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  1. I called Fuji tech support. They told me the noise comes from EVF current, or electrical. They said the Xpro2 and x100f does the same thing and it's totally normal. Does anyone else have this experience?
  2. Both my xt2 and xpro3 out of the box had tight lens mounts. Particularly with my 35 f2. I think that's because it's such a small lens there's less to hold on to and therefore, less torque. Both lenses became easier to attach over time with repeated use. Problem should take care of itself in short order. Cheers.
  3. When I turn on my x pro 3 I can hear a slight electrical sound coming from within the body. If I switch to OVF it stops. If I switch to EVF it starts again. It's a very slight electronic sounding squeal. It's difficult to describe. After a few moments, it stops and will not resume until I turn the camera off and then back on. Any experience with this? Or any idea what it is. It is not coming from the lens. I will check tonight to see if my software is up to date.
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