to get started with on a budget? I was thinking the 35mm F2 and something else. Nothing crazy expensive like the 56mm 1.2 ($1000 CDN) Cheers, I look forward to hearing from you all!!
  6. Thanks for the response Ryan, After readying almost every post here. A good question for everyone who shoots Wedding Photography, what would your top 4 lenses be to take on a shoot? Thanks
  7. Im really glad this post exists..I am new coming from Canon and had an idea of what lenses to get but this sheds some light on the subject. I have so far bought a X-e2 with the 18-55. I was planning on getting the 35mm f2, 50-140mm, and probably either the 10-24 or the 14mm F2. Anyone have either preference between the 10-24 or the 14mm? Cheers
  8. Very valid points everyone.. I am new to the Fuji line and actually just purchased my first camera, the X-e2 not the X-e2s simply because they are almost identical cameras except for a few design features. I honestly thing the x-e2s was a complete waste of money to put out. I saved $300 on the kit for getting the X-e2. I think both body styles are welcomed in this market as long as they keep up with the firmware updates. Why produce new cameras every year like Sony unless you are making significant increases like the x-pro2 did when all you need to do is update the firmware to make it a better camera. Cheers
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