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  1. Hey everyone. Wanted to share some images I took the other day at a local skate spot that’s about to be bulldozed. It’s covered in graffiti and I wanted to see how it would look in classic chrome. What do you think?
  2. Some images I took at a local skate spot that is about to be bulldozed. Classic chrome x100t
  3. Hi Trailz! To cut to the chase, no. This is why...the flange distance on the sony is 18mm, for the fuji it is 17.7mm. They would have to create an adapter that is only 0.3mm thick... or (0.0118 inch) I think its too thin to create a sturdy adapter. For example...I shoot Nikon Z mirrorless (and Fuji of course) and the flange distance on those is 16mm. Being 2mm difference from the sony they were able to create an adapter for it. Even with 2mm it is still really small. You can see how thin here... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1488597-REG/techart_pro_tze01_sony_e_nikon_z.html/?ap=y&ap=y&smp=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CjwKCAiAg8OBBhA8EiwAlKw3khkKhMtm6X5vdK90csUfhP5TTpJ23-FrY2XStyN46ZCg7uKJVKqfYhoCpFEQAvD_BwE
  4. Hi jadshuye78 👋 Welcome! Im a new member also as of last week and just learning the place myself. Look forward to seeing you around and some images you're getting with your Fuji 👍
  5. Love the architectural shots in this series. The last one is fun too... legs!
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