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  1. Thank you, I'll stick to the flexible rubber 58mm lens hood.
  2. I don't worry about it any longer.... retired on social security, so I don't shoot for profit any longer.
  3. I did a bit of research after I posted, and it appears that the 50-230mm is 58mm at the far end, and the 55-200mm is a 62mm I have a 58mm rubber lens hood that will have to work for now.
  4. Does the same lens hood for fuji XF 50-230mm fit the Fuji XF 55-200mm lens
  5. I use the same lens ie Rokinon 12mm f/2 for all my astrophotography work, as the FX 18-135 and using high ISO is just not the right lens for the job.
  6. This lens is heavy but gets the job done with good results on my X-T1
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