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  2. © all rights reserved for M. Immer (WaveDancer)

  3. I use a X100 T/F with both the WCL and TCL since 2014. How ever if you want to have a wider choice of your lenses you have to switch to interchangeable lens models. It makes no real sense to ad more CL's to the X100 series, also since the attched fixed f 2.0 lens has its limits! May be once we'll see a new X100 WR (wide and rugged) what could be a blast for street fotographers!
  4. I pick up this relativ "dead" thread and ask: What should the next X100(G) have or what could be abhandoned? I use (SE-Asia, Europe) my X100F (before X100T) as a EDC in often very harsh conditions as a street fotographer, motor-biker, sailor and extreme hiker. WR and 4K video would be great and of course may be once a f 1.4 lens along with real 100 or less ISO! I'm also concerned about dirt/dust infiltrating and get on the sensor! Does anyone have issues in this regard? Cheers from SE-Asia!
  5. Yes - it seems I'm not alone with the WR wish! I have and use the X100F as my EDC camera and WR would be realy helpfull!! How ever it seems also other brands neglect the WR issue in the small and compact sector! A pitty!
  6. I use it too and it gives a quite good protection from rain and eliminates mostly all direct sunlight on the lens.
  7. I use the both the WCL and TCL often for all kind of pictures. The WCL is very handy, with the TCL the camera get a bit off balance. If you buy new and if you don't realy need a leaf shutter then go for the X-E3. Fujifilm offers very nice glasses for all purposes!
  8. I think there will be first a X-pro2s with marginal improvements (may be also 4K) since Fujifilm and Panasonic put a lot of resurch efforts into a new sensor, which I believe is not yet ready. The X-pro2 after all is a good tool if you like the rangefinder system (I love it). As a outdoors man (hiking and sailing) I'd also love to see of course again weather resistant/sealed bodies for both the future x100 and the X-pro series with at least a tiltable screen (so practical), 4K video and better battery life. In body shake compensation (on the X-pro) would be a plus, faster AF as well.
  9. Yes Milandro, I have seen B&W pictures (digital and prints) from the Leica Monochrome, and they are stunning! But a Leica is out of reach for me! But thanks for replying!
  10. Well, I understand a "hacked" color sensor is not the same as a B&W sensor designed from scratch. There are many fotographers out there who shoot a lot in B&W. I'm quite sure Fujifilm is monitoring this special field (and MaxMax) of fotography very carefull. A B&W sensor should outperform any other color-sensor of the same size re. dynamic range, light sensitivity and noise. Sure for the time beeing I use my X100T for B&W and color - what else! (Ah yea - sometimes I take my old Yashica film camera out, to take some B&W's)
  11. I have a X100T (and love it) but will wait with an upgrade until the succeeder of the X100F is out. But what I'd buy immediately is a X100M-onochrome. With the superior X-Trans III sensor, this could be a blast! What do you think?
  12. I stick for the time beeing with my X100T and FZ1000 until there is something out which is a real game-changer re. results. Sure 24MP is nice to have (large prints or crops) and also all the nice things like touchscreens etc. but it can wait. The hybrid systems (foto/video) will develop further fast and may be Fujifilm brings soon a monochrome camera with its great sensor and processor, this would be a blast! A X100Monochrom!!
  13. I use a X100T and a FZ1000 and do my best to protect them from dirt, dust and rain with simple means, beeing a lot outdoors. I will certainly upgrade to the X100F or its succeeder just because I love this camera, but I'll also buy a WR (my be the comming GX9 from Panasonic or the X-T2??) unit as well. I think it is stupid not to use WR knowing you are often in the rain and dirt. Best protection and experience in this field has Pentax, but they are miserable in video.
  14. My thoughts: I have the feeling most of the camera manufacturers will have to "streamline" there range of models due to the enormeous development costs, limitted availability of sensors and strained markets. I'm also a lover of rangefinder cameras and have a X-100T (ev. soon a X-100F) but I find myself using more and more often my mobile-camera as well for documenting etc. plus a Panasonic FZ for videos (waiting for the LX200 if ever ...). This means less model varieties and less often new models, BUT more electronic upgrades! We have 3 clear sides of the trade - the expensive high end and professional side with the FF and medium formats and the consumer market which tends to shrink and my be the market for real rugged outdoor cameras. The competition DSLR's vs. mirrorless will intensify. For myself, I notice, as a amateur travel-/streetfotographer, outdoorman, trekker, bushcrafter, sailor the need of a smaller and rugged camera with at least a 3/4 sensor a moderate zoom and 4K.
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