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  1. Hallo, Is it possible to add 'auto-ISO' to the Q menu of a X-Pro3, and if so how? I couldn't find to add it to My Menu either.
  2. I had the 16mm F2 and sold it for a 14 F2.8, I an very happy now! But that is very personal of course. I am looking for an external optical viewfinder, Leica 21mm style, to complete the feeling I had manny years ago when shooting my Leica M4 with the Super-Angulon 21mm F3.5...
  3. Connecting my X camera, wether it is an Xp2 or a Xp3, never really worked for me (from 2016 on), and I finally accepted it: connecting or tethering to a computer, Win or Mac, isn't a Fuji thing, just that...
  4. Cousy-Le-Chateau, Hauts-de-France, France X-Pro2 + 7Artisans 12, 800ASA - F8 - t:1/500, converted to B&W in LrC
  5. Strait of Gibraltar with the Moroccan Atlas mountains in the back.
  6. We rarely have snow but it can be very drizzly... X-pro2 and 7Artisans 12mm
  7. Nieuwevaart, Gent, Belgium X-pro2 and 7Artisans 12mm
  8. Don't tell the Donald about these fake sky's...
  9. Somewhere in Flanders All shot with the X-pro2 and a 7Artisans 12mm
  10. Thank you, Olaf, for your reply. Yes I configured the VF as OVF only, that's why I chose the X-Pro2. But what I hoped for was that the back LCD would lighten up with the menu immediately open once the menu button was engaged...
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