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  1. I got my X100V recently. Lucky - no "grinding" - only it gets very quick very hot. I think by switching off as many of the el. buttons and functions as possible helps a bit with the heating issue. Will not buy any new camera so soon again, the X100V still suits me as all the other X100's did before. The new lens is great! Sharper and not much loss of Fuji's legendary "lens fidelity"!
  2. I have the X100V and the tilt screen seems to be very practical. It is very thin, but the feel is not flimsy at all! Well done!. The V becomes realy warm, we'll see how it will do when it is realy hot outside! (I live in very warm climate). For longer video sequences I have problems (for videos I'll buy a small Panasonic LX10). But the lens is great, pritty much sharper than the X100F without much loss of the shade and color transitition (fidelity). The film-simulations are great for JPEG fotographers too. The CCP_CV_19 lock down gets slowly lifted here, so I will be able to find more about this new device I hope they don't ditch the X-E series and bring 2021 a X-E4. If you don't need a leafshutter, then the X-E3 is a very good choice! How ever, Fujifilm is a small company and to many models in the shelf could become a problem. I'd understand this. Regards from SE-Asia.
  3. I regret having sold my X100F!! The X100V is unusable for somebody who shoots a lot and in warm climate! I'm very much disapointed! Never again Fujifilm! I feel absolute scammed! The Fujifilm management must have been completely drugged to release such a piece of crap! This comes when designers have the say instead of technicians! Yes I'd have loved a weather sealed body, but not with this issues, which obviously can't be fixed! NOOOO GOOOD FUJI!
  4. I had all the s/t/f in silver but I regret having ordered the V (also in silver) since it seems to have a lot of issues!
  5. I'm sorry for having sold my X100F to early! The V seems to have a lot of issues!!
  6. I'd definitely send it back as a warranty case .... and don't waist time! Seems together with the other issues the X-100V was not ripe to be released at all!
  7. Stick to the Pen-F and wait! The X100V has some issues, like getting hot and grinding noises when focusing manually!
  8. My take on the issues: I have not received my X100V yet due to the CCP-CV-19 quarantain lockdown here in the Philippines. How ever, owning the X100s/t/f before and now hopefully the V as my EDC camera for for almost everything from street to landscape to documentary or portraits, I'm quite surprised Fujifilm letting out a camera which is def. NOT RIPE to hit the market! This way Fujifilm is jeopardizing everything, the name as a top quality brand, superiour enigneering and manufactoring etc. What happen here is "f....ing" customers! This must be punished! I just cancelled the order for a X-T4 and some lenses and will wait how they handle the issue. I might even change the brand. Regarding the heating - yes I also wished a weathersealed body and expected the new X100V to be considerably bulkier therefore, what would not have caused any harm. Now they have the same problem as Sony had with there compact models. This is miserable engineering, marketing and a very, very bad move from Fujifilm. Same about the grinding issue which is obviously not just a quality controll but a more serious engineering problem. So let's see what they will do about it. To be honest, I expect total ignorance - but would eat my words if they should act properly!
  9. Well done Fujifilm! I'm very satisfied hearing about the new X100V. My key wishes became true! Sharper lens, better weather resistance and 4K video. I ordered it already!
  10. Since I bought my first x100T, later the F, I started to use my other camera stuff less and less. Today I exclusively use my X100F. My wishes for the X100V: WR, 2 card slots, USB-C, 100 ISO, 4K and may be once a crispier F 1.4 lens (+ WCL and TCL which I use a lot since I do from landscapes, street, travel doc. to nudes all with the X100F!). Sure and of course a fix of all the small quirks .... what we call model-care .... btw. LOVE THE LEAF SHUTTER!
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