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  1. I wrote a short post on this topic. What do you think? http://nwinspeare.com/2020/10/02/vari-nd-filters-in-street-photography/
  2. I have used Darktable quite a lot with my Sony a7r3. There is a learning curve after years of Lightroom though. The final look is softer and more film like in my view to the ‘commercial’ raw developers but maybe that is just how I learned to use it. It is a very powerful tool with many ways to do selective editing. You can even get it to send a tif to affinity or another external editor if you download the lua scripts. I stopped using it because it won’t recognise my x-pro3... and I just got capture one at 55% off. If or when I get back to using it again, I would miss the film simulations of C1 even if most of the time I edit the jpg from the camera. If there are any questions about Darktable, I’ll try to answer them. Cheers, Nicolas
  3. Loving the x-pro3 & 35mm 1.4 combo! https://www.instagram.com/nwinspeare/
  4. I have a problem doing long exposures with the "time" speed shutter setting. Up to 60" there is no problem but I cannot set a shutter speed to anything else than 2",4",8" and 15". I would like to go up in 30 second increments to just to my ND filter. Is there a way to do it without using Bulb mode? Thanks, Nicolas
  5. Hello, I am thinking of acquiring a Fuji x100v as a second body to my x-pro3. I have set up the x-pro3 to my taste, including the 7 custom film settings. i can save them to my Mac through x-acquire but will I be able to transfer this file to the x100 to have the same settings? Thanks, Nicolas
  6. Hello, I am back to fuji ! I had an x-t2 and sold it for a Sony a7r3 which is a great camera but I missed all the fun of the fuji... so I got an x-pro 3 I have set my custom settings for my favorite film simulations, from c1 to c7. I still have a lot to learn, it has moved forwards so much in a couple of years. I would like to shoot raw and then use the internal raw converter to make my jpg file using the custom settings I have saved. How do I do that? Is it even possible. It would be such a time saver. Thanks for your help, Nicolas
  7. That would be a solution thanks although I would prefer a no lag situation!!
  8. Hello, I used a x100T for a couple of weeks and was surprised that there was a visible lag when I put my eye to the viewfinder. It takes about 1 second for the evf to appear with an audible click. This made me miss some shots. I don't get this in my current x-t1. I miss the x100T for many other reasons but I am hesitant to buy one for this reason mainly ( but also for lack of tilting screen). Does this lag bother you too? Thanks for your thoughts! Nicolas https://www.flickr.com/photos/nwinspeare/
  9. winspeare

    Lightroom mobile

    A few months ago, I imagined a workflow in which I would use lightroom mobile to curate the photos I import. As I always have a backlog of around 1000 photos, sitting down in an armchair to sort them out sounded like a good idea. I take quite a lot of photos, but only keep a very small amount. Typically, at any time, I process photos I took a couple of months back. The method I use is simple. Every new photo is colour tagged with purple (the one without a keyboard shortcut), and I have them in a smart collection. The smart collection is mirrored to a normal collection with a plugin and this is synced to iCloud. Any photo that is purple and flagged as a pick goes into a smart collection of pictures that I need to process. Anything rejected is deleted. In theory all I need to do on the ipad with LR mobile is flag my photos with pick or reject. In practice, it takes each photo between 2 and 10 seconds to become sharp on the app... Far to slow for an efficient workflow, I have an ipad 2 and my internet speed is around 7 megabits. How fast is LR mobile for you?
  10. What is the focusing like now on the x-t1? I had this lens on the x-e1 and sold it because of the autofocus (and the 1:2 ratio)
  11. I have the 56mm which I love, but I'd like to see a side by side between the 90 and the 40-150 to compare the bokeh. I'm tempted by a telephoto but I don't like zooms very much and worried that the background is not too creamy at f/2.8 Any thoughts?
  12. The first and the third are very special!
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