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  1. Hello, I am back to fuji ! I had an x-t2 and sold it for a Sony a7r3 which is a great camera but I missed all the fun of the fuji... so I got an x-pro 3 I have set my custom settings for my favorite film simulations, from c1 to c7. I still have a lot to learn, it has moved forwards so much in a couple of years. I would like to shoot raw and then use the internal raw converter to make my jpg file using the custom settings I have saved. How do I do that? Is it even possible. It would be such a time saver. Thanks for your help, Nicolas
  2. That would be a solution thanks although I would prefer a no lag situation!!
  3. Hello, I used a x100T for a couple of weeks and was surprised that there was a visible lag when I put my eye to the viewfinder. It takes about 1 second for the evf to appear with an audible click. This made me miss some shots. I don't get this in my current x-t1. I miss the x100T for many other reasons but I am hesitant to buy one for this reason mainly ( but also for lack of tilting screen). Does this lag bother you too? Thanks for your thoughts! Nicolas https://www.flickr.com/photos/nwinspeare/
  4. winspeare

    Lightroom mobile

    A few months ago, I imagined a workflow in which I would use lightroom mobile to curate the photos I import. As I always have a backlog of around 1000 photos, sitting down in an armchair to sort them out sounded like a good idea. I take quite a lot of photos, but only keep a very small amount. Typically, at any time, I process photos I took a couple of months back. The method I use is simple. Every new photo is colour tagged with purple (the one without a keyboard shortcut), and I have them in a smart collection. The smart collection is mirrored to a normal collection with a plugin and this is synced to iCloud. Any photo that is purple and flagged as a pick goes into a smart collection of pictures that I need to process. Anything rejected is deleted. In theory all I need to do on the ipad with LR mobile is flag my photos with pick or reject. In practice, it takes each photo between 2 and 10 seconds to become sharp on the app... Far to slow for an efficient workflow, I have an ipad 2 and my internet speed is around 7 megabits. How fast is LR mobile for you?
  5. What is the focusing like now on the x-t1? I had this lens on the x-e1 and sold it because of the autofocus (and the 1:2 ratio)
  6. I have the 56mm which I love, but I'd like to see a side by side between the 90 and the 40-150 to compare the bokeh. I'm tempted by a telephoto but I don't like zooms very much and worried that the background is not too creamy at f/2.8 Any thoughts?
  7. The first and the third are very special!
  8. Very evocative, simple but efficient composition!
  9. Thanks for the info, that is 136g then. Quite heavy compared to the really right stuff l-plate that weighs 113g. I have an I-shoot plate for the x-t1 and appreciate the arca-swiss plate but the grip is very smooth, not grippy enough.
  10. I am considering getting the MHG-X100 for my x100T but I can't find in any specs how much it weighs. Can anyone help? Thanks, Nicolas
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