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  1. Hello! New member here from Kathmandu, Nepal up from the Himalaya mountains. I don't own a Fujifilm camera yet. I use the Olympus Pen-F for my daily walkabout, street shooting and a Nikon D500 for action and wildlife. I’ve always been interested in getting a fix focal length camera and the X100 is just so good looking, as is the Pen-F. I’m considering getting the upcoming X100V when they come out next month but don’t want to clutter up too much gear so maybe sell the Pen-F? But then I love the little Pen-F and am quite sentimentally attached to it. Do you think owning both the Pen-F and the X100V would be overkill? Maybe I’ll love both? Anyone else here also own both the Pen-F and a X100 camera, what would you do? Hmm....dilemmas! 😊
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