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  1. It is fully manual if you set the shutter speed and f/stop to anything other than "A" for each. EC will not work this way since you are manually changing the exposure.
  2. Got me a Pen F this month with analog controls like the Fuji X100 series. I ended up with the metered model, the Pen FT though.
  3. Sounds like you just described the X100 series. The only limitation for many is the single lens but I love shooting everything with one focal length. You won't get every possible photo (certainly not for distant wildlife) but you will really learn a system and lens. I don't use a digital SLR and rarely use my film one. I love rangefinders and even on my interchangeable lens Nikon S3, I have always used only the 40mm lens. You can do well on auto with the Fuji and then move to the more complex settings as you learn. Just read the manual, shoot some, and read it again. I'm still learning things about mine and I have been shooting the X100 series for 6 years. But you certainly don't need to know it all to enjoy the camera.
  4. I'm using a name-brand 720nm filter but it would take a few minutes to dig it up and the brand doesn't really matter. I'm limited in the MB I can add directly and Flickr is down right now so I can't use links. Maybe later.
  5. Good to have you on the Forum and sounds like you will be having lots of fun with your GFX100 and all those lenses. And congratulations on the Fuji 6X9 film camera. I have the same model, love it and have taken a few hundred photos with it. Now I'm enjoying using an infrared filter with JCH 400 Streetpan which has IR sensitivity.
  6. I've never seen one do that before. The WB adjustment should look the same on the rear LCD if that was the problem. Could be a viewfinder failure. Hopefully someone else can help.
  7. So that's at least three of us who consider the removal of the D-pad a deal breaker. I guess Fuji decided that since so many people use/like touch screens, they would sell more of the X100V with a touch screen. I'm even tempted to buy another X-100F, just to have as a back-up.
  8. I have a X100S and an X100F. I would love to have a Pen F too.
  9. After my initial post on this thread, I started thinking maybe I will consider getting the X100V after all. But today, I had a question about how the D-button was replaced. After reading lots of reviews, I found it is deal-breaker that makes me want to keep my X100F. The new feature that tempted me that I would occasionally use is the flip screen on the X100V but I often use my assigned functions on the D-button on my X100F. All buttons on the camera are assigned and I regularly use the D-button for Film Simulation, White Balance and Flash. Sounds like not so much fun to quickly use those functions on the swipe screen. From Ken Rockwell's excellent review: No rear 4-way controller. Now you have to use dopey "touch functions" to do what we can do in one click on all the older all X100-series cameras — and the X100F has both the thumb nubbin as well as the 4-way controller!
  10. I just read the new specs on the X100V to see if it would tempt me. Some nice features but not nearly enough to make me replace my X100F. My old X100S, converted to Dual Spectrum for mostly infrared shooting is a bit creaky but still OK so I will carry on with my it too.
  11. Others may be able to add more but, after reading your Spiratone link, it appears that the fisheye screws into the filter adapter. You have to have the standard or after-market 49mm filter holder adapter already on your X100 and yours probably has it if you use any filters. You just need the step-up or step-down adapter to go from your lens to the fisheye. It looks like the fisheye was sold with adapters of different size. You may find the size e.g. 52mm on the adapter or you can measure it with a mm ruler. If it happened to be 52mm, you would need a 52mm to 49mm step-down adapter, available at photo dealers, eBay and other places.
  12. I never (almost) use the OVF so I switched it on and tested it. The digital teleconverter works whether you have the OVF or EVF turned on. Display is actual of course, in the EVF. In the OVF. a white border pops up in the viewfinder that shows the field you will get at each telephoto setting. It is bright and clear to see inside, i'm not sure how it shows in bright sunlight. The original 35mm view constantly shows, but the new field of view is easy to understand.
  13. The X100 series changed my interest in photography (and created a monster). I shoot digital exclusively with a X100F, digital infrared with a modified X100s and confess I use my iPhone for the rest, of digital. But the X100 series lead to the following film cameras: Fuji 690 (Texas Leica) a giant X100 if you use your imagination, a Fuji 617 landscape camera and a Nikon S3 rangefinder camera. Then I went on and on and have added a half-frame Canon and pulled my old Olympus OM-1 out of storage. I even grabbed a 110 camera, a Pentax auto110. And before the X100 series, I was mainly shooting vacation pictures with a Fuji digital zoom.
  14. Thanks for the info Doug. I have a friend who recently bought an X100f who wants to use recipes for a specific film but didn't know how to save it. I never had the need and even though I have used the system for about 4 years, never used custom settings or the Q menu so I didn't know the answer. Searching "Fuji Custom Settings" after reading your note gave me all he will need to know.
  15. My two X100 series cameras (S later converted to IR) and F changed my life, photographically speaking. I went from an occasional shooter, mainly on vacations to a photo nut. And I love it. I'm always thinking of where to go and what to shoot next. I don't always use the manual dials and buttons but when I need more control, it is so easy. It is even better when you customize the settings. I use ND and ISO on the front and Flash, WB, and Film Simulation on the back ring plus the quick focus button and magnify button. I never use the Q button for anything. If you enjoy yours even half as much as I enjoy mine, you will be thrilled.
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